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  1. The more I work the Legacy the more I appreciate it. This newer version killed my productivity. I am using Evernote as my main support tool for years so with the newer version I got upset. Thank you PinkElephant and DTLow for releasing me from this mess of the last version. Spyros
  2. Thank you both. Everything is solved now. My login was not the same. Now I have the old nice/great version. Multiple selection of tags with the mouse, when in desktop select a file, right click and directly send to the evernote and so many other great features that for some reason disappeared in the new version. Thank you I will never move from here. Spyros
  3. Hi all - when i run the legacy with the latest version side by side then the legacy version is empty and all my notes are in the latest version. Is there a way to move the notes from the latest version to legacy? Thank you. The latest version is a disaster. Such a pity. Spyros
  4. Hi all - I am using Evernote for the last 10 years and I am really satisfied with the software and with the whole concept. With the late updates though everything changed. I used to have so many features that they have been so useful to me and they have just disappeared. One of those figures was the fact that i was selecting one Notebook and then I would search in only those notebook (not in the whole notebooks). Accordingly I could just select a stack (very easily with my mouse, just one click !!) and then search in only that stack. Why such a useful feature is removed?? Now I have to go through filters etc... I do not even remember the last useful version so I can go back. The same search features would work with tags - now it doesnt work with tags either. How can I search in a stack of notes ??? Thank you for your help Spyros
  5. If you are using the widget of evernote on your mobile, then if you press the scanning icon (up right) then an image icons appears and in that case the evernore takes a picture not a scan. I also take pictures of whiteboards and this is the way that I do it.
  6. Hi all, what if all sensitive information (like credit cards, passwords, passports, payslips, taxes, codes etc etc etc) are stored in an excel file - password protect the excel file and then place this excel file into a note. Woudn't that be much safer?? I am not a security expert and I have no idea about the effectiveness of excel protection but I guess that Microsoft uses advance algorithms in their passwords and security issues.
  7. Hey, thank you for your time and reply. At least I know now, that what I am doing is ok. When I create a note, and I need to save an email, I use the snipping tool. I make sure that I crop the date and what I need and I place it into a table cell. Helps to save into one note multiple email info. Thanks once more.
  8. Hi all - is there any way to add an email from microsoft outlook into a note? And when clicking on the icon the microsoft outlook would open and view/process the email? Something like the below?? The way I did that... I copy/paste from microsoft outlook the email to my desktop. Then I copy/paste the email from my desktop into the note... Copy/paste from the microsft outlook directly into the evernote doesn't work. Is there a way to do it faster???? Thank you very much in advance Spyros **** Note that the add in of Evernote doesn't work on my outlook (probably because of the server and the policy rules of my company)
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