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  1. Its not a problem in my usage, because 'Notebooks' was defined for creating a common group of notes, just as in folders. In any case, you just contradicted yourself, because, even if i used 'tags' for organizing specific notes, with a purpose, then, i wouldn't be able to download 'a set of notes defined by a tag', simply, because 'Evernote' doesn't support downloading 'tags' feature yet, but only Notebooks. { incidentally, if Evernote were to implement a note based indepenednt download system, then automatically, it would be logically easy, to download an entire tag-linked notes, by that logic.) And yes, I am as much as a power user as you are, but i am strong enough to point out the criticism in Evernote. Infact i use 'tags' more than 'notebooks' in my organization structure. You may want to take a look at my detailed feedback note, which i sent to Evernote, a month ago, and you can look how detailed i use 'tags' and my organization structure, in detail. https://drive.google.com/file/d/1yOqVsYzyEE_CmO_fbdj_zXyR4H4XZ0Jk/view?usp=sharing (Subsequent to sharing this document, i even had an online discussion with some members of Evernote's development team, online, and shared some of my views and feedback, on the upcoming changes).
  2. Thats why, i said, user to have an option to download specific notes, within a notebook. My database too is over 30GB+ with over 20,000 notes. Not possible to download entirely offline on mobile, although i think in 1 or 2 years, our mobile phones will have enough memory to download entire databases. Some notebooks, contain important reference information, which i may need for a short duration of time. say 5 or 10 notebooks, ranging around 500 MB to 1 GB, whereas the entire notebook may be much more. I need to have those specific notes available, offline always, but the notebook size may be a big deterrant. Not to mention, i have a terrible net connection, with no Wifi. ( Please don't give the option that i could move the required notes to a seperate/new notebook and download), cos, the notes are in a specific notebook, with a meaning. Doesn't make sense to keep tinkering them here and there. )
  3. I think there is definitely a use case, for making specific 'notes' offline ( along with existing notebooks - feature which exists on mobile). Reason, some of my independent Notebooks themselves run into GBs, while individual notes in them may be 100-150MB. In sparse net conditions, where i mostly live, with no Wifi, and a terrible mobile connection, it defintey makes sense to have offline notes, as downloading or accessing info within a specific note is difficult. @Ian Small @May L
  4. How much of you, have observed that 'string search' is being removed, in favour of a more productive 'predictive search', which is returning garbage? ( Yeah, the promo video is all rose and honey, but in real world, the results are trash). As of now, they have already implemented the new search in Android and IOS( following the Web Conduit). The Windows client is yet to get the new changes, and there is a sea load of difference in search results, between the Old windows search, and the new one. Evernote is going down hill. Good luck, all.
  5. Yes, bubble browser indeed had so much functional potential. But as always, these third party apps have a problem of monetization. There was an excellent 3rd party - full featured client on IOS called Matcha, whose experience was so awesome, it too has gone this same way.
  6. The fact that the CEO himself is on these forums, responding to user queries, is inspiring and helps repose the faith that we have invested in Evernote, over the years 😀. Thank you very much Sir @Ian Small
  7. Seriously seriously painful. I wonder when serious and long term forum contributors will stop defending painful actions or unacceptable errors done by Evernote, or attempt to tone down the scale of the problem. 😕 The app is taking a minute to open. The phone has 4 GB of Ram and we are in 2019. I can't fire up mu Notes or look up something important. Is this not serious enough? Over the years, never faced issues with the Android client, but this is painful. Effectively useless.
  8. Seriously seriously painful. I wonder when serious and long term forum contributors will stop defending painful actions or unacceptable errors done by Evernote, or attempt to tone down the scale of the problem. 😕 The app is taking a minute to open. The phone has 4 GB of Ram and we are in 2019. I can't fire up mu Notes or look up something important. Is this not serious enough? Over the years, never faced issues with the Android client, but this is painful. Effectively useless.
  9. Good step ahead in becoming more transparent to its users, in whats going on ahead. Thanks Ian and Team Evernote.
  10. @Puneet Khurana @Roshan Miranda you may wish to connect to a certified consultant, who may help you fix your problems, depending on your closest location. https://evernote.com/certified-consultants#find-community-member
  11. Never ever had a compliant with the Android experience, atleast from the point where O'Neill took over. ( With Phil Libin, yes issues were there). Since then, Android has been a pleasure to use . Whether it is loading time, response time, what ever. But the Windows, and Web versions, are not really up there . Windows has definitely improved in the last 2-3 years, but still i am not happy with on and off, Slow load times, time to respond etc. How does the software usage experience pan with other paid/subscribed software products for windows, in terms of performance? Evernote experience, has been painful, buggy and lagging for a large use time. Yet, i pay for it (before i become a consultant, i would still pay as an end user, though) , because i love this product, i can't imagine a life without Evernote. I am not interested in jumping ship, but if EN doesn't match up in terms of feature addition, many are going to quit ship, putting the financial future of Evernote at stake. We need to keep this in mind, too. A person cribbing about a product he loves, doesn't necessarily have to move elsewhere. We are in the forum, to just say and admit, 'what is what'. I used to use IOS earlier too. And i wasn't happy with the performance, there too much. It was kind of okay.. okay.. I think DTLow linked me to a post showing a list of additional features that came with the service. We all are quite long time users and power users, and most of us here, use most, if not all features. We are aware of the features, toolsets. question is, all these features were there even at 3 years ago. Nothing new has happened, since then. The Spaces feature was one for the business users, the premium - individual users have been totally neglected for quite some time a long time. How would i be bothered about a new brand re-design and so much PR, when there is so much work to be done? I would not say the 'dark mode' as a great functionality feature, but beyond this, what else? Look up the monthly beta release blogs. ( I am a beta tester for Windows too). The logs only keep talking about 'Bug Fixes' && 'Improvements', for the last few years already. I dont even remember the last time, i sae the word 'New Feature' there. What meaningful new ''functionality'' features have we incorporated? So, even if we assume, that EN was only fixing bugs and working on existing issues, we still haven't addressed them in 3+ years? And how long more shall we continue to keep addressing these issues?
  12. DTLow, it isnt about 'I use.. I am... I .. I.. I... ", evrybody can't be you, they can only be 'themselves'. As a senior poster in the forum, you need to reply based on how the 'average evernote user would use the tool'. Sometimes, being fan boys, makes us mask and tend to ignore some of the serious shortcomings of the product.
  13. i agree that in real world terms, there is only so much for a 'basic' user. For users who wish to stick to 'free/basic/ for perpetuity, there are limits with every cloud service, as they are funded by the paying guys, only. But what about paying premium users? If EN has reached a point where significant amount of resources are needed for maintaining the huge beast, then it is also the priority of the top guys to hire additional employees etc to keep focussing on innovation new features etc? Millions of us are not paying just for the cloud storage/month, we are paying for the constant feature upgrades too, right? But hardly anything meaningful has come out, in the last few years.
  14. @DTLow With full regards to you being a senior poster here, how long are we going to continue this fan-boy games? How long are we going to live in denial? When someone posts a problem, why do we have to go with 'It works fine with me.', doesn't matter. maybe, it works for you, but in general what is the software experience of Evernote for most users? Are you still living in denial that new tools like Notion have come up, and do a much much better job than Evernote in almost all ways? Do we continue to live in denial that hardly any mentionable 'meaningful features' have come up in Evernote or for that matter, even if EN continues to be focussing on ironing out existing issues ( This has been said from the era of Phil Libin, then O Neill and now Ian small as well), why does it take so long to fire up the app, or to create a note? How much long are we going to live in denial mode?
  15. We havent heard of it for a while now. I guess that at some point, functionlity of Penultimate will be brought into the inbuilt Evernote ( as they did for Skitch and killed it eventually). Its sad, but there is enough chaos for the main app itself, but even if it is brought around, i dont think it would give the same feel as the native app.
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