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  1. To remind myself of important notes that I have forgotten about, I use an Evernote app for the iPad called Crusoe. Personally, I don't find much utility in a feature that would randomly put on one of my notes in front of me. The odds that one note out of my 10,047 notes will randomly be of interest to me at a given time is slim. What Crusoe does is show me notes that I haven't looked up but which have an important connection with the note(s) I'm looking at. When you save a note into Evernote, Crusoe lets you build a two-way connection at the tap of your finger to another note (on the iPad). If you do that with everything you save, you quickly build these long trains of thought that you can navigate later on. YOu can see what it looks like here: Crusoe.co
  2. In preferences, Evernote allows me to choose the font I use in the body of my notes. I selected Avenir Light. However, Evernote does not allow me to select Avenir as a font when I am editing a note (between cutting and pasting from various sources, fonts change inside a note, and I'd like to "select all" at the end and make it all Avenir). It makes no sense that a user's default font is not a font the user can actually select from the front menu inside the note. My suggestion is that Evernote add whatever default font is selected in preferences to the user's font menu inside the note.
  3. I wish the web clipper had an option to set a minimum font size. Too often I have to go into notes created by web clipper and enlarge the font to a legible size. I realize the font sizes vary from web page to web page, but you could allow users to set a minimum font size. Let’s say I set the minimum font size to 14. A page I clip may have 10% 8 pt fonts (stuff at the bottom), 5% 30 pt font, and 60% 12 pt font. The web clipper should take the font of the largest percentage of text (in this example everything that’s 12 pt) and then make sure the font appears as 14 pt in every platform where I view the note.
  4. DTLow & rocku, If you get a chance, and if you have an iPad, please give Crusoe a try. We built specifically to create links between Evernote notes. But unlike the hyperlinks you create in Evernote, our links are two-way and graphical. So you can browse your notes from link to link. You can read about and download Crusoe here: http://crusoe.co/what-is-crusoe/
  5. Years ago I started using Dolphin browser on my iPad because it clipped excerpts of online articles to Evernote. At the time Safari really couldn't do it (or prevented users from doing it). But now Dolphin browser often lets me down. The pinwheel spins for a full minute and then it tells me it failed to complete the clipping. Among those who clip things from their iPads into Evernote, what is the best browser for that activity?
  6. Before Evernote came out I actually started working on my own Evernote. I started building a web clipper, but I barely got started when Evernote came out and I was happy to not have to build my own. For years I used Evernote just the way you describe. I thought tagging / notebooks were more than just categories of information, but they aren't. They are no different than manila folders in filing cabinets. Now, filing cabinets work, don't get me wrong. But as my tag list grew I realized I had to memorize my tags if I wanted access to those notes (and those short tags were like codewords...tough to remember what I meant by them all as time went on). Most of my tags had five or fewer notes attached, and there was no way I could keep track of all those tags. I cut the list way down so that most of my tags had 20 or more notes, but then i was having to look at too many notes. My mind doesn't put information into categories. You and I start talking and my mind will just start serving things up, seemingly without my even thinking about it. So I wondered if there would be a way to make my mobile device work like that. That is, when I think of X, show me three other notes that I think are completely relevant to X, without my having to remember tags or notes or anything else to put my hands on those other three notes. That was my motivation going in: have my notes serve themselves up the way my mind would serve them up if I had perfect recall (IOW, I want notes to serve themselves up based on how I actually think rather than by some latent semantic indexing algorithm). And I want notes to serve themselves up independent of whether I remember those notes.
  7. But once you forget about that file, how can you find it? To search for something you first must be aware that it exists. We lose that awareness when we forget. You need some kind of system of reminders to put it in front of you at the right time and place. You can go to your AI notebook and read through everythiing in the notebook, but most people don't have time for that. And even if you do that, you might see the article when you are thinking about something entirely unrelated to the reason you saved that particular AI note in the first place. So without that context, it fails to register when you see it again. So even if you read through the entire notebook, you'll be seeing most notes out of context. I have this experience every time I come across a note and think "why the hell did I save this?" I've lost the link, the context. We save information like a paragraph from an article because it might be useful later on (or right now). But merely saving it and putting it in a file (or multiple files w tags and notebooks) is no different than photocopying everything and putting it in my steelcase filing cabinet. Once I forget about these pieces of paper, I'm never going to see them again. (I had an opportunity to present this to the CIA and I pointed out that they had the documents needed to track down Bin Laden from the get go...the problem was that it was merely stored in a file).
  8. gazumped, You make an excellent point! There are many notes I save that I don't want to remember: documents from my insurance claim, tax receipts. Those are nuggets of data. There is no reason to link notes like that. But most of the notes I save are excerpts from articles and books--stuff I do want to remember. And by "remember," I mean I want to remember why I thought it was worth saving. That paragraph about AI you saved is something you want to remember. If I had seen the same paragraph I probably wouldn't have saved it. But you saved it because it speaks to a lot of stuff you already know. The research says we forget about 90% of what we read 30 days after having read it (unless we keep the synapse in our minds from breaking by using that text again). If you have, say, 2,000 notes, you won't be able to put your hands on that paragraph again once you forget it. You might search evernote for "AI" and get 300 articles, and you'll see it again if you go through them all. But that paragraph you clipped either confirmed something you already knew, it contracted something you already knew, it added to something you already knew, took a new direction from...you get the idea. If you linked that paragraph to two or three other notes you'll be sure to see it again if you think of any one of those other notes (and of course vice versa). Sorry about the Apple limitation! Pipeline is iPhone and then web-based version.
  9. I request you give us the same colors as currently exist on the Amazon Kindle. Kindle users who are already heaving highlighters can continue with their same workflow.
  10. I just participated in an Evernote panel here in Chicago, and at one point or another, each panelist emphasized that we save notes FOR A REASON. That reason is--inevitably--because how each new note LINKS to something we already know (e.g. another previously saved note). We wouldn't save any notes without there being a tie-in, or link, to something we already know or think about. So yes, these links are...everything. And the linking feature being discussed here is available in Crusoe. I invite anyone interested in linking their notes to download Crusoe for the iPad (iPhone version coming soon). Crusoe is a mobile Evernote app for the iPad and it allows you, at the tap of a finger, to create two-way links between your notes. And as you build these "trains of thought" you follow links forward and back down different pathways. Check out the website here: http://crusoe.co/ Download here: https://itunes.apple.com/us/app/crusoe/id1020912650?mt=8 FYI, check out the attached image to see what your links look like in Crusoe. You can also watch a quick video if you scroll halfway down the page here.
  11. I've also notice that when notes that are created in third party apps are synced with Evernote, the note arrives with spaces in the titles, but then after the next sync Evernote goes in and strips them out. So notes are leaving a third party app with spaces, it arrives in Evenote with spaces, but then Evernote removes the spaces, and then the spaces are removed in all third party apps after the next sync.
  12. Hello Everyone, Crusoe saves your train of thought by allowing you to link your notes. It turns a mere stack of notes into perfect recall of ideas and insights. Here's a blog post describing Crusoe: http://crusoe.co/what-is-crusoe/ I have about 7,000 notes in Evernote, of which I can probably recall maybe about 200 or so. Even though all my notes were important enough for me to save them, I can't look up notes that I've long since forgotten even exist. What I really want is to see the precise notes I want at any given moment. Evernote's Context feature is very cool, but it usually doesn't show me what I really want is a matter of how I think and work. We are currently in beta testing and we've had some problems with users importing a large number of notes. At this point we can't tell if it's an isolated incident, or something larger. I am looking for beta testers with note counts around the following: 8,000; 12,000; 18,000+ Hope to hear from you! Doug
  13. Hi Phil,

    Let's say I'm using the app I'm developing (let's call it RocketApp), which is an app that does stuff with Evernote notes. My app runs only on the iPad for now.  It's expensive for me to pay developers to recreate all of Evernote's search features, and I'd rather use EVernote to find specific notes anyway.

    I'm wondering...would it be possible to have the folllowing happen when the user taps the search field:

    1. The user's iPad automatically goes into multitasking with Evernote as the secondary app on the right hand side of the screen.  
    2. The user uses Evernote to find one or multiple notes.
    3. When he taps on the primary app to return to RocketApp, Evernote passes either the multiple or single GUID it has from it's last search over to RocketApp
    4. RocketApp populates its screen with those GUIDs

    I'm not technical in the least, but I'm trying to find out if this would work.  IMG_2799.thumb.jpg.d3bcfdc907b8ed1f6fca3

    1. Rocket J. Squirrel

      Rocket J. Squirrel

      By the way, when I wrote "would it be possible to have the folllowing happen when the user taps the search field" I meant would it be possible to have the following happen when the user taps the search field in RocketApp.

    2. Rocket J. Squirrel

      Rocket J. Squirrel

      Here is the original question I posted in the forum if you want to reply there:




    3. phils


      I'm not an iOS expert but to my knowledge, it's not possible to communicate between the primary and secondary apps like you're wanting.

      (FYI I'm traveling internationally for the next few weeks - in Pottsylvania of course - so may be online only sporadically.)


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