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  1. I’ve been looking for EN to add this forever and I’ve pretty much given up. so I’d love to know what others recommend as the closest Evernote alternative that offers this feature? I think I’m done with EN
  2. is this still an issue? i've noticed many such quirks in evernote and i am pretty sure they are bugs and not features. they've got a ways ahead of them before they think of selling any more cheesy backpacks.
  3. this is damn annoying but one thing i've used for years and it works with evernote too is "print selection" service that's quite easy to install on OSX. find it here http://www.schubert-it.com/free/
  4. this is damn annoying but one thing i've used for years and it works with evernote too is "print selection" service that's quite easy to install on OSX. find it here http://www.schubert-it.com/free/
  5. so Emerick has there been support for this since i currently can't print part of note or selection in evernote for mac
  6. Apologies for this bit of rant but I think it is justified: As a premium member for a long time I find Evernote support woefully disappointing. It is great that I can expect a response yet I can't remember one time when the response wasn't "delete your Evernote application and reinstall" whenever I had a problem. They really should find a better way of identifying bugs rather than have their paying users do the heavy lifting. I thought the whole idea for paying was to get priority and save time meaning I am paying for someone else to spend time making sure problems aren't there to begin with not thinking about snazzy backpacks to peddle online. Brands don't get built by branding alone (that comes naturally, eventually) but by delivering on your core promise of a tool that people need and depend on. This latest problem is that I keep getting a location prompt (see screenshot attached) on my Mac many times when I launch Evernote. I would say it happens at least once a day and sometimes more often and that's just annoying. I never deny the request as I want my notes to have location data for the most part but this is just too much.
  7. I've searched and not found this mentioned anywhere online or within the forums. It would be useful to have inline note links so that a user could select from any note in their existing notebook to link the current note/text to instead of having to go to the target note, click copy note link and then come back and paste it into the current note. I think this feature would make note links much more fluid and usable for many people and a more prominent feature than it currently is.
  8. so how about a reading mode on your Mac and iOS apps? any progress there? its annoying to be going through a note you've saved and having your pointing device mess up the text, formatting etc.
  9. in my case i am using the latest version of the mac desktop app 5.0.5 on both machines running mountain lion OSX on both as well.
  10. same problem here and i tried what you did and now its working. lets see if it sticks.
  11. I am going to add my voice to this one as well. I was just wondering how I could simply COPY TEXT on my iPad (using the system copy feature) and paste it into a Penultimate note (using the Penultimate app and not evernote) and realized that it is currently IMPOSSIBLE. Dunno but it struck me as something that should intuitively work (maybe treat the text as an image) but the workaround (clunky) is to take a good screenshot (home/power button on iOS for y'all newbs) and then paste it into Penultimate as an image. Shortfalls of this method are that you are limited to one page/screenshot at a time, etc, etc. I am sure this is coming but I wanted to commend Evernote on (finally) moving ahead in the right areas. Huge GAPING hole still: Can't highlight notes (just a plain highlight in yellow as you can do in a PDF!) in any of your iOS, Mac or other (?) apps. This would be so great for highlighting passages or works in text and, even better, searching through your highlights.
  12. would be great if Skitch could handle PDF docs for minor editing or at least import as an image, etc without having to convert that PDF first.
  13. Does anyone know where the Evernote spotlight index is now? I can't find it under: Library / Caches / Metadata / com.evernote.Evernote I am trying to force spotlight to reindex because no results show up since I upgraded my Mac to Mountain Lion.
  14. One of the cool features of some of the latest Lion and Mountain Lion OS and Apps is the reopening of windows (Safari does this pretty well as well as Mail) when the app is restarted. It would be great if Evernote had that feature for cases where a dozen or so windows were open in Evernote and the user did not want to reopen them the next time (e.g. in the case of a research project, etc). Thanks.
  15. I just clipped a webpage (blog entry) that had 14MB worth of high quality images. Even though I want to keep all the images I have no need for this high of a resolution. Is there a way to have Evernote Mac somehow downsample these images after the note has been created on my Mac (using the webclipper)? Note that even though Evernote has unlimited storage (limited bandwidth) my computer does not have the same yet (one of those new fangled SSDs to boot) and so I am wary of this problem. Thanks.
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