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  1. So you're saying it might find the note I wanted if the idiom for which I was searching was "cool with that thing" because it would search for "cool [offset] [offset] thing" But since the idiom is "cool with that" it can't do it because there is only one non-stop word in the idiom. Do I have that right? What it does is find the documents that contain all three words: cool, with, that. There must be a database of idiomatic expressions out there that can be indexed. BTW, when I use Duck Duck Go to search "cool with that" I'm only getting hits with the expression "cool with that"
  2. DTLow, you mean this is intentional on Evernote's part?? If so, they are the only database system in the world that doesn't allow literal search. The whole point of creating a literal search with quotes is to get exactly that. Is there really a design team at Evernote saying "okay, we know our users THINK they want to do a literal search, but we know better--they don't want literal search." But maybe I'm misunderstanding you here. I don't think this is intentional. It just can't be. BTW, I just got this back from a worker at technical support. I'm a little worried that he says he's
  3. I did the "single mom" search that I discussed at the top of the thread, and that search now returns only six notes both in iOS and Mac desktop versions. With regard to that search, the problem is solved. However, when I did the search “cool with that” I returned 210 notes (out of about 10,000) on my Mac desktop. If I just search “cool” I returned 296 notes. Clearly, Evernote is still identifying “with” and “that” as stop words and isn’t recognizing that I’m doing a literal search. Is this a mistake on Evernote’s part, or is this by design? “Cool with that” is an expression tha
  4. To remind myself of important notes that I have forgotten about, I use an Evernote app for the iPad called Crusoe. Personally, I don't find much utility in a feature that would randomly put on one of my notes in front of me. The odds that one note out of my 10,047 notes will randomly be of interest to me at a given time is slim. What Crusoe does is show me notes that I haven't looked up but which have an important connection with the note(s) I'm looking at. When you save a note into Evernote, Crusoe lets you build a two-way connection at the tap of your finger to another note (on the
  5. In preferences, Evernote allows me to choose the font I use in the body of my notes. I selected Avenir Light. However, Evernote does not allow me to select Avenir as a font when I am editing a note (between cutting and pasting from various sources, fonts change inside a note, and I'd like to "select all" at the end and make it all Avenir). It makes no sense that a user's default font is not a font the user can actually select from the front menu inside the note. My suggestion is that Evernote add whatever default font is selected in preferences to the user's font menu inside the note.
  6. I thought I would give a quick update on what I've heard from Evernote on this problem. The news is not good. On November 6, I alerted Evernote to the fact that it is not possible for me to conduct a successful literal search, especially on literal searches containing stop words (FYI, a literal search is a search with the search term contained in quotes). After starting this post I learned that some users have this problem while others do not. We were not able to determine a common denominator on this thread. I heard back from Evernote in November and they told me: (1) They
  7. I wish the web clipper had an option to set a minimum font size. Too often I have to go into notes created by web clipper and enlarge the font to a legible size. I realize the font sizes vary from web page to web page, but you could allow users to set a minimum font size. Let’s say I set the minimum font size to 14. A page I clip may have 10% 8 pt fonts (stuff at the bottom), 5% 30 pt font, and 60% 12 pt font. The web clipper should take the font of the largest percentage of text (in this example everything that’s 12 pt) and then make sure the font appears as 14 pt in every platfor
  8. Here's one of four instances of "single mom" in my database: Still, all you have to do to be reminded that there is some connection between individualism and statism is to utter the phrase “single mom.”
  9. iPad Mac EN API on iPad EN Web version single mom 255 262 43 246 "single mom" 255 4 43 4 "cool with that" 274 270 188 188 cool with that 274 200 188 258 (I'm pretty sure I have only 1 note containing the phrase "cool with that") And on iPad I get the quadruple quotes on everything. If I use no end-quotes then EN on iPad puts quotes around the terms. If I do use end-quotes, th
  10. Ah, okay. DTLow, if you have an iPhone or iPad could you try both single mom and "single mom" and let me know what you get. So, here is where we are... Literal search seems to mostly work fine for CalS on all platforms. Literal search worked for DTLow on Mac when trying "single mom" but it did not work when searching "cool with that" Literal search does not work for me at all on iOS. On Mac, "single mom" worked, but "cool with that" did not. So my experiences are the same as DTLow's on Mac, but we both differ from CalS. Is there a way to move all the discu
  11. All my searches have been on synced notebooks. So it appears that: 1) Everyone can do literal search on Mac client so long as there are no stop words in the search phrase. 2) CalS can do literal search on iOS, but not with synced notebooks. I only have synced notebooks, so I am unable to do any literal search on iOS. As I hear it, CalS and I are having the same experience now. This is looking like a bug. 1st Question for CalS: What happens when you put "cool with that" in quotes and search your synced notebooks? 2nd Question for CalS: Do you see the quadruple quotes whe
  12. Thank DTLow, Jefito and CalS, you've helped me identify in a bug in the iOS version I'm using on my iPad, as well as on the Mac client. There are four things to point out now: 1. The search "single mom" with quotes returns 10 notes on my Mac client of Evernote, but 254 notes on my iPad iOS version. So my iOS version is ignoring the quotes and won't allow literal search. (And by the way, when I put quotes around it in my iOS version, Evernote displays it with quadruple quotes (""single mom"") in my iOS version, but then ignores the quotes.) Note: single mom does not contain stop wor
  13. Why is Evernote the only database I've ever seen that does not allow the user to conduct literal searches? Here are two searches: 1) single mom; 2) "single mom" As far as I know, I have one note out of my 9,000 notes that contains the exact two-word combination "single mom," but Evernote will not permit me to look it up. Both searches return 254 notes. Why? On every other database system I've ever seen, I could find that one note I want in a second. With Evernote, it's really not possible at all. Why do they prevent users from conducting literal searches?? I've been aski
  14. DTLow & rocku, If you get a chance, and if you have an iPad, please give Crusoe a try. We built specifically to create links between Evernote notes. But unlike the hyperlinks you create in Evernote, our links are two-way and graphical. So you can browse your notes from link to link. You can read about and download Crusoe here: http://crusoe.co/what-is-crusoe/
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