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  1. I have the new update. Seriously? Where is the microphone that used to be up on the editor?
  2. I am still running into this problem. No way to override a note when the other party opens it and you need to have control over the note... so frustrating. I get that you need to lock one party out to prevent synching issues, as it was once explained to me, but for pete's sake... gives us a way to take back control over the note! An override feature... Users have to have the ability to hand control of the note back and forth to each other! Its been a problem for about two years I think, and still they do nothing about it. ... are they even reading this forum? And...
  3. To share the same note, right click more sharing Copy public link
  4. If I understand you correctly... Go to "notebooks". Right click for drop down menu. Select "add to folder" Select the master folder you want to add that folder to. You can only create two tiers of folders.
  5. The last version that really worked great for me with no problems was the version immediately before they introduced the pointless chat system. It was a big release. Maybe it was the last 5.x version? I think it was about 1.5 or 2 years ago. It has steadily become more and more confusing and ridiculous since then.
  6. Ok, well... I'm running a business and have other things to concern myself with. When I am prompted to update an application, I do so. As will most people. Again, to make the argument that we should all not update Evernote when it has new updates to offer, when we are all hoping that maybe, just maybe, problems will be fixed, is a ridiculous argument. Please, stop.
  7. That is not the issue... that people are not comfortable with change. I have spent 25 years in IT industry. I know technology and SaaS applications and on and on. I run and operate over 12 SaaS based systems to operate three businesses. So if you think you are debating with someone that is a techless old geezer that is frustrated with "change", your wrong. That isn't me. Who does that? Who wants to have to do that? Does anyone knowingly NOT update their applications when prompted to? "... If you don't like the new updates, after you have already installed them, you can always go back t
  8. Evernote is the world's best case study on how a company that had everything, because they developed a great product ... then utterly destroyed it and the company with pointless and stupid updates that introduced ***** that nobody wanted and ruined everything die hard fans did want. Does anyone actually use the stupid chat feature? No ! why after a year and a half is it still a mystery as to how to successfully share a folder?! Sometimes it works , sometimes it doesn't , always it has something g to do with the chat system that... nobody uses, isn't intuitive anyways and more. If i
  9. No. I never received any response. So currently the only solution to get control over the note again, when you are sharing / collaborating on a note, is to ask the person that has control over the note to completely turn the application off. They have to shut the application off. Then the system will release their control over the note. That person then has to restart the application. I understand that they don't want synching errors by having both people in the note at the same time. It was explained to me that this is the reason for this feature. What makes no sense what so ever an
  10. Can anyone , including someone from Evernote... simply tell me how to unlock a shared note? Since the recent big update... if you are sharing a note in near real-time with someone else, ( I am a voice teacher and I give skype lessons to students and we share student folders with notes in it... )... the new update locks you out of the note, rendering it impossible to make any changes in the note... they said they did this to prevent the synching conflicts, but.... that wasn't nearly as bad as the new problem this created... now I can't share a note with my student in real-time?! Well, that wo
  11. I totally agree with you... the big update they did last year ruined a lot of things... it used to be the best damn application I had. I was their biggest advocate, seriously! Now... the developed a bunch of features you don't need and disabled a bunch of things you do need... it has half the value it used to have.. .and it frick'n pisses me off. 1). You used to be able to have real-time collaboration... meaning two people could be on the note at the same time in conference and working inside the note.. but now.. they have this pain in the ass "Note Lock" feature that locks you out of the n
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