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  1. @gazumped: Yes, but there was no column or option for a column to display the URL. But your message caused me to explore the different view options and eventually find the solution. I looked at all five list options (Card view, Expanded Card view, etc.) in the Mac client, hoping one would display the URL. None did. The panel that provides those options also includes Sorting options. One of the sort options is to sort by the Source URL. I selected it, and the URL appeared in the toolbar, just like it used to. Even after I selected a different sort option, the URL continued to appear. I'm assuming that when an update put the Source URL back into the toolbar, it didn't automatically display in the Mac client -- at least, not for some of us. Sorting by the URL gives the client the kick in the pants it needs to display the info. Weird, but it's working.
  2. If you use our web clipper browser plug-in the original URL is saved and you'll see the URL in our toolbar. Just to be clear, the URL does not get saved in the note itself but is part of the note data and is displayed on the right side of the toolbar. If you click on it, you will be taken back to the original page. It used to display in the toolbar, but it no longer does. At least it doesn't in the Mac client on any of my Macs. It works like that in Evernote's web version. It had been deleted from the web version, but was brought back after several users requested it. Why was this function deleted from the Mac client? I have to open the info pane every time I need the original URL. Do that several times per day and you start thinking there must be something better than Evernote, especially since this function used to be present and very easy to use.
  3. From my post 4 days ago, this problem continues: I updated to 5.6 and now the blue sync icon turns constantly. After over an hour, I quit and restarted Evernote but had the same result. On a second Mac (same Evernote account) sync works as usual. Any suggestions?
  4. I updated to 5.6 and now the blue sync icon turns constantly. After over an hour, I quit and restarted Evernote but had the same result. On a second Mac (same Evernote account) sync works as usual.
  5. 10.8.4 I updated from 10.8.3 after my Aug. 3 post above. That (or something else) may have solved the problem with Evernote. It is not occurring now.
  6. I just tried that in Chrome, but no, it did not exhibit the same behavior. It worked as expected.
  7. I'm having the same problem. Is there a solution? In addition to what is mentioned above, I've found that a second pair of ⌘-tab presses will fix the focus properly. In other words: ⌘-tab to Evernote results in no focus, ⌘-tab away from Evernote, ⌘-tab back to Evernote results in focus (as in other applications on the first ⌘-tab).
  8. I agree. As Steve Jobs said, if you don't fail on occasion, you're not trying hard enough.
  9. Ratings in MAS this morning: The Average Rating for All Versions includes the 2.0 ratings. Therefore, the versions prior to 2.0 had 441 five-star ratings and 64 one-star ratings. This is the most drastic change in an app's ratings I've ever seen in MAS. (Rebelliously shot with v1.0.12 and uploaded to skitch.com.)
  10. I trashed 2.0 and brought back the old version thanks to Time Machine. I also sent a message to Evernote via Skitch > Provide Skitch Feedback. Maybe there's some hope Evernote will understand how bad this update is. They're getting trashed on Twitter. TechCrunch's article is titled "When Updates Make Things Worse: Evernote's Skitch 2.0."
  11. I just read TechCrunch's comments on the Skitch update: " Nor can you choose the file format for your screenshots anymore (it’s .png or nothing)." Evernote, you've got to be kidding. You have taken a unique, useful app and made it just like a dozen other screenshot utilities. You should have renamed it.
  12. Is there a way to change the format of the image? Mine is stuck on png. Changing it was quite easy to do with the previous version, but I haven't found out how in the new one. Capture > Menu Snapshot provides a countdown, but it is apparently triggered by pulling down a menu. The previous version allowed you to have a countdown for ANY purpose -- it wasn't limited to menus. I used it just yesterday to hover and display a tooltip before taking the shot. Now it seems to be impossible to accomplish that.
  13. Thanks. Yes, I had clicked in the note body and didn't realize the URL would be visible once I got out of edit mode.
  14. Overall, I like the new clean look a lot. But please bring the note's URL back to the note's bar instead of being an additional click away in the Show Note Info popup.
  15. I'm using 3.0.6. Mine includes Comic Sans, but not Helvetica. With such as small number of fonts offered, the selection is puzzling.
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