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  1. Dear colleagues, Thanks for your replies and sorry for my delayed reply. "I bookmarked a webpage" means I use "Bookmark" functionality of "Clip to Evernote" extension of Chrome. The page I bookmarked is http://web.cse.ohio-state.edu/~dey.8/papers.html When I searched for "ohio dey", the search results didn't include the note. When I searched for "ohio-state dey", the results looked similar. It seems that Evernote didn't index the source URL. PS. I have several recommendation for Webpage Evernote. 1. list the clip date in main text (I mean the right
  2. Dear colleagues, The search functionality of evernote is rather weak, IMHO. This is example. I bookmarked a page which contains "ohio" and a name in its link. However, when I searched for it, the list didn't contain this link. I just searched "ohio" and the name. Was there anything wrong in my operation or there were better solution, or bookmarked page couldn't be searched for? Thank.
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