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  1. thefryhole's post in Boolean filter at Home was marked as the answer   
    This works on the desktop Home filtered note widgets. Enter the search syntax into the "keywords" box and save it as a filter.
    It appears this no longer works on mobile, though. The widgets for filtered notes are empty. Not sure if EN removed the functionality, which means I'd be worried it might also go away on desktop, or if it's broken.
  2. thefryhole's post in "Is Evernote security completely safe from plain text? was marked as the answer   
    Some data held by Evernote was compromised in 2013. It appears user content was not breached but hackers did access user details. A small summary is here and a Google search returns many results. The service was also part of a phishing scheme in 2022 that primarily affected healthcare companies that still used Evernote.
    The language regarding data breach notifications is different between the consumer subscription agreement and the Teams agreement, so be sure you read everything to understand what Evernote has (and has not) committed to doing if a breach occurs. Assumptions don't hold up if something happens.
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