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  1. I agree. As Steve Jobs said, if you don't fail on occasion, you're not trying hard enough.
  2. Ratings in MAS this morning: The Average Rating for All Versions includes the 2.0 ratings. Therefore, the versions prior to 2.0 had 441 five-star ratings and 64 one-star ratings. This is the most drastic change in an app's ratings I've ever seen in MAS. (Rebelliously shot with v1.0.12 and uploaded to skitch.com.)
  3. I trashed 2.0 and brought back the old version thanks to Time Machine. I also sent a message to Evernote via Skitch > Provide Skitch Feedback. Maybe there's some hope Evernote will understand how bad this update is. They're getting trashed on Twitter. TechCrunch's article is titled "When Updates Make Things Worse: Evernote's Skitch 2.0."
  4. I just read TechCrunch's comments on the Skitch update: " Nor can you choose the file format for your screenshots anymore (it’s .png or nothing)." Evernote, you've got to be kidding. You have taken a unique, useful app and made it just like a dozen other screenshot utilities. You should have renamed it.
  5. Is there a way to change the format of the image? Mine is stuck on png. Changing it was quite easy to do with the previous version, but I haven't found out how in the new one. Capture > Menu Snapshot provides a countdown, but it is apparently triggered by pulling down a menu. The previous version allowed you to have a countdown for ANY purpose -- it wasn't limited to menus. I used it just yesterday to hover and display a tooltip before taking the shot. Now it seems to be impossible to accomplish that.
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