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  1. @Karl Bagci (Cronofy) I just tried to set this up but get a default Nginx page when I follow the link through from the Evernote site. https://evernote.cronofy.com/ I did briefly see the page when I tried earlier, but the images/css was missing so the formatting looked a bit goofy. Are you able to check and see if everything is OK please? Many thanks
  2. Thanks for the suggestion. I can see how that would work - but it's not really convenient to have two L shaped bits of paper around all the time. I do use Microsoft Lens and the Scan option in Google Drive quite regularly, but the advantage of snapping something out of a magazine directly in Evernote is that it does in as an image rather than a PDF, so the content appears inline on all platforms. Rather than a PDF that often needs to be opened in another application. I can live in hope!
  3. +1 -- I'm finding this an issue too. For example, if I take a photo of a magazine page where I only want to save a rectangular area for a certain article or advert. There isn't a way to crop the image immediately before saving it back to the note, which to me seems like missing functionality. As @gazumped points out, you can then 'Annotate' each image once it's in the note to crop it to a simple rectangle, but having to make a second pass of the images seems like a slow workaround. If a crop tool could be included at the camera stage that would be very helpful and speed up the capture. Ideally, you'd be able to set the point at each corner, but I'd take a simple rectangular crop for now.
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