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  1. I don't oppose the "concept" - though I confess to having philosophical doubts (is it really a great thing that I can find McDonalds in Mumbai or that a BMW interior is indistinguishable from that of a Hyundai? A culture that values both global harmonization and diversity is suffering from cognitive dissonance). I suppose my own bias would be an iterative process of (1) continuous evolution of the windows app (2) let the webGUI catch up for the remaining 10%, in both cases with a focus on the paying customer (end-user, to the exclusion of competing "customers" - we've suffered through some weird EN adventures over the years when they were obviously concerned only with user count). My fear for EN over 12 years has been that it devolves to a cute universal scrapbook - which is clearly one of the potential outcomes as the game evolves (when we started, simply syncing files across machines was a PITA; so was coalescing textual commentary with filetypes; there are numerous alternatives at-the-ready now. EN has to do something uniquely well to survive). What I do unequivocally condemn is: under the guise of harmonizing the platform, going commercial with the lowest common denominator. /Schooner
  2. Hope so. My gut feel is that EN is moving inexorably towards a lighter/prettier concept where aesthetics drown functionality. Maybe there's more $ in an airy approach than there is in catering to the data-dense professional user who sees EN as the core dashboard, library, and data portal of his existence. The whole experience reminded me (a Mac-tolerant Windows diehard) of trying to help my kids when their schools inflicted Chromebooks upon them - now I know what one feels like the morning after having a stroke! /Schooner
  3. Latest "forced" update (popup seemed to present no option) is quite a slap in the face. Not a whisper about the downgrades (lost features, functions & control). Have never felt so betrayed by a trusted tool before. Thank God a reinstall of legacy version will buy some time to find an alternative - realistically, looking at the new interface suggests little interest in recovering prior functionality. I don't have time to "learn to love it" - abandoned on discovering the most up-front disasters, including: - lost ability to drag-n-drop attachments out of EN (e.g. to Outlook) - no option to default-display PDFs as attachments - no customizable menu bar, "All Notes" buried in side panel - shortcuts & searches redirect focus to target note, obscuring top-panel list display - automatic firstline=title behavior gone - no access to create/update dates/times - templates retain original create date, no facility to re-date daily log template - no auto-upload folders I had to contrive half a dozen workarounds within minutes of install - inefficient, irritating beyond belief. /Schooner
  4. Wow. Well, at least that confirms it. I've relied on EN for 12 years now, but this update is beyond the pale.
  5. Can't for the life of me find the switch, if it still exists. Bloated PDF images everywhere.
  6. Just installed (forced) EN-Win 10.8.5 No attachment drag-n-drop to emails? Major dysfunction, huge botch to my workflow & EN utility
  7. @DTLow (yes we're off-topic, but - interesting). Not bad, I use "pseudotags" in similar fashion EN & Wunderlist though I've abandoned any attempt at standardized titles (annoying when clipping to EN). The limitation is that only "note-worthy" staff activities are thus captured. Inescapably, the fundamental record in EN is the "note". My "Fantasy EN" would offer line-by-line tagged entries in a journal (daylog) note which could be isolated & rolled up into a project record by simply searching for the tag. One record might be a full note (O'Donnel's report of 2019.12.16), another might be little more than an incidental annotation ("called McCluskey, voxmail says on vacation till 2019.12.31"). /Schooner
  8. @bradsayers: daily shortcut updates arise from my "daylog" habit. I always wanted EN to function as what I call a Police Force Database... I want to know "what's the history/status of the Orient Express case" (here EN excels) but also "What was Sgt. O'Donnel doing at 1230 Hrs on 22 Nov 1963" (here EN frustrates). So daylog, poor-man's approximation. @Gazumped: Tried support, not much help. Described behavior exactingly, sent logs, they're - well, "gazumped". Uninstalled/reinstalled EN completely, same behavior. One of my apparently-identical machines has an additional EN glitch: hangs temporarily when switching between sync'd notebooks. Likewise not cured by reinstall. I'm at the point of suspecting an i/o issue on my SSD (yes both machines' SSDs are identically provisioned).
  9. 2 identical PCs - shortcuts not syncing in either direction. Notes syncing fine. "Sync shortcuts" selected on both PCs. (I alter shortcuts daily). Anyone else notice it? Both PCs using Win10 64 bit, EN-Win (308716) Public (CE Build ce-62.5.9981)
  10. I see your point(s) - mine is simply that linking is wholly unreliable in a merge-tolerant EN. (Of course mere text/attachment updates don't have the same effect). The fact remains: the elephant goes amnesiac upon merge if user exploits the internal link function. Strikes me as a design flaw that even the "parent" note-id in a CTRL-select-merge expires. /Schooner
  11. Annoying: Internal links are destroyed by appending to target via merge. Undermines value of internal linking & TOCs. /Schooner
  12. Gazumped - ever seen that weird "chevron" header (pictured above) with a URL replace the usual [notebook][add tag] headers? Under any circumstances? Seems to associate to Google Translate paste; under circumstances where I might well have RU or UA keyboard selected. /Schooner
  13. WIN-EN, Windows 10, 64 bit. Lately having weird results when copy/paste from Google Translate. Typically Firefox, Google Translate, enter RU text, select/copy EN result, get irrecoverably lost note headers??? Missing "Notebook" indicator and Add-tag option.Samples attached. Also noted with UA and Latin text translations. All such instances involve Google Translate - though error is not consistently reproducible. /Schooner
  14. Green progress-bar sweep over EN tray icon, persists for days. Anyone know precisely what it means? Sample attached. Win10 / EN /Schooner
  15. Used to routinely drop PDFs from Scansnap Organizer to EN notes. Now seems to choke EN & fail: EN locks up for a bit, file never appears. Still works via create-note drag & drop to note list, simply fails when inserting/appending a PDF to an existing note by dragging/dropping from ScanSnap. No trouble doing likewise via Windows Explorer instead of ScanSnap Organizer. Anyone know what's going on? Environment: Win10 64bit EN SSO v. 5.6L40 /Schooner
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