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Sharing to Evernote hangs on iOS 9 (iPhone 6s)

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Hi, I just switched from an android phone to the iPhone 6s and one major problem I have is that sharing to Evernote (via the Evernote extension) doesn't work. When I select share and choose the Evernote extension the window pops up to give me the option to Save, but when I click Save it just cycles endlessly (with a spinning circle) and never completes. In the end I have to click Cancel to back out.

This happens regardless of which app I initiate the share request from. From the Mac it works fine (as it did from Android) but it's broken for me on the iPhone 6s.

As EN is a major part of my workflow I'd be grateful for anything help in fixing this. Not being able to send things to EN from my iPhone sucks big time :-(

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Although, I have not seen the issue you are describing in my iOS devices with EN. I've had similar issues with other apps before. 

Have you tried restarting the phone?  Cures a lot of ills on iOS, particularly when you've been installing a lot of new apps. 


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Hmmn.  In both cases I'd suggest uninstall / reinstall and if that doesn't work submit a bug report.  If you're a plus or premium user,  try emailing the clips to your account?

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gazumped, as I said in my earlier post, I tried reinstalling but to no avail.

I'm sure emailing is a viable workaround, although it's not so convenient on a mobile device. Hopefully, it will be fixed sometime.

Thanks for suggestions, anyway.

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@hevelius We believe that most of the sharing issues were resolved in 7.10. Can you verify that you are running that version (at the bottom of the in-app settings menu)? If you are and the issue persists, please open a support ticket from the link in my signature so we can further investigate. Thanks!

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It was happening even with version 7.1. 

But what fixed it for me was to wait for the page preview image to load/show up in the share dialog. After that I was able save. 

Maybe preview generation code is blocking the share event?  They should be independent. 

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