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  1. One of the key roles I use Evernote for is to be my archive and library. I have scanned many old paper documents and now store them in Evernote and I no longer print out documents, I store them in Evernote. I want and need Evernote 10 to be a success. I am happy to continue beta testing, but the current pdf functionality in version 10 does not work for me, I need the functionality available in the Legacy version and if this is not not going to be made available in version 10 before Evernote Legacy is withdrawn, I will have to move to another app.
  2. What caught me out was that I don't remember previous updates dleting all my data and there was no mention of deleting in the update script. Had there been one I would have done things differently.
  3. This update is a nightmare. I have over 50 Gb of data in Evernote which I sync to my iPad Pro and iPad Mini. At current download rates it will take me a month to download all the data. When I installed the new version, I didn't expect the app to delete all my data and then re-download it.
  4. I reported this bug to Evernote Support. They confirmed that it is a known bug but there is no info at present when it will be fixed. I've disabled the Initial focus on the the title bar for a new note and now type my desired title as first line of the note. This will then become the Title in the Title Bar when I move to the next line.
  5. I have my Evernote set to create a new note in a new window and to set the new note focus to title. This works fine when I start a new note, I can quickly type my title and then move to the body of the note. However, I use Evernote to do a lot of initial drafting so I frequently stop and think about what I'm writing rather than doing a quick brain dump. What I have found is that when I pause the focus moves from the body of the note back to the title box and as I restart typing it appears at the front of the title. As far as I can tell this only happens when I am typing in a note in
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