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  1. I agree, PLEASE ADD THIS FEATURE BACK! I started organizing my notes in this way and now I can no longer keep my newer notes organized with the same formatting. Here is an example of how my notes are formatted: https://www.evernote.com/l/AQrGplZA2A5PIYY9V2leZtZabZiXKN-1mwM
  2. No need to use Skitch. You can do it all from with Evernote: 1. Click on the annotate button in the toolbar 2. In the popover that appears, click on the image you want to modify. 3. Click the crop button 4. Click the resize button 5. Drag the slider until you get the size you want. 6. Click apply. 7. Close the annotation window You now have a resized image which can be printed on a single page. This 7-step process is extremely frustrating and not efficient! I insert hundreds of pictures into my notebooks every day and have to re-size many of them using these 7 steps. A simple drag and enlarge image directly in the note would make a lot more sense. I am a premium user and thinking of switching note apps because resizing pictures this way is ridiculous.
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