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Feature Request: Inserting a table within a table



It would be helpful if I can insert a table within a table. I am a student and Evernote has made note taking so much more organized. Evernote used to have this feature, however it has been disabled in updated versions of the program. If I can insert a table within another table, it will make my notes much more organized and easier to view.

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Please bring back this feature!! I fine that clipping is rather pointless without the ability to turn the information into beautiful outlines and study guides.

I have the Windows desktop application and iOS application. I loved OneNote for this feature but I like EN more...  please give me this ability in Evernote and help to complete my knowledge machine...

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Also I realized that in version 6.6 they blocked the table feature if it is to be inserted after a bullet point. I think Evernote should give users as much power over how their notes should be organized and should not delete any features that won't conflict with the running of the program.

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I am doing some math. And i really need to make tables in tables

Here is a screenshot that shows my problem

Oh i am on windows 10. sorry if this is the wrong client forum, but it should really work on both clients as well


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