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  1. When I say Clipper stopped working, I mean it does nothing. I click on it (the extension) and it is unresponsive. I uninstalled and reinstalled it but again nothing. It works perfect in Firefox but it's still the 6.32 version there, whereas Chrome updated to 7.1 automatically and now I can't clip anything! I chatted with EN Support and they said the technical team will look into it and get back to me. I'll post updates here.
  2. Clipper entirely stopped working after the update. Don't know what to do anymore!!! Chrome Version 65.0.3325.181, Windows 7.
  3. Clipper entirely stopped working after the update to 7.1. Don't know what to do anymore!! Chrome Version 65.0.3325.181, Windows 7.
  4. It worked for me randomly earlier, but doesn't work right now, so I assume it's not fixed yet... And yes, scrolling down all notebooks is far from ideal or useful - who in EN was so genius as to remove the previous functionality??
  5. Worse here: the Web Clipper doesn't work at all this morning (Chrome)
  6. Yes, it does get back to (almost) normal! Oh I'm so glad!
  7. I tried it but I have a different problem: EN won't log me in even though I tried multiple times and the login details are correct (I already use EN in 3 devices and the web). Thanks anyway @Galeguin
  8. Unfortunately I can't uninstall it, it was pre-installed in the LG G6+ I bought a couple of months ago. I did "Force Stop" but maybe I should try uninstalling updates to see whether that works... Thanks @gazumped
  9. I'm not running beta either and I'm having the same issue as @lisec over the past few days. It's not about failed clipping, it does clip but it's a plain text format, no paragraphs, and with (some random) hyperlinks. Of course it's unreadable. Any news on that? [ Mobile: EN v.7.17, Android v 7.0, LG G6+ ]
  10. Same problem here (premium customer too). Any fix or official response from EN?
  11. Hi, I have the same issue but on an android phone (LG G3). Its been a few days that I tap on "share to Evernote" and I wait, I wait... and nothing happens. The page has not been saved in EN. Any tips or ideas?
  12. Hi! I'm afraid I don't have any news... Apparently it's not a priority issue for the Evernote team and -unfortunately- I have almost learnt to live with it, as I use Evernote all the time...
  13. At least it is an update Could we maybe join in the bug report and provide some extra information and add our voices? Do you have a reference number or something? Thanks for the info Maria. I don't know if you can join in the same support ticket, but you could try. It's #58061. Maybe you can send your own error logs and mention in the email the ticket number they have given to me...
  14. Hello Yiannis and Alex! I dare say I have "some" "news"; that there is no news yet as to a solution to our problem! In the past few weeks, I have been engaged with a correspondence with evernote support. They suggested that I download and install a pre-release version - no luck. Then, they told me to uninstall and re-install the app - again no luck (not to mention the fact that my HTC "caught fire" because it had to download again all notes (almost 2G!). Then, I sent them the error log and they filed (again) a support ticket. Last piece of news from the evernote team was last week when they wrote to me that they "have filed a bug report with our engineering team for further review" and will let me know "as soon as they have more information". So, this back-and-forth of emails has resulted in nothing so far. I'm a very frustrated Premium user (and evernote user since 2009!)...!!!
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