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  1. Is there anywhere I can to learn about the "common editor" and changes to underlying html/enml?
  2. There are as many individual ways to solve these challenges as there are people. I find there are primarily two key forces at play for most people: Complexity and quantity of tasks being managed Tolerance for using multiple systemsThese tend to break in four groups: Low complexity/quantity, low tolerance - choose all in one solution that fits many needs (use Word, Excel, Evernote for everything) Low complexity/quantity, high tolerance - simple standalone app like iphone or ipad app that is a closed universe but works well for task at hand High complexity, low tolerance - more robust standalone app, possibly working on multiple platforms - Think Salesforce or one of the many project management apps that have calendar and notetaking ability. High Complexity/quantity, high tolerance - best of breed apps in key categories (mail, calendar, reference, project management) with integration among them all wherever possible. Free is great, but willing to pay for ease of use and integration at this level.Unfortunately, I have high quantity, reasonable complexity and the need to share information with others. I need system(s) robust enough to handle that and work on almost any device. Although I have only medium tolerance for multiple systems, trying to get Evernote to be all things simply won't meet the demands for specificity, collaboration and organization I have. I could set up a perfect system that works for me, but having it interact seamslessly with others in a project management environment would be a nightmare. That's why I liked Outlook's integration with MS Office. We're a Goog shop now, but I miss that integration and power. I'm squarely in category 4, but as I stated at the outset, this is as individual as there are people.
  3. Thought I knew the difference of these two settings in options, but now unsure. No documentation that i can find. Syncing automatically makes sense, but what does syncing in the background add? Oh yeah, Windows client.
  4. Thanks for signing up for our beta https://docs.google.com/forms/d/16nPFDkbdLfK-zK3fOMmET7ryFv4eJy5otL35iSUQ43M/viewform. To answer your questions, I Google'd to find a sync between Salesforce and Exchange Tasks - http://login.salesforce.com/help/doc/en/sfo_getting_started_guide.pdf. I believe our solution will get your EN info into Salesforce thereby completing the loop for you in all three products you use. Good luck. When my company standardized on Exchange, I found the MYN system great for task and email management - http://amzn.com/0974930466. With this and EN, you should be in great shape. Back then I used OneNote, but the switch to Google Apps led me to EN. P.S. My ADD is pretty bad so I know where you're coming from.
  5. Those following this thread might be interested in another http://discussion.evernote.com/topic/37895-beta-testers-sought-new-gtdmyn-integrations-with-evernote/ . We are working on something to address many (but not all) the shortcomings identified in this thread.
  6. We are about 2 weeks from formal beta-testing of a new service to connect Evernote to your favorite task management app. No longer the need to use inferior task apps that integrate with Evernote or inferior note-taking capabilities in your robust task app. Maintain best of breed capabilities by seamlessly using both. We can't share it all here, but if you'd like to help us make our offering as easy to use and productive as possible, please complete our simple Google form and we'll be in touch in a couple of weeks. https://docs.google.com/forms/d/16nPFDkbdLfK-zK3fOMmET7ryFv4eJy5otL35iSUQ43M/viewform By the way MYN means Manage Your Now (see http://www.michaellinenberger.com/). I've been using it to get to inbox zero for two years. Our new service will hopefully complete the last link in my workflow and that of many others.
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