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  1. thanks. it means it is solved then. I use now
  2. Sometimes after pasting a text the toolbar of the text editor don't appear only if I click on other note and return to the last note.
  3. I pasted an image in a note. I hit Enter twice and the image started to shake. If I hit again it stops. If I hit once after pasting it is OK. Only after hitting twice after pasting will start to shake. Strange behavior. No other formatting in the note only a pasted image.
  4. After I paste text from web into a note sometimes the last part of the text is not displayed on the screen. I also saved the text from web, copied into a Word docx document then copied from there and pasted into an Evernote note: the same result. The missing text is there but not displayed. It is cut. If i simplify formatting the it appears but I don't want to simplify formatting in all cases. The stranger part is when the missing part does not appear after simplifying formatting. I tried to copy the missing text in the note but won't display the missing part or will paste some empty characters. Each time I paste text from web I need to check the whole pasted text if the last part is missing or not. An other similar problem appears when I paste text from web and I try to add a tag to that note and after I added the tag the end of the note will be cut. I need to click on other note and come back to last created note to see the whole content of it.
  5. Is it possible to create links to external files in Evernote? I would like somehow to link larger files to the database via hyperlinks.
  6. Thanks, so the attachment size limit is affected by the notes size limit. So the total number of attachments limit is also affected by the account type limit.
  7. What is the single file attachment size limit? And what is the total size of file attachments that are allowed on free account/offline notebooks? In case I would like to include personal photos, pdfs and videos in offline notebooks (on PC)...
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