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  1. Unless of course they decide to do away with tables... because tables are so 1969 in a world where responsive design reigns supreme.
  2. Shouldn't they bring back the knout and whip as well for those freeloaders/leechers/vermint/useyourownderogativeterm? Or wait, that's still way too soft - let's aim for capital punishment instead right?
  3. Yes, funny enough many used to be really weary of Electron (? I believe that's what the package you referred to is called) and look down on any software based of that. At first I was nervous moving to Joplin for that reason alone. Luckily Joplin has been behaving smooth as butter for me, and now Evernote (with an infinitely larger budget and user base) had moved to it as well. We're living in interesting times indeed 😅
  4. Yeah and every time I congratulate myself on my choice. Gotta have something to stay cheerful about 😁
  5. In truth I think it's much better to do your own homework and not rely on a company's forum to ask what competitive product their users recommend. That said, I left Evernote for Joplin 1.5 years ago and never looked back. I just visit this forum every now and then to watch the belly aching.
  6. I realize that this is not the Joplin forum, but too many clicks to clip a page? It takes exactly 3 clicks: 1) Joplin icon - 2) Clip "your choice" - 3) Confirm. How many clicks does it take for an Evernote clip? I mean certainly there are reasons why you should or shouldn't use Joplin as a note taking app, but I can hardly imagine that clippling would be a show stopper...
  7. I still read this forum every now and then but as you may remember I moved over to Joplin a little over a year ago. At the time I posted that in here and recently brought it up too, but at some point the mentioning of alternatives will stop of course. I'd be a proper troll if I kept pushing it every time someone asks for a solution. And what works for me may not be what works for them anyway. I would imagine that others feel the same - they said they weren't happy with the direction Evernote is going into, posted the alternative of their choice and left. At some point only the die hard and people who genuinely like the new version (possibly even drawn to it) are left over and neither will mention alternatives. So, I don't see your "conclusion" as proof of anything, just a logical result of human nature in general
  8. Yes but then you need something to exit TO. Hence the need for competing products, which thankfully exist in abundance today.
  9. Pragmatic is the way to be If you are happy with a product, stay. Once you are unhappy, go (if you can *). You are shown no loyalty from Evernote (or other companies for that matter), so no need to stay loyal yourself. *) It's the "if you can" that had me upset for a while, because I couldn't. Luckily nowadays one can, if one wishes. To me that made all the difference in the world
  10. I appreciate your experience, but that was not entirely the point I was trying to make... I think that a lot of people like myself would never even have considered Evernote if they hadn't appeared EVERYWHERE or if they hadn't thrown around free premium years like candy. I swallowed the hook and even after they upped the price to ridiculous heights I kept paying because there wasn't a viable alternative. Then again I agree with you 100% that this is no longer the case, I believe there are ample alternatives now to suit just about everyone's needs and wants. Only the truly loyal seem to stick it out with Evernote to the bitter end, and even in those ranks I see some discomfort with the new version v10. As you and others have been saying, only time will tell where this will be going... with free products like Joplin adding new and exciting features by the minute (today they announced their new experimental personal server and official plugin repository for example), it will be a hard sell for Evernote to attract new customers!
  11. Not to mention it was basically shoved down people's throats because it was preinstalled and unremovable on every Android phone I had back then. In fact the reason I had Premium until last month is because I factory reset my old Note 4 about two years ago and after installation received 120 points for signing in to Evernote, which turned out to be one additional year of Premium.
  12. I can't speak for Wanderling of course, but a few years ago Evernote decided to suddenly almost double the price of Premium, while simultaneously crippling the Basic free version (most notably confining it to a maximum number of devices). I think that might be the wrong turn that is being referred to. Whether that was truly a wrong turn is debatable, but it certainly was a irrevocable turning point for me. Up to then I had been tickled pink with Evernote and happy to pay Premium for many years (despite not really even needing all its features, but I wanted to show some support). But overnight I felt that I had landed between a rock and a hard place - I couldn't afford the new premium but also needed at least three devices. When I pointed that out in these forums (along with several other upset customers), we were told we were hysterical whiners, boo hoo posters, freeloaders, etc by the resident forum dwellers. There was almost total radio silence from the staff, except from one or two employees who basically informed us "tis what tis, lump it or leave". I think that if Evernote had grandfathered us in, or if they had introduced these changes more gradually, or if they had given some soothing reason why this was for our own good, or heck, if they had created a super great new version of Evernote that made the price hike palatable, I think all that "drama" back then could have been prevented. The point I'm trying to make though is that from that moment on, I vowed to find an alternative, a thought that until then hadn't even occurred to me. I actively tried to leave Evernote from that moment on, but it wasn't until early 2020 that I finally found that alternative (Joplin, in my case). I have a feeling that Evernote is not done making wrong turns, and this upgrade to v10 seems to prove it. I have no idea if that 2015 "fiasco" made many customers determined to flee back then, nor do I know if many today put their money where their mouth is. However, I'll say this: the competition has not sat still and nowadays there are many more alternatives to Evernote than back then.
  13. I did that as well for a while, because I wanted to make sure that Joplin was suitable for my needs before abandoning Evernote. Even then it was quite nerve wrecking still to delete all my old Evernote notes at last, I can tell you that! One of the game changing features of Joplin (to me) was the nested notebooks. Once I started to organize my notes that way, I knew there wouldn't ever be a way back... I tried tags in Evernote but it quickly turned out to be a hot mess in my case. I am a very hierarchical person apparently so the way that works in Joplin suits my needs perfectly. In Evernote I was always trying to juggle how many notebooks to place in how many stacks, and how many notes I could cram into as few notebooks as possible. In Joplin if a notebook gets too crowded or unruly, I can just divide the notes into into a few additional categories within that notebook, problem solved. I also really appreciate how easy it is to backup the entire Joplin database including the notebook hierarchy and then restore everything seamlessly with almost one single click. I am no longer frightened to lose my Joplin notes, with the weekly backup, local storage on two Windows machines and my Samsung Note 20. I recently upgraded from the Note 8 and it was as simple as installing the app and connecting to Dropbox - a few hours later all my notes were present. At first I missed a few Evernote features such as the PDF in-note display and the visually attractive note thumbnails, but I found that this in itself wasn't enough to keep me with Evernote in the end.
  14. My three monthly check in - probably the last though Yep, still very, very happy with Joplin after one year. A few weeks ago my Evernote premium subscription expired. Just before that happened I finally cleaned out all my notes (which were lagging behind now anyway). That also means I just missed the entire v10 "upgrade" and from the looks of it, I didn't miss much! So long everyone, perhaps we'll meet again some day - here or there
  15. No, they don't... but you can select how you want to download attachments (images, pdf, etc) - download all, download when you open the note or download manually. Which I realize is useless if you are a writer and you have 16G worth of written notes
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