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  1. Just saw the calendar. No connection is open for link to an Exchange server. Is this feature going to be addressed. Outlook and Evernote.
  2. I am curious if this feature will be incorporated in the Evernote product. It would be very helpful when working with groups during conversations and brainstorming sessions.
  3. I have certain tags that listed in my shortcuts. I cannot get any of my tags to appear as a short cut. I have tags in my desktop short cuts. Jerry
  4. Just click on a Sharable URL link in the chat the program open up a page. Then I could get back to normal chat. Back to a previous version. There is something wrong with links in the chat feature.
  5. I can confirm the same problem and the above solution worked for me.
  6. Thanks for the note. I can make it work by playing with printer settings inside the note. However, at the global level, it appears to only do landscape. I hope this addressed in the next beta.
  7. The print function does not work correctly. No matter what I do, all printouts are in landscape mode. Will this be addressed in the next beta?
  8. Up and running. It will be interesting to see how this version works given the bug fixes.
  9. Printing to paper For some reason, every time I send a note to print, it is printed landscape, no matter what I do in the settings to set the paper to portrait. Can anyone else confirm this problem?
  10. Curious. My version is running about the same speed. How slow is your version running.
  11. Installed and running with this release. So far, no real problems to report.
  12. I just noticed my Chat font is rendering an 8 point which is very small. Is there a way to control the font size in chat? I can confirm something is not correct with pulling in templates and then putting them in your personal directory. As noted, you have to leave the note and come back. Images work best it put in a table. However, adding a table to add an image is a set of steps that I would like to avoid. Thanks
  13. I too would like to know when Spaces will be ready for Premium Paid Accounts. It is a much-needed addition to my work and I look forward to a release soon.
  14. Endless search icon. It just keeps spinning and spinning. Can anyone else confirm? Jerry
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