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  1. Well, @gazumped I figured out a way to make it look better. If I make the shortcut link to the generic evernote.com address, any time I navigate off of there including to log in to my account, it adds that chunky bar. If I wait till I'm logged in before I make the shortcut link, it looks much better. Thanks for spurring me on to keep trying!
  2. I appreciate the help! I am using the option to open it in its own window, and alas, while it does make it so I can Alt+Tab to it, it doesn't really increase the display area. I was hoping that there's a possibility that making the web app an installable PWA will not only make it graphically more effective, but might also bring some offline functionality, or at least giving us the ability to stay logged in.
  3. Sorry I wasn't clearer. I was thinking more about the big white band between the top of the window (under the X) and the actual Evernote interface. It can't be closed without logging out.
  4. Here's what the separate window looks like on a Chromebook. Note the extra space taken at the top of the screen. It doesn't do this on Windows, but Chromebooks get bonus stuff in the way!
  5. This has been the case on my phone since Home launched. I'm on a Pixel 4a5G. The text is getting cut off.
  6. If the web client could be installable on a Chromebook, that would be great. As is, I need to log in every time and the Chrome machinery takes up lots of window space.
  7. Agreed, an installable PWA would make using on a Chromebook significantly nicer.
  8. I used to be able to take a note through Google Assistant on my phone or through a smart speaker and have it show up in Evernote. Any chance now that the new clients are stabilizing that this could be brought back?
  9. Same here, can't move using only keyboard shortcuts. Also, the move note keyboard shortcut has stopped working on me a couple of times until I quit and restart the Windows app. My workflow is slightly borked.
  10. Well I don't know what happened but even after logging out and back in, it was still doing this. But once I navigated around for a minute or two, all of that stuff suddenly popped in and started working correctly.
  11. For starters, there's this: Also, search is doing nothing. I can type in the box, but it's not executing any searches.
  12. My wife and I each have at least one notebook that we have shared with each other. On the old Android client and on the new Windows and Web clients, I'm able to move any note I want into the notebooks she owns, but the new Android client displays a lock icon next to her notebook in the move dialog and I can't move the note in there. Curiously, I can move notes from that notebook which she owns over into mine, which she is unable to do on her (new) iPhone client.
  13. I am seeing lots of comments out there from people who have received the final release of the app, so I know it's out there. Unfortunately none of those people are extracting apks of their apps to share!
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