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How Do You Unlock A Shared Note in Real-Time?


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Can anyone , including someone from Evernote... simply tell me how to unlock a shared note? Since the recent big update... if you are sharing a note in near real-time with someone else, ( I am a voice teacher and I give skype lessons to students and we share student folders with notes in it... )... the new update locks you out of the note, rendering it impossible to make any changes in the note... they said they did this to prevent the synching conflicts, but.... that wasn't nearly as bad as the new problem this created... now I can't share a note with my student in real-time?!


Well, that would be digestible if they had provided a way to unlock or override that feature... but apparently they have not.  Is this true? Is it actually true that they created a "lockout" feature when two people are sharing a note, that renders the note disabled for one of the users... and didn't provide a means to unlock the note or an override or a disable check  box in the preferences?  You got to be kidding me?!


So far, the only way I can get access to my students note is for my student to completely close evernote and relaunch... Does anyone know how you unlock a note after you have been locked out? 


C'mon Evernote ... creating a "lock out a user" feature when sharing a note in real-time is one thing...  but then to not provide any way to override that feature is just a huge oversize and mistake. Lock your customers out of the ability to use your product, and don't provide any easy way to unlock the note... ?  Because.... you presumed that out of MILLIONS of users, nobody is going to share a note in real-time?... You have got to be kidding me?!  


And Ill add... I am a "Pro" customer too... Im paying for a monthly service here?! 


What really is the solution here, anyone know?

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No. I never received any response.

So currently the only solution to get control over the note again, when you are sharing / collaborating on a note, is to ask the person that has control over the note to completely turn the application off. They have to shut the application off. Then the system will release their control over the note. That person then has to restart the application.

I understand that they don't want synching errors by having both people in the note at the same time. It was explained to me that this is the reason for this feature. What makes no sense what so ever and I find it egregiously careless about their customers needs is... there is absolutely NO way to release, disable, switch, toggle control back to the other person. 

You get locked out and thats it. No way to fix the situation. 

It is the biggest technical oversight I have ever seen with Evernote ... and this has been going on now for about 2 years. They still have done nothing about it. 

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9 minutes ago, jaketheripperatx said:

They said it's a feature in the works. I mean,

I understand collaboration is in the works,

but this need to shut down the app is an error to be addressed 

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This is still an issue. Kept saying the note would unlock after syncing finished, but we synced both machines several times to no avail. Closed the app of the original share and still didn't work. Had to close and open the app on the second machine before it would see it as unlocked. Definitely a big that needs to be addressed if this is going to be a productive collaboration app.

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I am still running into this problem.

No way to override a note when the other party opens it and you need to have control over the note... so frustrating. I get that you need to lock one party out to prevent synching issues, as it was once explained to me, but for pete's sake... gives us a way to take back control over the note!  An override feature... Users have to have the ability to hand control of the note back and forth to each other!

Its been a problem for about two years I think, and still they do nothing about it.

... are they even reading this forum?


There seems to be no pattern or rhyme/reason as to why... some of my students ( share notebooks with my students ), are being locked out and some are not. ALL of them show that they are sharing with me and that they DO have "edit" rights. It is NOT an issue related to user role settings. If that were the case we wouldn't even be making posts on this forum. I think we all understand that issue.

I would say about 1/4 of my students are locked out, when their user roles are set to "edit" and the system shows they are sharing. 



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No, the sharing is still unchanged.

It was communicated in the forum that the devs are currently working on a complete overhaul of the sharing. No idea if this will include a solution for this problem, either by allowing "remote control" closing or by switching to a granular structure of the notes, allowing cowering on notes.

I would prefer the later, because it could as well solve many syncing issues if only changed portions of a note would be synced.

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Same issue here.

Even worse, we have collaborative notebooks shared with several people. When any of them edits a note, it locks you out but does not state who is 'editing' the note. Message is "Someone else is editing this note". So you can't even determine who is editing it so that you can ask them to close down and restart Evernote so that you can get edit rights back!

Only option is to wait until that person restarts Evernote and/or their PC... So if they leave it on for days, you are locked out for days.

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As commented already, this is no simple "bug" and "fix". It is correct how it works today, taken the current sharing setup. It needs to lock the note for others while 1 user is editing it (or the system believes he does). When EN was launched, this was state of the art.

To change this, a complete redesign of the internal note structure, and of the syncing process is needed.

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