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  1. As a paying user for years and years (and as beta-tester) I decided to stick to the Legacy version because of all the bugs and missing features in the new version. The company doesn't seem to hear to their customers anymore. Have they perhaps been bought by a bigger company or a competitor that wants to drive EN out of business?? 🙄
  2. Ah interesting! I participated in the beta testing last year and I was wondering why I haven't seen any updates on my phone. Now I know and I guess, yes, I'm lucky...
  3. Thank you @gazumped! I've been frustrated for a few months with all the bugs in my Android EN but I wasn't aware that there was a newer version that I couldn't download because my phone has Android 9 (it's "old", only 3 years old!)... Anyway, this explains why the bugs. Thanks!
  4. I have no idea - but it's good to know I'm not the only one experiencing this issue. But there hasn't been any response from EN...
  5. Thanks for the update @Nickerz. I tried it but didn't work. I still can't submit a support ticket because of the weird error that keeps logging me out... I've tried in Firefox and Chrome but nothing, so I tweeted Evernote Helps and I messaged Shane D. directly... UPDATE: Shane got back to me within a couple of hours. He applied an update (I'm not sure what this means in this case) and then I was finally able to submit a ticket.
  6. YouTube clipping not working here either. Win 10. In Firefox 78.0.1, I have Clipper version 7.12.5: it doesn't work at all. In Chrome Version 83.0.4103.116, I have Clipper version it partly works but takes forever to load.
  7. Hello, I've recently noticed that after my notes sync (between Android EN, web-EN, and Windows 10 EN), the images in several notes are resized randomly, i.e. not all images in one note, plus they are enlarged. Context: this usually happens in my art hobby notes, i.e. notes that contain lots of images with paint bottles, photos of tools, and many other images I download and store in EN for inspiration. Another context info: I don't use the web clipper for these notes because it doesn't clip blog/pinterest/instagram well, so I download/screenshot the images and then paste them into the Windows client of EN. Any ideas why this random resizing/enlarging may be happening and how to avoid it? Thanks so much!
  8. I see what you mean. Some of these options I'm already using but some not anymore (after getting back to Plus, from Premium, for reasons of cost - Plus won't search in images) Thanks!
  9. I still have the issue in Firefox. Any suggestions? Has Evernote gotten around to fixing this??
  10. Thanks for the reply and explanation. I usually want to keep the images that's why I don't do plain text copy/paste. The Web Clipper is supposed to be saving me from all the fuss of copying and pasting the various components, but sometimes what it clips has weird formatting and I want to simplify it, which then doesn't work because of the image sprawling... What do you mean by screenshots? Of the whole page? It wouldn't be searchable by EN in that case (I'm a Plus user)...
  11. Hello, I use EN desktop (308919) Public (CE Build ce-62.6.10954) on Windows 10. It's been a while (perhaps several months) that I've noticed a strange behaviour when I try to "simplify formatting" a note that I've clipped using the Web Clipper on Chrome or Firefox: if the note has any image (even a thumbnail image of the author's picture) the image overtakes the whole note, i.e. it is enlarged on top of the text! I've also noticed that it doesn't happen to all articles I clip (it seems random). Here's what I mean. The first image is from the article as clipped via Web Clipper on Chrome. The second is the same article when I select Simplify formatting. It completely messes up the note! I can't see or find the text anymore. Any ideas or suggestions? Thanks so much!!
  12. When I say Clipper stopped working, I mean it does nothing. I click on it (the extension) and it is unresponsive. I uninstalled and reinstalled it but again nothing. It works perfect in Firefox but it's still the 6.32 version there, whereas Chrome updated to 7.1 automatically and now I can't clip anything! I chatted with EN Support and they said the technical team will look into it and get back to me. I'll post updates here.
  13. Clipper entirely stopped working after the update. Don't know what to do anymore!!! Chrome Version 65.0.3325.181, Windows 7.
  14. Clipper entirely stopped working after the update to 7.1. Don't know what to do anymore!! Chrome Version 65.0.3325.181, Windows 7.
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