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  1. Do we lose the OCR searching when syncing NS2 rtf EN?
  2. How do you create an editable note in NS2? When I create the note in NS2 it is a locked note in EN?
  3. I am coming back to penulitmate-it works fine and syncs back to EN. Aside from not playing well with the Apple Pencil Im loving the way it syncs back and forth to EN. All we need is for a better interface to EN. I didn download Noteshelf2 and regret now spending the money on that app. What am I missing?
  4. The yer is 2017 and still no way to rotate a pdf
  5. Hey dt, im finding my ipadpro to be my choice lately for my work style. It seems to be able to move documents around much easier than my Mac but there are some wacky things that make me frustrated. Maybe you can help me with this one; rotating pdf's in iOS en? Can't seem to do it so I have to walk over to my Mac and do the rotation. Whacky or am I missing it?
  6. Will en allow you to view a PDF when you open the note or does it always make you 2x click to open the embedded PDF? Have you ever seen how Microsoft one note handles PDFs nit allows you to instantly start editing it without opening up which makes it incredibly useful. T
  7. I don't think you can edit a penultimate created note from within Evernote. You can annotate. The annotation edit from within each en isn't that great, it's really clunky and have you ever tried writing in it? That's awful. I have eave been trying to use penultimate more now that I have an iPad pro and pencil. I found a workaround to cataloging in en notebooks notes that were created in penultimate that I wanted to appear in their relevant notebook. You can't create or match them up from within penultimate but if you move the handwritten note from within Evernote to its relevant folder then it appears in that folder but remains in the penultimate folder where it originated. It's a bug I think but it works for moving them to the correct en notebook. so let's get penultimate working from within en and update that clunky annotate engine.
  8. Bump it up on the iPad pro and apple pen-Using EN has been frustrating as all get out. Here is what I do; 1-I collect it all in EN If I have to edit it or write I send it over to Notability which has an incredibly flexible writing canvas! Its what I would want to see in EN-when I try to edit in EN with my Pen it is unusable due to its slow response 2-Once that is finished I either archive it on my desk top or send it over to EN if there is a short term need for it. 3-I find skitch useless 4-for writing from scratch i use penultimate which is pretty sweet! I wish that access was available to put my notes directly into EN rather than via a folder in EN then to transfer. I can't wait for EN to find a better way to include apps that we use directly within EN. If I am missing something or am off base please let me know. Im open to any suggestions. Thomas
  9. I never got skitch, as much as much as I wanted to.
  10. Is scannable now unnecessary with the introduction of the new scanning functionality inside evernote?
  11. With evernote being able to edit and add symbols inside of the app is it safe to say that skitch is no longer required if using evernote?
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