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  1. Hi evernote please add due date and I will send you a cake
  2. I really love evernote but one thing I'm missing is scheduling i found this http://springpadit.com it's not as nice looking as evernote but it dos have reminders, something i really need @ evernote please implement reminders so i don't need to start using springpadit
  3. iCal Support Rich Todo support these things would be great! imagine creating a tick box and having evernote ask you if you want to set a date to it, and maybe even have it send tthese out, on time, to my iphone via push notification. Please evernote implement this feature!!!
  4. i get this window --------------------------- Evernote --------------------------- Import from XML format is under development. Will be available in the following releases. Use drop of XML files onto tape to import notes. --------------------------- OK ---------------------------
  5. Yes I have the same problem. I even mailed evernote support but no answer. Please anybody?!?!
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