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  1. My Just thought I would throw in my 2 cents worth. I have been an Evernote premium subscriber for several years, using the Windows and Android applications and with a current database of around 3,500 notes. Recently, I decided to try out Onenote due to ongoing concerns and frustrations. Most of these have been expressed eloquently by others but in particular, the seeming inability of Evernote to handle high DPI displays (renders text incredibly small on both the screen and web clippings), lack of improvement in editing capabilities (I gave up trying to edit notes in Android because it would just ruin formatting created in the Windows version) and apparent problems that other users with larger databases than mine are having with scale, made me reconsider whether it was wise to continue to rely as heavily on Evernote as I do. As others have pointed out, if there was a roadmap which provided a sense of when such fundamental issues (to me) would be addressed, then there would be a much higher likelihood of remaining patient, because there is a lot to like about the product. However, in the absence of such information I decided to explore alternatives and have been testing out Onenote 2013 for the past few weeks. These are my general observations so far: 1. I was able to transfer across my database of notes from Evernote to Onenote fairly seamlessly using a product called Evernote2Onenote. As pointed out in the PCClassesOnline.com video, Onenote uses a Notebook>Section>Page structure and Tags are descriptors only. And, as JMichael points out, you can't sort on Tags in Onenote the way you can in Evernote, which would appear to be a fairly big disadvantage. However, the way Evernote2Onenote converted my notes in Onenote was to create a separate Section for each Tag. So, notes tagged with (say) 'Family' in Evernote came across into Onenote in a Section called 'Family'. Instead of clicking on the Tag 'Family' in Evernote, I just click on the Section 'Family' in Onenote and get exactly the same notes appearing as I would in Evernote viewing the Tag 'Family'. So, in practice, the additional layer of structure in Onenote (ie 'Section) appears to allow you to have most of the sort capabilities of Tags in Evernote. However, while this works quite well for individual Tag items, multiple Tags are more problematical as it would appear you have to copy the note to each specific Section if you want it to appear in a sort of that Section. 2. As JMichael notes, Evernote is definitely superior at Web Clipping. There is a web clipper available for Chrome and it is also possible to forward emails from GMail to Onenote using 'me@onenote.com. However, both of these functions bring the clipping across as an image, which is not always ideal. However, there is another product called 'bringtoonenote' which does allow you to bring across web clippings as editable text and appears to work reasonably well, based on my experience. So, while not as good or as flexible as the Evernote offerings, there are workable solutions in Onenote if you do a lot of web clipping. 3. Perhaps unsurprisingly, where I find Onenote to be far superior to Evernote is in editing notes. I tend to edit my notes a lot and make use of templates and ultimately gave up trying to edit notes in Android which were created in the Windows client because the formatting would be destroyed. I find it a joy to be able to create a note in Onenote in the Windows client, edit this note in Android and then find that the edits done in Android are perfectly captured when I access the note again from the Windows client. I simply couldn't do this in Evernote and it has made a big difference to how I work. I am intending to continue experimenting with Onenote for the next several weeks. It is not a perfect program and i find it a little unwieldy to navigate around. However, it feels like a solid application (to me, more solid than Evernote is at the moment) and if you like to edit your notes across platforms then it has some definite advantages. Just to add my experience. Since the removal of the ability to share notebooks (later added back in) my trust in Evernote was broken. So I started to try Onenote to create my coaching manuals in. I agree overall with the assessment here of the differences. OneNote is much better at formatting notes and handling pictures and tables. The web clipping is not as good. I will definitely look into the bring to one note extension you suggested. So far, I haven't found a nice vibrant forum for OneNote yet, but overall I am leaning towards moving entirely to OneNote.
  2. If this is a wiki for the OP's own consumption, then unordered pages wouldn't be an issue - just search for the content you need. If it is meant for others to read, then the best suggestion is probably to use a 'home page' in the notebook, with note-links to sub-pages (and back again) and sub-sub pages... You still have all the power of search, but you're helping other users by limiting their options as they make more link choices... This only works if they keep the shared notebook feature. They pulled it and then put it back when people complained, so I am not sure if they will keep this functionality. I would go with a wiki system in this case.
  3. There are lots of note taking alternatives in either Windows and Mac environments but there are very few alternatives that are truly cross platform with versions for Windows/Android/Mac/iOS. I am a Windows user, but I like the idea that if I ever changed to a Mac I could still access my Evernote auxiliary brain. I have looked at some truly nice note taking programs for Windows, but many don't support Android as well and very few support as many operating systems as Evernote. OneNote is unfortunately almost the only contender for cross-platform that I know about.
  4. Here is a Zapier "zap" that will do this for you: https://zapier.com/zapbook/evernote/wordpress/18934/evernote-new-note-to-wordpress-create-post/
  5. Not a lot of choices unfortunately that are as cross-platform as Evernote. Springpad shut down. Probably the Evernote forum is not the best place to find alternatives either. I would suggest some other software or productivity forums.
  6. One drawback I see to using Evernote as a Wiki is the inability to order the notes in a notebook. Even if you carefully title the notes so you can then sort them by title, the sort is lost when you share the notebook publicly. Also Evernote recently dropped the ability to share notebooks and then backpedaled when people complained. I am not sure if it will stay in the long run so I would be cautious of using it as a Wiki.
  7. I don't have a problem with auto renew, but I do want to receive a notice a few weeks ahead so that I can ensure funds are in place or cancel it if I no longer need it. Many companies do provide this and I agree it is a courteous thing to do.
  8. Very glad that they listened and rolled this feature back, but I am concerned it and other features I use everyday could disappear in future. The shared note features is one of my primary reasons for using Evernote and I had hoped to expand this to notebooks of my training content. But now I am hesitant to write the content in Evenote if I won't be able to share the notebook I am creating it in.
  9. I use the public note link a lot but not the notebook one as of yet. I had high hopes of the possibility of using Evernote to publish many of my courses online - was just waiting for the ability to control the order of notes when sharing. But now that they have pulled the shared notebook feature, there goes that dream. Unfortunate as there were many people who put a lot of work curating and creating content into Evernote Notebooks and sharing them with us and now all their work is down the drain.
  10. I teach time management, and I wouldn't recommend using Evernote as your calendar. While I love Evernote and use it like an auxiliary brain, it just isn't built to be a calendar and show appointments. Yes, you could probably do convoluted work arounds, but my recommendation is to invest that time in a good quality calendar program/app combo instead.
  11. I like this idea. Sadly it didn't work in Windows 8.1 when I tried it. Must be a Mac only process.
  12. While I have converted from thinking I needed notebooks to a tag believer, I can still see some reasons for having a lot of notebooks. As GrumpyMonkey said, you can share notebooks but not tags. If I want to create training manuals and ebooks using Evernote and share them, I could eventually go over limit. Another use is creating notebooks and sharing with clients. While I may have only 15-20 active clients at a time, I have had hundreds of clients over a 3-5 year period. So I wouldn't be able to create a notebook for each client project and share with them. So I am stuck with using Word and other solutions in that case even though Evernote would be much better. Evernote is SOOOO close to being an amazing publishing tool. With just a couple of minor tweaks, I would start publishing my ebooks with it. All I need is the ability to order the notes within a notebook, better table formatting and the ability to do headers and I would be all set. Hopefully it will come. They have added some of the features I was hoping for like highlighting so I am feeling positive.
  13. I agree with the others. You should never keep personal stuff on a computer provided by your employer. They have full access to it - and why shouldn't they? It is a tool they provide to you to do your work, not a device to store your own personal stuff on.
  14. Actually I am using Public (non-beta) and Ctrl+Shift+h works for me as well.
  15. Thanks Gazumped. I will have to give some thought to which notebooks I really need offline then. I was wondering if I might overload my smart phone's memory if everything was being downloaded.
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