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  1. I too don't think it deserves to die. It could be such a marvellous application, but unfortunately (again, my personal opinion here!) I feel that the company has lost their way. They keep promising to do better, but they haven't even addressed the most basic flaws yet. Those are not flaws because I feel not listened to, they are actual, provable, reproducible bugs that have been around since I started to use the product... around 2012 or so. And here we are, in 2018, and all we are promised is the same elephant with softer lines, more shades of green and some typology. Yet my program keeps crashing on Windows 10 and I still can't format imported text to look semi decent. I'm sorry but if that is the best they have to offer, I don't hold much hope that the next generation of users who all seem to crave flashy, visual apps will look at Evernote twice - and the ones who still use it are the soon-to-be-extinct dinosaurs in the room (points to self). In other words, it doesn't deserve to die, but I'm pretty it's on its deathbed if things don't change. I'm not saying it will be gone before next summer, but I don't give it another 10 years if the next much-hyped rebranding is going to be an added tusk to the elephant, and the huge progress of changing it from grass green to lime green.
  2. Yes, very true. I personally saw the writing on the wall when they announced their sudden price hike and their callous attitude about it at the time. I still have a premium account thanks to bonus points and other lucky moments, but ever since then I have been looking for alternatives, realizing that the Evernote as I knew it was no longer the same. Although getting information out of Evernote is easy, it's not quite as simple to import it in other programs. I have tried them all... some I hate such as OneNote, others don't offer all the features I would like. I have come to the conclusion that the best course of action (for me) is to split up my content and store it in the most convenient place for that particular topic. So far, I have managed to transfer all my recipes, random notes and ideas to Google Keep. All my craft projects, patterns, scrapbooking ideas, yarn projects etc will find a home soon in Google Docs. Sheet music is mostly PDF files, which I can store in Google Drive. That still leaves a large chunk of our digital filing cabinet in Evernote, such as correspondence, receipts, bills, certificates, etc etc, but I'm sure that if (when) Evernote folds, I will be able to find a suitable program for those as well. Always keep in mind that when the rats* start abandoning a ship, it's time to search for the lifeboat... (* I don't mean this in a disrespectful way, it just means the ones who know the ship in and out in this particular case)
  3. Any news on a fix? I am having the same problem. "Notice anything new?" You bet I do... more bugs!
  4. See what? I see what the majority of people seem to see: much ado about nothing. A new elephant and font, really... what about some actual BUG FIXES and IMPROVEMENTS?
  5. It is a scary move, and finding the perfect replacement is difficult, possibly even impossible. I have no difficulties with Evernote using Google's servers, but I made the decision to move on when Evernote announced their price hike without offering anything in return. Like yourself, OneNote somehow doesn't click with me either... of every feature I like, there are 3 other ones I hate. I used a free trial of cloudHQ to transfer (and keep in sync) my notes to as many services as possible: Dropbox, OneNote, Amazon Drive and Google Drive. Dropbox and Amazon converted my files to PDF, which of course means I can't edit them any longer. OneNote in itself is good, it's just not for me. That left Google Drive (of all services) which so far is proving to be the best option for me... notes are converted to native Google Docs, PDF or MS Word format (or all three, if you wish). Google keeps the Evernote notebook structure intact - I don't think it would work well with tags though. There are things I don't like of course, such as my carefully maintained note date system - which makes Evernote a much better place to archive correspondence by date, bills etc. Like you I kept hoping Evernote would improve the basic things, such as line spacing and other format options, but when version 6 came out I concluded that these will probably never be prioritized. The price increase was the final straw which finally "forced" me to look for alternatives... I realize that in (basically) an anti Google thread, mentioning moving to Google is probably not the answer many are looking for But....... I just wanted to point out that by using services like cloudHQ or possibly others, you do have options to move your notes out to other places without too much of a hassle. Good luck!
  6. This is funny......... just when I have migrated all my notes to Google Drive using cloudHQ to see if that could be an alternative you make this announcement Can't say I'm excited over this change. I would have been if it had meant a price decrease of Evernote's services. But obviously this move was not made to be more cost effective considering the recent price changes and syncing limits. So right all this excitement from Evernote's side is meaningless to me personally.
  7. Yes, it's much worse than what Evernote has done. At that time, LogMeIn sold their Android app for $30. Several of my family members bought a copy, only to have the free service taken away for good a few months later. We literally flushed hundreds of dollars down the drain, especially because from then on, LMI increased their prices exponentially each year. Our pleas for a refund were countered that we were welcome to purchase their pro plan at a 50% discount... but I think it is not hard to see why we declined the offer. We all moved to TeamViewer and couldn't be happier with their services. All we use it for is to maintain our Home Theater PC and help my 80+ parents with their computer. I can't help but feel a certain similarity though, hence my post count went up from about 5 to 30 this week alone in expressing my disappointments.
  8. Yes, I can. LogMeIn. http://radialcreations.com/the-death-of-logmein-free/
  9. Allow for unlimited devices and put back the emailing function. Basic as it was a year ago, in other words. Suggested price: $10-$15/year, $1-1.50/month. If such a tier were added, I might reconsider leaving.
  10. I'm not sure what to think of the beta version. Sure it works smooth and looks nice, but why must it be so STARK white?? Nothing stands out and I get a headache after 5 minutes. Please add some color, borders, pleasantries, please! This is a note taking app, not a hospital ward! Please convey some happiness here! I like the colored tags and notebooks, but once again they should have a contrasting background, what use is it to add yellow or light grey when you can't read what it says any longer... Functionality wise, I must say I'm a bit disappointed. I would have hoped for a much better way to clean up web clippings. For example, I would love to be able to remove background, double line spacing, margins but still keep the font options such as bold or italic, or inline images. As it is now, I can only choose between capturing the full page or the simplified article and I'd like much more freedom than that. I realize this is not DTP software but basics such as line spacing, object/text box/image placement, background options, manual page breaks and a few other basic markup features should be a necessity. Even this forum has more formatting options than Evernote! All in all I still love Evernote but it seems the team is so busy adding style (or more accurately, removing style) that you forget about adding much needed features. Let's hope our feedback helps make it a better product
  11. Amen! Although I already added my voice to another thread, this is the one thing that really annoys me. I am a premium user, I. DO. NOT. WANT. to see this special "Business offer" EVERY. TIME. I. OPEN. Evernote on my Android. PLEASE update the app. I have clicked it away at least 100 times already, please remove this nag screen once and for all, I beg you! I PROMISE I have seen it!
  12. I don't complain easily... but I too noticed this message. What is worse, I have been on Evernote Premium for years - yes, I am a paying customer and I am having to look at this, as well as "Try Evernote for Business" which I have to click away every time I open the app on my Android Please stop the aggressive recruiting, Evernote... I have always been a happy customer but I'm not very pleased with this current trend.
  13. IMO you are approaching the question the wrong way, OP. Rather than asking "is Evernote for real?" and then going into a list of complaints about the things you THINK it cannot do, why don't you present a list here of features that your company DOES need? If you explain your workflow and intended use of a note taking app for your company, then there are several knowledgeable and helpful superusers here who can explain in detail if Evernote meets your needs. Speaking for myself, I use EN strictly for my personal use only. I have been a premium member since 2012 and to me it's worth every penny. I have tried OneNote on several occasions, heck even a few weeks ago I imported all my notes into ON once again with a free program called Evernote2Onenote. But ON is buggy as can be (it has STILL not synced all my notebooks to my Note 4), it is confusing, bloated and ugly. It's got this ribbon with a million settings and buttons and features, all I want is store notes, tutorials, craft patterns, diary, receipts, PDFs and clip web pages. Evernote is perfect for that, ON to me is a disaster. Again this is my personal opinion, others may very well think the exact opposite. You can see from my post count that I hardly ever need to ask anything at all, 4 posts in so many years because "it just works". Why don't you try EN for a few weeks, it's free and you get to play with most, if not all of its features. Then you can decide if it would work for your company, or if OneNote suits your purpose better. I know a lot of companies happily use Google Apps to share notes, files and chat, you may want to look into that as well.
  14. Thanks... do you think Evernote could restore a backup of what I had yesterday? That would work too I guess. I'll contact them, thanks again! Edit: oh my word! I just tried again and this time my import did go through all the way! It might have been a case of "impatience" haha, well... I'm certainly not complaining The only thing is that my nested tags are gone but that can be remedied very easily. Thanks again for taking the time to reply!
  15. I have used Evernote since 2008 and been premium since 2012. After a problem with my registry file (Windows 8.1), I started to have troubles with syncing my tags. In other words, half my tags had disappeared online while they were still on the desktop. So I thought I'd create a backup of my notebooks as .enex files, delete all online tags, rename the notebooks online and then import my exported notebooks. I even copied the folder itself of my Evernote files. I also cleaned out all local caches etc. A foolproof solution, I thought. To my absolute horror though, all went well up to the point where I wanted to import my .enex notebooks, where I encountered the following error: On the positive side, it seems I still have all my notes because I did not delete those online. But it does mean that I seem to have lost each and every tag I ever created...... please tell me this is not so. Is there any solution to this? Or should I contact support directly?
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