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  1. Another vote for Obsidian. It's really amazingly good, and with a few extensions and the right settings (e.g. create new notes in current folder) you can make it look and feel almost exactly like Evernote. Extensions File Explorer Note Count - shows number of notes in each folder Icon Folder Last Modified Timestamp in Status Bar Recent Files Simple Embeds (show youtube-links like previews) I've been with Evernote since 2009, but no longer trust the platform so cancelled my subscription last month. Not only is Obsidian great, but in some cases even better than Evernote. I bought the Obsidian sync and it works great with iPad and iPhone, their mobile app for iPad is also much better than Evernote.
  2. Thanks for the update, but I do not like the following statement at all: "We may need to work with third-party providers [such as OpenAI] to better support certain features and functionalities like the processing of note content". This basically says that you are prepared to ship out my private corporate data to anonymous third-party providers without even informing me on who they are. OpenAI for example are very clear that they are not ready for business use yet since they will train their model on data sent to it and keep input data cached. Seriously, this could be a showstopper for Evernote in any serious corporation who wants to know exactly where their data end up.
  3. I am running Backupery on a local server with no issues but I only have 1GB / 1600 notes. Took only 25 minutes for full backup. The Windows server is connected to Ethernet on a 500 mbit Internet connection. Maybe you are on a local WiFi with less-than-optimal connection?
  4. "Today when you create a new note on one device, it still takes a while to appear on the others, or on someone else’s device if you choose to share the note. There’s already a huge effort underway to solve this, and we intend to ship this metadata sync improvement in a few months." Sounds fantastic, this and the UX of the mobile apps is my main concern with Evernote, the future looks pretty promising.
  5. -- Apple Notes Exporter version 1.0 -- By Johan Sanneblad -- Exports all Apple Notes in folders with filename "<creation date> <title> [<id>]" set exportFolder to (choose folder) as string -- Simple text replacing on replaceText(find, replace, subject) set prevTIDs to text item delimiters of AppleScript set text item delimiters of AppleScript to find set subject to text items of subject set text item delimiters of AppleScript to replace set subject to "" & subject set text item delimiters of AppleScript to prevTIDs return subject end replaceText -- Returns an HTML file to save the note in. We have to escape -- the colons or AppleScript gets upset. -- noteContainer must end with ":" on noteNameToFilePath(noteContainer, noteName) global exportFolder set strLength to the length of noteName if strLength > 250 then set noteName to text 1 thru 250 of noteName end if set noteFolder to exportFolder & noteContainer -- Create folder if it does not exist set outputFolder to POSIX path of (noteFolder as text) do shell script "mkdir -p " & quoted form of outputFolder set fileName to (noteFolder & replaceText(":", "_", noteName) & ".html") return fileName end noteNameToFilePath tell application "Notes" repeat with theNote in notes of default account set noteLocked to password protected of theNote as boolean set noteModificationDate to modification date of theNote as date set noteCreationDate to creation date of theNote as date set noteID to id of theNote as string set oldDelimiters to AppleScript's text item delimiters set AppleScript's text item delimiters to "/" set theArray to every text item of noteID set AppleScript's text item delimiters to oldDelimiters set noteFolder to "" if length of theArray > 4 then -- the last part of the string should contain the ID -- e.g. x-coredata://39376962-AA58-4676-9F0E-6376C665FDB6/ICNote/p599 set noteID to item 5 of theArray else set noteID to "" end if if not noteLocked then set theText to body of theNote as string set theContainer to container of theNote try repeat while theContainer is not missing value set noteFolder to (name of theContainer) & ":" & noteFolder set theContainer to (container of theContainer) end repeat end try -- prefix all notes by creation date (YYY-MM-DD) set yy to (year of noteCreationDate as text) -- set yy to text -2 through -1 of (year of noteCreationDate as text) set mm to text -2 through -1 of ("0" & (month of noteCreationDate as integer)) set dd to text -2 through -1 of ("0" & (day of noteCreationDate)) set datePrefix to yy & mm & dd -- file name composed by creation date + note title + id (to prevent overwriting files from the same date with same title) set fileName to ((datePrefix & " " & name of theNote as string) & " [" & noteID & "]") as string set filepath to noteNameToFilePath(noteFolder, fileName) of me set noteFile to open for access filepath with write permission write theText to noteFile as «class utf8» -- if you want UTF-16 replace this with "as Unicode text" close access noteFile tell application "Finder" set modification date of file (filepath) to noteModificationDate end tell end if end repeat end tell Here you go. It also exports folders as folders. If you don't want to prefix the notes with date just remove it. There is lots of configuration you can do to fit your individual needs.
  6. I have an updated script that exports everything from Apple Notes into folders as HTML. Runs latest MacOS. Will post shortly.
  7. Aha this might be it. Yeah I regularly export all my notes and the lag happened after that. Thanks!
  8. Regarding the new sync. I have been having extreme performance issues on MacOS and iOS over the past 2-3 days, ever since the new sync engine started rolling out. Just opening notes takes seconds. Almost feels like the servers got overloaded.
  9. I have the same issue on iOS, it started when the new sync launched. My guess is the servers got overloaded…
  10. I have been an Evernote user since 2009, and in my opinion the new sync that just launched is probably the best improvement to Evernote I have seen in 14 years. Just to show you how it works on my devices (MacBook Pro, iPhone 14), I recorded the screens and synced up them in time. This new feature is a game changer for me, I often switch between iPad, iPhone and laptop and very often have Evernote running on 2-3 devices in parallel on my devices. It will improve my productivite a lot. Attached is a small a video from my laptop with iPhone screen also showing: Evernote new sync engine.mp4
  11. Yes, no note-2-note links, no backlinks. No highlight color, no code block. And pretty poor text formatting as well (no extra line spacing before headings etc). Apple Notes is pretty ***** unfortunately, which means I will probably stay with Evernote myself despite the price increase.
  12. Hello all, If you (maybe based on the recent price increase) have tried to move from Evernote to Apple Notes, you might have noticed that ordered and unordered lists have double line spacing when imported into Apple Notes, like: First item Second item Third item This is due to list item contents being encapsulated within DIV tags, which causes Apple Notes ENEX-importer to add extra lines. To fix this I wrote together a quick Python script to fix the issue. To run it, just install something like PyCharm, then: Start a new project Paste the text below Change the root folder on the last line to the folder where you have all your ENEX files. The script searches recursively in subfolders. import the library dependencies (just right click pathlib, re and glob at the top Then run it Please note that I take no responsibility for any issues this script might cause, by copying the code below you acknowledge that you take full responsibility for running it on your computer. from pathlib import Path import re import glob def remove_nested_div_tags(text): # Regex pattern for nested DIV tags within LI tags pattern = r'(<li[^>]*>)(.*?)(<\/li>)' # Function to process each match found def process_match(match): list_start, list_content, list_end = match.groups() list_content = re.sub(r'<div[^>]*>(.*?)<\/div>', r'\1', list_content) return list_start + list_content + list_end # Replace the nested DIV tags with their content output_str = re.sub(pattern, process_match, text) return output_str def process_files(root_dir): # root_dir needs a trailing slash (i.e. /root/dir/) for filename in glob.iglob(root_dir + '**/*.enex', recursive=True): print(filename) with open(filename, "r+") as enex_file: content = enex_file.readlines() # Combine the lines in the list into a string content = "".join(content) content = remove_nested_div_tags(content) p = Path(filename) path = str(p.parent) name = p.stem extension = p.suffix outname = path + '/_' + name + extension with open(outname, 'w') as file: file.write(content) file.close() enex_file.close() if __name__ == '__main__': process_files('/Users/johan/Desktop/Evernote 20230430/')
  13. Evernote Personal: $130 Evernote Professional: $170 This pricing is completely bonkers. I have been with Evernote since 2009, but this is it for me. I just want a note-taking app that is fast and easy to use and syncs seamlessly with all my devices. If they would have kept a "Basic" tier for those of us who just want to take notes with markdown at a much lower price I would have been happy. With this pricing I cannot see the product surviving at all.
  14. This happens to me as well on MacOS with the latest Evernote update. I have had it for several weeks, and have restarted Evernote and my Mac many times. Steps to reproduce: 1. Go into any folder with notes, the top note is selected and shown 2. Create a new note with CMD + N 3. A new note is created above the current note, but selection does not change and the previous selected not is still selected and shown
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