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  1. Closing that note then shows nothing. I.e. the only note I am able to see is the last note accessed. Cannot see the app proper. Rebooting does not help.
  2. Kate0508: Happy to share the results of my "search" so far. I need to be able to store the notes locally — on the device for iOS, iPadOS, macOS — as well as the cloud. This is how Evernote works and is a must for me as I need constant access to my data regardless of internet connectivity. I have looked at Notion [ https://www.notion.so ], and was initially quite impressed by it. I emailed them regarding local storage syncing to cloud. Here is their response: "We don't currently support local storage. Currently our data is being saved on the Notion server so everyone must be onl
  3. I waited for 10.0.4 as I have over 22,000 notes. I have been a loyal Evernote customer since 2005. However, I deeply regret installing 10.0.4 and unless all is corrected asap, I will be moving to another app. 10.0.4 is an abysmal "upgrade;" unconscionable. In addition to everything else already mentioned, we have lost "Simplify Formatting" (both "Simplify Formatting" and "Make Plain Text").
  4. Searching for multiple items are not hilited in iOS 8.3.356604. E.g. Searching for apples finds apples and hilites same in searched notes. Whereas searching for apples oranges finds notes with both apples and oranges but no longer hilites same in searched notes.
  5. This release either was not beta'd or was beta'd by a few non-power users. With that comment I am sorry if I offend anyone. I am a premium user, have 26K notes, and rely on Evernote as my brain prothesis. However, with this release 8.01, I had no choice but to downgrade (really upgrade) to a previous version of Evernote. This all gives me much concern over the leadership of Evernote and where Evernote is headed. To release a version — especially touted as an upgrade — that is such a fail is abysmal.
  6. Thought I would try the latest release and installed Evernote_RELEASE_6.10_454267.dmg. Result = a bit better than version 6.7.1 but the SAME problem still exists! Uninstalled 6.10 & reinstalled 6.6.1. Now, just like back in July, I am happily back to the old, responsive Evernote. VERY FRUSTRATING!
  7. Very frustrating problem! Out of desperation I found the only solution was to downgrade to version 6.6.1 (Evernote_RELEASE_6.6.1_453372.dmg). Required a complete uninstall of 6.7.1. FWIW I used AppZapper to do the uninstall. Now I am happily back to the old, responsive Evernote I came to love and then so sorely missed ツ
  8. Well i spoke too soon! A week later both of my Macs are right back where they were. Only much worse than before. Perhaps my 25,000 notes is stretching the indexing limits of the program??
  9. Rebuilding the database seems to have solved the problem for me as well. On both my iMac and MacBook Air.
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