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Fixing an issue with Readwise and other integrations

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I just confirmed with the team at Readwise that the integration between it and Evernote is now working as expected once again.

This should be the same for other integrations that were interrupted a while ago.

Let me know if you experience otherwise.

(Thank you @bwydoogh for reporting the broken integration and putting us in contact with the Readwise team)

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@Federico Simionato Thanks for this update and the blog post about the work your team is doing under the hood.  

I can confirm updatenote is not working for TaskClone as notes are not being updated.  I don't know what the fix was for Readwise, but @bwydooghs initial post was about the updatenote method.  Some technical detail here, the stackoverflow post or contacting TaskClone would be really helpful.  They have a support request open regarding the same.

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I'm having new problems exporting from Readwise to Evernote. 

  • Last export happened on Oct 3rd
  • When trying to trigger a new manual export inside the Readwise dashboard, I have to re-authorize with Evernote
  • after after authorizing, I'm stuck forever in a "Connecting to Evernote..." state
  • Evernote sends me an email about the successful authorization "Readwise is now linked to your account"
  • Nothing new is being exported to Evernote 
  • I also informed Readwise about the issue 
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