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  1. yep, me too. Interestingly, news articles I clip in iPad OS or IOS sync (although web clipper doesn't capture the title of the article before saving, it does save it with the correct title), any new note that I create in iPad OS or IOS will not sync. The reverse is not true, however. If I create a note in MAC OS, it will sync in iPad OS and in IOS. Evernote web has been hosed for me for awhile now (Firefox, Safari or Chrome). It starts to convert to a new format and then hangs. So I can't tell if the new iPad note is actually making it to the server.
  2. I think you found it. I have NordVPN too. Switched off CyberSec in both IOS & OSX & now I CAN sync thru the VPN. No idea If it’s EN or VPN, but it started with the EN beta 7.12. I guess I won’t miss CyberSec. But since these are work devices, I kept them screwed down as tight as I can on security settings. And NordVPN has been a remarkable service for me, all around the world. Thx for isolating this issue & the fix.
  3. maybe, maybe not. I've had the full DT suite for awhile now. As well as EN Premium. I too thought I'd be able to dump EN, but after working with DT for about a year, I still maintain both. You take the lack of a subscription at DT as a positive. But after you've worked with it awhile, you might have other thoughts. No subscription means no money for the development horsepower to develop products like, well, DTTG2. It's been years in the coming and wandered down many false trails in the making. And it's just a fairly benign IOS app with interface. DTPO is an extremely powerful
  4. As long as they depend on a one-time sales to fund their efforts, I'd say things don't look promising for quick action from DT. I'd gladly pay the yearly I'm paying to subscribe to EN if they'd show more industry. I've never understood how users expect continuous improvement on a single initial investment.
  5. Not really HIPPA, but it could be a consideration occasionally. Actually, classified material is more of a concern, but we handle that on a completely different system and usually you can talk about an issue without actually breaching security. Mostly what I have is access. I'm retired Naval Intelligence so I have the clearances to go most places. I work within a constellation of retired military folks who freelance investigation and fact finding for both the Navy and Contractors. It usually doesn't have to do with dead bodies, although there have been some spectacular equipment failures
  6. I was using the native DT > EN import. I've deleted the DT db and will try the scripts you recommended. I've had some initial problems exporting from en to html, but it was just a bad file or two. I've just finished the export and I'm headed over to get the script. I'll report back. I hope you're right.
  7. Interesting. Intentionally crippling oneself to account for the platform's shortcomings. I couldn't have gotten this far without the tags to pull all the data together. But I certainly wouldn't have saved & marked up several dozen PDFs in EN if they'd advertised that it you'd essentially lose you work if you exported. But it's my fault. It's been clear for some time that EN was never going to progress to the kind of data driven research & report writing tool like DT has become. But I kept hoping. If nothing else, I expected the 3rd party developers to press for more s
  8. Except that's not exactly accurate. You essentially lose any work you did on annotation If you used the EN web clipper, sketch, or PDF native EN annotations. The mark-up is delivers as seperated individual documents with no way to reintegrate your work but by reproducing it by hand. So if you have a large trove of technical or academic PDFs you've painstakingly annotated, you'll be disappointed. Also, you lose any OCR produced by Scanable or the Business card scanner, but you do get the pix. Of course, you can have DT OCR your cards again, but you still lost all the hand correcti
  9. Thought I'd give the trial version of DTPO a whirl. Someone referred to Evernote as the "Roach Motel" of data systems. Lots of ways to get data in, virtually impossible for data to escape. I didn't understand then. Boy do I understand now. I just crossed the 30-hour mark using the DTPO native EN import feature. Neither EN nor DTPO report on OSX being hung (not responding) and there are pop-ups from both apps, so I guess I'll let it run until morning. The other night I tried importing and thought it hung after many hours of spinning beachball. When I rebooted and restarted DTPO
  10. I've given up worrying about this issue as an Evernote unsolvable. I just expect to delete doubles on my afternoon housekeeping. I always get doubles with IOS (latest 9.2 but has been going on for years). Webclipper. Since web clipper IOS is so underpowered anyway, I have to dedicate time to cleaning up the day's haul: adding multiple tags, changing notebooks, adding a meaningful title, adding a note...you know the things we've been able to do in OSX for a long time. Of course, sending PDFs to webclipper > Evernote usually doesn't work from a browser (except for tiny ones) although I c
  11. I think it's pretty superb. Particularly where you can have one entry per not, or append or prepend a day's worth of notes on the fly...with time-datestamp. Thanks. Lots of uses.
  12. As a person who has deep-seated pigeon-hole tendencies myself, it's been a difficult retraining. But speaking up for tags (and I have 5400+ notes right now), their greatest value is one note appearing in many places based on tags. It is seldom a note has utility in just a single domain, even if it's not immediately apparent when you gather it. I'll search all my notes several times using different parameters as needed for a project, give them a common tag for that project, and then using that tag gather all those into a special folder for that project. When I'm finished, I'll create a TO
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