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  1. I couldn't have said it or captured the problems Im experiencing better so THANK YOU!! I too am a long time user and have always thought the handwriting and annotation sucks on EN but like you I have so much in my EN that I didn't want to go through the hassle of changing so I have used other tools-Notability, Noteshelf Penultimate(an EN Product) and now am toying with Liquitext. Im almost willing to accept that EN is just a place to capture docs and type notes in but this last update was poorly executed. Once again Thank you for being more eloquent than my note.
  2. Not certain if this is the right place to note these but I want to get these rolling so you are aware of them; 1-Annotation highlights not showing up on note 2-In annotation view Pinch and scroll do not work.
  3. Lots of bugs in this last release this included. Cant navigate pinch or scroll on an iPad
  4. Have you experienced problems using the apple pen and navigating in the EN annotate mode? The two figure navigate feature seems to have gone away.
  5. Do we lose the OCR searching when syncing NS2 rtf EN?
  6. How do you create an editable note in NS2? When I create the note in NS2 it is a locked note in EN?
  7. I’ll keep noodling with it.
  8. I am coming back to penulitmate-it works fine and syncs back to EN. Aside from not playing well with the Apple Pencil Im loving the way it syncs back and forth to EN. All we need is for a better interface to EN. I didn download Noteshelf2 and regret now spending the money on that app. What am I missing?
  9. I never got skitch, as much as much as I wanted to.
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