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  1. Just updated to the latest version (6.17.5) and also seems better for me (at least for now)!
  2. I'm STILL having the same issue - any update from Evernote on fixing this issue? I also notice it with text-only notes - larger text notes with e.g. a table and some tick boxes... 30% CPU usage. As soon as I close that note, it drops back to 2 or 3%. Please Evernote, fix this bug.
  3. Thanks - mine is already turned off, so that does not seem to be the solution, at least in my case.
  4. Unfortunately the problem is back for me as well. This is with Evernote open, but no specific notes open. Really problematic! Please Evernote, fix this...
  5. I'm holding thumbs, but it seems since the latest Evernote incremental update yesterday, the problem has gone away...
  6. I am experiencing the exact same issue - whenever I open Evernote, it starts consuming over 25% of my notebook's CPU, causing the fan to start running at high speed and making noise. As soon as I close Evernote, the CPU usage goes down and fan speed reduces. It does not seem to be caused by Evernote indexing (except if Evernote is indexing permanently), since it never stops. I do note that, as soon as I have Evernote open, the Task Manager indicates at least 7 processes running. I have version: (307881) Public (CE Build ce-53.2.6641) This is really irritating. It means I have to close Evernote and only open it when I need to use it, since otherwise the fan noise is very distracting. Anybody with any ideas on what could be causing this?
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