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  1. This feature was removed recently, at v. 6 I think. I was also using it extensively for organisation and all my notes in this format cannot be edited and look like *****.
  2. I will post back here when I will be able to say more about conditions or steps to reproduce this issue.
  3. Same here with 6.07 (but this was happening since several minor versions) - typing becomes slow. The only solutions is to restart Evernote.
  4. It was discussed before that one of the features we're discussing here ("lossless resizing by dragging corner") was and is present in web version of Evernote on Firefox, because FF has that inbuilt in edit forms. You're using Webkit rendering for desktop client, which doesn't support that natively. A similar issue was present in WordPress (resizing worked in FF, but not in Webkit browsers). I just wanted to add that since WP 3.9 lossless resizing by dragging corners is also supported in Webkit browsers. I don't know how they've implemented it (maybe it's just TinyMCE 4 feature), but it as you can see certainly doable and you could take some inspiration and idea how to implement it from WP if you need some.
  5. Thanks Jeff, that works I just wanted any way to find tags in my kinda complex tags tree and this is enough. Greets!
  6. If display_size is set (img width and height attributes) then this image should be displayed at that set size, but no bigger than container height, so max width: 100%. If display_size is smaller than actual_size, then it should be possible to display actual_size (popup, new window or smth else)
  7. I checked and I don't see possibility to do 1. in Skitch.
  8. Well, I don't know what this guy is doing, but neither in my EN Windows program, nor on the EN Web can I edit and resize an image. Is he on a Mac? This works e.g. in Firefox. It doesn't work in Webkit browsers (Chrome, Safari). Don't know about other ones.
  9. +1 I'd be so helpful to be able to scale images. The image itself shouldn't be resized (so that I can open it in full size in external application), but it should be displayed in smaller scale. I can even do it in this web wysiwig editor I'm currently using to write this post. Since enex format is just xml it's enough just to add proper "width" and "height" attributes
  10. I believe it's not fixed - still in case of some more complex notes they get pasted as images...
  11. Thanks. Do you have a public trac where I can follow this issue? I couldn't find it...
  12. quick update: right now everything I try to copy-paste from Onenote to Evernote is pasted as image. The same clipboard element is easily pasted to Word as text with formatting - so strange... Onenote copy: http://cl.ly/2q413d3b0G3d1u2a2225 Word paste (editable text with formatting): http://cl.ly/001r2K3q0C0b1E3r1D0g Evernote paste (image): http://cl.ly/1m2j3T2w1D1F2G2X1O1j
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