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  1. @DTLow (yes we're off-topic, but - interesting). Not bad, I use "pseudotags" in similar fashion EN & Wunderlist though I've abandoned any attempt at standardized titles (annoying when clipping to EN). The limitation is that only "note-worthy" staff activities are thus captured. Inescapably, the fundamental record in EN is the "note". My "Fantasy EN" would offer line-by-line tagged entries in a journal (daylog) note which could be isolated & rolled up into a project record by simply searching for the tag. One record might be a full note (O'Donnel's report of 2019.12.16), another mi
  2. @bradsayers: daily shortcut updates arise from my "daylog" habit. I always wanted EN to function as what I call a Police Force Database... I want to know "what's the history/status of the Orient Express case" (here EN excels) but also "What was Sgt. O'Donnel doing at 1230 Hrs on 22 Nov 1963" (here EN frustrates). So daylog, poor-man's approximation. @Gazumped: Tried support, not much help. Described behavior exactingly, sent logs, they're - well, "gazumped". Uninstalled/reinstalled EN completely, same behavior. One of my apparently-identical machines has an additional EN glitch:
  3. 2 identical PCs - shortcuts not syncing in either direction. Notes syncing fine. "Sync shortcuts" selected on both PCs. (I alter shortcuts daily). Anyone else notice it? Both PCs using Win10 64 bit, EN-Win (308716) Public (CE Build ce-62.5.9981)
  4. I see your point(s) - mine is simply that linking is wholly unreliable in a merge-tolerant EN. (Of course mere text/attachment updates don't have the same effect). The fact remains: the elephant goes amnesiac upon merge if user exploits the internal link function. Strikes me as a design flaw that even the "parent" note-id in a CTRL-select-merge expires. /Schooner
  5. Annoying: Internal links are destroyed by appending to target via merge. Undermines value of internal linking & TOCs. /Schooner
  6. Gazumped - ever seen that weird "chevron" header (pictured above) with a URL replace the usual [notebook][add tag] headers? Under any circumstances? Seems to associate to Google Translate paste; under circumstances where I might well have RU or UA keyboard selected. /Schooner
  7. WIN-EN, Windows 10, 64 bit. Lately having weird results when copy/paste from Google Translate. Typically Firefox, Google Translate, enter RU text, select/copy EN result, get irrecoverably lost note headers??? Missing "Notebook" indicator and Add-tag option.Samples attached. Also noted with UA and Latin text translations. All such instances involve Google Translate - though error is not consistently reproducible. /Schooner
  8. Green progress-bar sweep over EN tray icon, persists for days. Anyone know precisely what it means? Sample attached. Win10 / EN /Schooner
  9. Used to routinely drop PDFs from Scansnap Organizer to EN notes. Now seems to choke EN & fail: EN locks up for a bit, file never appears. Still works via create-note drag & drop to note list, simply fails when inserting/appending a PDF to an existing note by dragging/dropping from ScanSnap. No trouble doing likewise via Windows Explorer instead of ScanSnap Organizer. Anyone know what's going on? Environment: Win10 64bit EN SSO v. 5.6L40 /Schooner
  10. I've noticed that encryption is more restrictive than prior - strictly text-only. No bullets, numbering, checkboxes tolerated. Old notes containing encrypted checkboxes are no longer functional though a static image of former status remains. Hutton's "grayed out" ENC option likely reflects impermissible content in selected "text".
  11. Yes: some aspect of search "continues to update for some period" after hitting return (having set search delay to 0 ms). The "period" is short - a second or two. But I am fast. In that second or two I'm pursuing results, mis-clicking as target note jumps around to escape selection. I'm not sure search results are trickling in - it may be the ascription of notes to various notebooks and contexts that's delaying things: e.g. search "insurance" generates list plus annoying byline: "Found notes with insurance, insurance renewal, insurance referrals, and insurance company in several
  12. No - OnDemandSync is off. Instant sync is on. Surprised to see no other complaints over this behavior. Up-to-date EN.WIN EN database in default location on main/SSD drive, new/fast PC. 11 notebooks / 24000 notes / 13GB EXB file. EN-BIZ is also linked, not in present use. The issue is the appearance - and adjustment over ensuing seconds - of the "found notes with..." line which inserts & updates causing jitter of list-view note titles below, frustrating accurate selection by mouseclick. /Schooner
  13. Thanks, helps esp. "0" setting. I still find the insertion of the "found notes with..." line distracting - more precisely, the fact that it's insertion shifts the resulting list down interferes with immediate selection from the note list. I have ~25K notes, I suppose the delayed jitter is immaterial for those with average dbase size. /Schooner
  14. I notice of late an irritating behavior during search: search results summary ("found notes with....") seems to update over time causing the list view below to jitter, frustrating selection of a result by mouseclick. Can it be turned off? /Schooner
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