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  1. I think it's always been Alt+Shift+D on Windows. For example, here's a thread from 2011 that talks about those shortcuts: https://discussion.evernote.com/topic/18735-insert-datetime-stamp-into-note-body/ For me Ctrl+Shift+D worked fine before...
  2. Ctrl + Shift + D = not date and time anymore Alt + Shift + D = date and time
  3. Thanks! I don't travel (okay, commute with subway, but not with airplane) But travel costs, and money and finance... And the blue house didn't fit my lifestyle, but in the old phone books in Sweden the health care section was blue!
  4. Syncing and moving to Samsung Galaxy S6 128GB...

  5. I've been trying to find the offer about Linkedin but since I'm Android and don't use Linkedin (I don't need more jobs) it's hard. I hope someone with an iPhone and Linkedin can help
  6. Found this page about the Evernote referral program https://help.evernote.com/hc/en-us/articles/209005427
  7. First November 05:22 in the morning!

  8. I love dotted Moleskine. Both in the Evernote Moleskine Sketchbook and in another notebook. I write, draw, calculate, just connecting the dots... (If I'm very bored ) Dotted pages is for everything. Writing on squared pages is hard (the tiny space between make my hard-write unreadable) And calculate on the lined pages is hard PS: I like your bloggpost The Nerdy Student - How I Use Evernote (thenerdystudent.blogspot.co.uk/2015/10/Evernote.html)
  9. Smart stickers - notebook (translated to English) - Tag Blue house - Healthcare Medicine - Healthcare Medicine Yellow lighting - Employee - My PA documents Orange X (I know that not a good thing) - Private note about health status - "Nightbook" In Swedish Dairy is called Dagbok (day-book) Green √ - ToDo, remember - Nightowl Blue airplane - Finance - Finance Misc Purple big house - Diary, Thoughts, personal note - 24-7
  10. Great. Right now it isn't possible to public Do Recipe.
  11. So now I'm awake, ready for a long night My Evernote in my Androids is in Swedish. My answer http://www.evernote.com/l/AQIKVKDNmrxD95MrcBKpVv3X6OZuLXUiDdA/ Hi - is this still working for you? When I click share, all I get is the stupid "work chat" share thing... I don't get the option of sharing to any apps, just e-mails/contacts. Is it still working for you guys? It works fine. Can't you find "post a link"?
  12. Hi Okay, thanks. Much better. The old versions still on the webpage above the picture "1. Download Backupery for Evernote to the computer where your Evernote application is installed." And one more thing on my whishlist: Choose where to save the backups.
  13. Yeah 2 are exactly the same... If I'm going to pay for this program I need The choose notebooks And how often Before that I have some difficulty to find it practical
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