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Links turning green?

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Hi there, 


I clip a lot and save the note with simplified formatting. My links within my notes are appearing in green and not underlined. Green, of all colors!  Perhaps I'm a traditionalist but I want to see my links in blue and underlined. Can't find anywhere how to change it throughout all of my notes.


Thanks, in advance, for your help.





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Can't speak about Windows first hand, but green links are traditionally reserved for links between notes in evernote (usually beginning with evernote:/// rather than http://). These green links, where are they supposed to link to? Where do they actually lead to? 

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Thank you both for your reply.  This is puzzling then because the links are to external websites, not another note. So when I right click on the link > edit, I see the http://.  When I hover over the link, it shows an underline.  I attached a screen shot -- you can see the green and the part of the link that's underlined is where I was hovering. 


Something has definitely occurred behind the scenes because older notes that have external links are still blue/underlined.  But all recent notes are now green.

green link.pdf

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OK I'm confused.  My links are still blue in the latest version of Evernote Windows,  so it doesn't appear to be related to recent updates.  Have you restarted your computer since this happened?  Sometimes that old off-n-on again trick actually works.  Two suggestions if it doesn't -


Try using the text colour tool to change the link to blue - see if it gets the hint

Raise a support ticket (see below) - the tech guys might know a little more than us!


Good luck..  (and let us know when you solve this!)

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It's very puzzling for sure!  I have restarted my computer several times, logged out of Evernote and back in again.  I tried your suggestion about changing the color of link and believe it or not, it will not change -- it's like it's frozen in green.  Oh and for what it's worth, I was able to change the color of all of the text in the note without any problems.  Just the links being stubborn.


Going to do a support ticket and let you know the outcome. 


Thanks for your time. 

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I realize this is an old topic but I'm hoping the OP (or another user) was able to find a solution to this problem. It's been happening to me for at least the past few months but it's quite random. For instance, I just merged 3 notes and now all the external links in the merged note are green rather than blue, including e-mail addresses. The formatting for the merged note was also completely messed up, with font colors and sizes changing and some strange spacing created between each line that I can't seem to eliminate.


Is there any news on this issue?



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The use of Clearly might explain it. Of the 3 notes I merged, one was generated in Clearly. Seeing as how the formatting of the large merged note is now completely messed up, I think I'll stop using that plugin. I don't want individual notes wreaking havoc with my content like that. Deleting it now.


It's a double bummer, as the regular clipper plugin doesn't work when FF is in private browsing mode. Guess I'll have to route everything through Pocket.


Thanks for the help!

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I get green links when I use the web clipper, blue links if I copy and paste from a web page.

I'm trying to figure out how to tweak this formatting because, in addition to the green links, web clipped article paragraphs are formatted so the lines do not extend to the edge of the note, ie. the paragraphs are too narrow.


EDIT: My problem is caused by using "simplified" when clipping.  When I do this, I get this odd formatting in EN (windows) and nothing I do changes the paragraph formatting.





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Yes, I always clip using "simplified" so remove any ads, graphics and other nonsense. At this point, if this gets fixed, it will confuse me as I'm now used to the green links!  :D


Although I do not have the same issue you're having with the narrow paragraphs. 

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