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(Archived) My Evernote Bucket wish list for Mac Client



1. Nested Folders for Notebooks - A Must.

2. Link notes to other notes

3. Video support -import and inline playback.

4. Star Rating and Color code rating.

5. Coverflow View mode. Like Apple's itunes or finder view.

6. Better Google Map support- importing, links and address support.

7. Larger Attachment limits. Maybe 50MB. Having problems importing large PDF files.

8. Smart Tagging, smart folders and smart Notebooks.

9. Apple Automator and Applescript support.

10. Better rich Table and Text Formatting support.

11. Custom Templates for Text, images and tables.

12. Destination or tags when you mail into evernote.

13. being able to collapse the the Notebook Header - Hello

14. Highlighting text - yellow, blue, etc

15. Custom Note Field option

16. Full Wacom Support

17. iCal Support

18. Rich Todo support

19. Password lock for the selected note and/or notebook

20. And better UI. Get a Mac UI Artist.

Thanks. P.S. Keep up the good work.

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17. iCal Support

^-------- PLEASE ADD THIS!

I'm brainstorming a way to possibly automate this.

I'm wondering if you could do something where it scans the note and possibly triggers an automator function or apple script that will auto add the data to the ical.

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Dear Evernote,

Please make my wish come true. All of the above and some more (a lot of which are OneNote features that you have failed to apply):

- Write anywhere on the page.

- Drag images anywhere on the page, as in Word and Pages - tight image wrapping I believe its called?

- Brainstorm feature within Evernote (I currently do mine in MindNode then screenshot them and drag them across)

- Drawing feature within Evernote (A simple, simple paint-type thing with your circles and your squares etc.)

- Probably my biggest issue: What the F is with this clunky, ugly formatting system. I click format and expect to see a plethora - no, a Pandora's box - of formatting options. What do I see? I see a replica of what I have above my text box. Bold, Italics etc. Baby stuff. What happened to subscript and superscript?

- Actually, no. This is my biggest issue: OCR! I hear they can't have full OCR because the engine they use in the code is a certain type that isn't full OCR. The one they use has multiple guesses at each word it sees, so when you search for 'felt' and then you search for 'delt' the same image may come up. So... Get a new engine? If its not viable because of inaccuracy, I'm fine with an OCR that rejects messy handwriting as 'unreadable' or slightly inaccurate OCR that enables you to change and therefore 'teach' it (much like facial recognition within iPhoto).


What I think is happening is that Evernote is trying to have absolute feature synchronization between all devices. I don't see a problem in having a desktop version where you can click 'brainstorm' or 'drawing' and have a pop-up where you edit your little thing. Then you close it and it saves it as a normal image. This feature doesn't need to be in mobile versions. So with images you can just double-click the thing and edit it in an integrated program just like you would do with 'Paint'.

Maybe with the brainstorming we can have a system which works like so when you open it: 1) Okay its a brainstorm. 2) Okay I can detect the different coloured branches 3) I can use OCR to detect the text within these branches (as it has been saved as a plain ol' JPEG for iPhone viewing). 4) I understand where everything is and what it is, now I can convert this information into a new brainstorm 5) The user can now add new entries and branches etc.


Evernote could be so good! I think they think 'feature-rich' and 'simple' are antonyms.

Who agrees/disagrees with my suggestions?

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14. Highlighting text - yellow, blue, etc
You can highlight text by using Apple's font dialog box. Although it may be preferable to have highlighting implemented within Evernote, the font dialog box makes it quick and easy:

1. select text

2. command-T to bring up Apple's fonts dialog box

3. click the documents color icon (fourth icon from the left)

4. select the color

Unfortunately, if you leave the colors window open and go through the procedure above a second time, it will change the color of the text instead of applying a background/highlight color. That's not a bug in Evernote--it does the same thing in other applications. The workaround is to close the color window and re-click the documents icon. (You do not have to close the fonts window.)


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Totally agree with nested folder structure (tree ... Mac, Windows, Web, whatever). I know that isn't the paradigm for Evernote (never has been) but it is one reason why for many years I used other tools. I love Evernote and think it is very useful (cross-platform rocks) but the nested folder structure is one big miss in my opinion.


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I see this discussion has not been active for some time, so I hope Evernote employees are still monitoring it.

No 1 item on my wishlist right now is integration with address book. I use Evernote mainly to type meeting notes, and I use the tag function to keep track of participants. It works OK, but gets very messy. Would be nice to be able to tag my notes based on Address Book entries. I don't use iCal for tasks, but would consider doing it if I could also sync todo's from evernote to iCal or another Mac application like "Things", which is what I use.

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Well put @apoto. This is a great list. For me the most important are 1,2, 19 and 20. EN is a great product, with awesome syncing, but UI leaves a lot to be desired, lack of sub-notebooks is troubling, its supposed substitute tagging is a mess. I definitely need better security as well.

Distraction-free editing, a la Pages or WriteRoom is another great suggestion that would be much appreciated.

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Because of hearing these things over and over in forums and elsewhere, I feel like these wishes are worthwhile features to consider adding.

• RSS Integration - Automatically pull in any content from an RSS feed. Currently this requires a third party service like xFruits. These services are flawed in that they create one email for any feeds within the hour. If Evernote integrated this directly, then they would have full control over pulling in tags, creating a note for every RSS post or any number of things.

• Support Embed Videos - Currently when making a note from a blog or webpage, all videos or interactive objects are invisible.

Since I love bookmarking videos, my blog or email is much easier to use. This feature is preventing me from using Evernote as my main repository for everything I like. I don't want to have to add a message to every note that has a video that says "hey, there used to be a cool video here...click this link to watch it". I'd much rather just watch the video right there.

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iCal Support

Rich Todo support

these things would be great!

imagine creating a tick box and having evernote ask you if you want to set a date to it, and maybe even have it send tthese out, on time, to my iphone via push notification.

Please evernote implement this feature!!!

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On my wishlist:

A ToDo Category on the sidebar a la Apple Mail's Reminders

Which will take every every ToDo you made anywhere and just display THAT, with a link to the actual item of course

just look at how Mail manages that and you will see what I mean.

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One item on my wish list:

LAN Peer-to-peer syncing......!

If I have several machines on the same LAN (which I have, funnily enough) ;) wouldn't it make sense to sync notes ACROSS the LAN if Evernote clients are detected? Instead of every single machine syncing up to "the cloud" then back down?

I also use DropBox (www.getdropbox.com) and they have this working in their offices and due out in the next update of the Dropbox client. So the technology is there.

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I've never found multipage PDFs in Evernote to be very workable. I find the search->note list->500 results in a single "note" hierarchy to be totally worthless to me. (I'm quite aware my electronics textbook contains the word "electricity", thanks EN).

That's why I split them up one note per page. But you use multipage PDFs? How do you manage the search feature?

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I have a automator script that compresses PDF files, it works fine, but it removes the table of contents in the process. The PDFs are manuals, so the table of contents is a must. Would love to try any other Automator Scripts that may help. Maybe a automator script that breaks a PDF into two documents, maybe it's the answer, not sure. I wish Evernote had a way to compress large documents or break them into two documents, then put them back together after import

Thanks. P.S. Evernote - Please give us 50MB Attachment limit.

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Regarding the importing large PDFs--I've got several Automator scripts that break up PDFs into individual pages and loads them in (often in reverse order, because I like my Evernote sort to be newest on top). Would publishing this be useful to any of you? Specifically, I've got the following scripts lying around here somewhere:

  • [*:s4y53hw7] Take a PDF, bring each page into Evernote as a seperate PDF. Evernote doesn't OCR PDFs, so this needs to be already OCRed (or like a non-image PDF that you got from the internet, etc.)
    [*:s4y53hw7] Take a PDF, bring each page into Evernote as a well-compressed JPG. Evernote will recognize these, filesize is in the range of 200-300k per image. Auto-B&W support for better compression.
    [*:s4y53hw7] Slight modification of the above that I use with my Scansnap, plays a little nicer.

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I found this list when trying to find out how to highlight text in a note....so let me add:

1. Highlight existing text (wild that this does not exist already?)

2. Increased Wacom support

3. Improve the ToDo functionality (I think OneNote had this cool feature where all your items marked as To Do's could be pulled and listed in one spot...as opposed to just all the notes that have a to do in them...I like how it extracted)

4. Support for embed codes - example: instead of a link to a YouTube video...it would be way cool to just use the embed code and be able to play it within the note...take notes around it.

5. Blog publishing

6. Distraction free mode - ability to go full screen and have only what is being written visible (MacJournal feature)

Thank you for the great product!


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