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  1. Hi there, It's been nearly two months since this breach was discovered. Could anyone from Evernote give us an update as to where things stand with security improvements? How far off is 2-factor authentication? Thank you.
  2. As others have said, this security breach just points to the urgent need for 2-factor authentication. I've been meaning to post about this for some time, but this event has definitely motivated me to do so. No, 2-factor authentication is not foolproof, but it a hell of a lot better than just a username and password, as this breach shows. I really liked the way Dropbox implemented it, using Google's Authenticator app to generate the key rather than making their own app. I suggest that Evernote does the same. That way we can use a single app to access multiple accounts.
  3. I'm seeing this as well. Pages that I clip using the latest clipper for Chrome are showing up with black boxes where embedded images are. I'm going to have to abandon it until this is fixed.
  4. I'm seeing a bug where even though there are a lot of notes tagged in a shared notebook, I'm not seeing the full list of tags in the left-hand pane. Only a subset of the tags is appearing. For example, I have one shared notebook that has notes with 10 different tags applied, but only two tags are showing up in the sidebar when that notebook is selected. Also, it seems to be impossible to tag notes in a notebook that is shared with you, though you can change the title and other attributes. This could really use some work. Not a great experience.
  5. Well, it looks like things have moved forward, and the integration has improved a great deal. I have yet to test all the new features, but it certainly looks promising.
  6. BNF - that's actually a nice workaround. Thanks for sharing that.
  7. Thanks for the link - the app looks promising, and the price point seems fair. I will probably give it a try. But seriously, Evernote, isn't a little embarrassing when third party developers have to write apps to overcome serious shortcomings in your client software - i.e. this app and FastEver for iOS? It's great you have an API developers are using, and that there are apps out there, but should we users have to spend additional money for features that really should be included in the platform? Tag management is so fundamental to the operation of Evernote, especially since we don't have full-blown folder hierarchies for notebooks. Really this is an area of the app that needs to be addressed.
  8. Awesome!! I didn't know this was possible, thank you so much for letting us know.
  9. Sorry to hear about all of these horror stories. Looks like Evernote for iOS continues its dubious track record of unreliability for note taking, and I too will forgo using it in production. I recommend Simplenote, which syncs to the cloud every few seconds, and offers true note history with the last 10 (or 30 with a premium subscription) versions backed up - based on when changes are actually made. Backing up every eight hours is of limited utility when working on writing. Simplenote premium also offers the ability to sync a text file version to Dropbox for additional redundancy. My current workflow is to use Simplenote for note-taking and writing, and then e-mail finished versions to Evernote for archiving. I wish I didn't have to use two products, but until these critical flaws are addressed, that's the way it will have to be. Evernote - it would really behoove you to come up with a better scheme for saving users' text notes on iOS. As you can see from this thread, valuable data is being lost, and it is not positive for your reputation. Every time a user loses notes they have written, that is trust that is lost in your platform. I speak from experience, having had these issues with an earlier version for iPad and I've never relied on using Evernote for iOS to take notes since.
  10. Great thought! Personally, I would have lots of uses for tables. To share just one, I have a client I'm working with, and we need to manage our advertising schedule in a shared way, so I'd love to have a table in which I can include columns for date, publication, ad content. Obviously, this needs to be dynamic. I agree - and now that it's such a major part of my workflow, I would really rather have this type of data in Evernote rather than Google Docs.
  11. I definitely hear what you're saying, Dave. It's Apples and oranges. Two Factor authentication is a tall order for a platform like Evernote (I'd be happy with a simple PIN code on my iPhone . . . still waiting on that one ) Still, I think if the small business market shouldn't be ignored. If some of the sharing issues can be ironed out, Evernote can really become a serious business tool, even without higher end security.
  12. I'd love to see this improved. Seems completely half-baked - why even have table functionality if you can't modify after the fact? This is a feature that would really help Evernote compete against Google Docs. I wanted to be able to maintain a timetable in an Evernote table, but now I'm just going to have a note with a link to a Google Doc instead.
  13. Thanks so much for the response, Phil. I saw that update early this morning and installed it. The version notes just said "bug fixes" so I wasn't sure what issues were addressed. I'll test this new version.
  14. About six months in, do we have any news about how this integration is going to be improved, based on all of the issues documented earlier in this thread? Is this still being worked on?
  15. Evernote support - any comment on this issue? This is a very serious bug, that leads to total lack of trust in using your platform to capture information on iOS. I've been burned by this bug several times, and will never trust Evernote for iOS to take notes again until there is some sort official comment about resolution of this issue. Simplenote, as previously mentioned, handles this the right way, saving/syncing your notes as you type every few seconds. Not only that, they give you access to your version history right within the app. This is much more confidence inspiring. Nearly every iOS writing app handles data management with autosave, and Evernote needs to look at these implementations, and improve Evernote for iOS. It seems to me that until your data syncs with Evernote's servers (which only happens when you save the note, which takes you back to the list, inconvenient while writing), you are totally vulnerable. Would love to hear an acknowledgement of this issue, and any potential solutions under consideration. I'd rather not use two tools (Evernote and Simplenote), but will continue to do so until this is resolved.
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