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  1. I know this is still being worked on, but why is there a need to export your local notes? I have all my notebooks sync'd, so would this only be needed if syncing is not enabled on a folder (and why would anyone do that?. If you rename your DB folder, wouldn't all the notes just download again to your database? Also, I have over 10,000 notes, so I'm wondering how much time this will take (trying to decide if I will just wait for the (hopefully soon) next update to fix this).
  2. There is a new update for Windows available to download. Seeing if this corrects the issue.
  3. However, I am in the US and did return the promotion (as I did acquire the product) and still nothing. The websites are both showing up as no longer operational. Not that it really matters, but it's a pain in the butt that I had hoped for a premium account, did everything correctly and zilch!
  4. I think a question to answer is how are you "clipping" this information into Evernote? You mention from email, are you using the clip tool in Outlook? Sometimes when I forward an email to Evernote the formatting gets messed up, but when i clip through the EN Outlook tool, I get a cleaner "copy". How are you clipping?
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