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  1. Problem solved. Archive and install fixed the problem.
  2. Thanks guys for the feedback, but no luck at all. The same thing happens and I checked all settings. I will keep looking into it. P.S. Maybe it's a system or permissions related problem.
  3. NO. If you import a PDF document and then try to save it out, the table of contents are stripped out. Example: I just downloaded the evernote PDF manual. I then opened it with preview and was able to to see the table of contents and search within it. After import into evernote, and previewed the PDF, you will see no table of contents, just blank. If you save it out to the desktop, and then try again, again no table of contents. P.S. I have the PDF to prove it.
  4. Jotnot and Evernote need to get together over coffee, and figure out a way to incorporate Jotnot into the iphone evernote app the mac client.
  5. WOW. I just discovered that the table of contents are stripped out on import. This really sucks. There must be Table of content list and annotation support.
  6. How do I lookup or find the table of content list for imported PDF files, I must be able to bring up a list. I can't find any menu or button that shows the table of contents. I normally use the finder. I'm importing all my service manuals. P.S. There should be a button somewhere, to show and search the Table of content list. Help.
  7. I have a automator script that compresses PDF files, it works fine, but it removes the table of contents in the process. The PDFs are manuals, so the table of contents is a must. Would love to try any other Automator Scripts that may help. Maybe a automator script that breaks a PDF into two documents, maybe it's the answer, not sure. I wish Evernote had a way to compress large documents or break them into two documents, then put them back together after import Thanks. P.S. Evernote - Please give us 50MB Attachment limit.
  8. 1. Nested Folders for Notebooks - A Must. 2. Link notes to other notes 3. Video support -import and inline playback. 4. Star Rating and Color code rating. 5. Coverflow View mode. Like Apple's itunes or finder view. 6. Better Google Map support- importing, links and address support. 7. Larger Attachment limits. Maybe 50MB. Having problems importing large PDF files. 8. Smart Tagging, smart folders and smart Notebooks. 9. Apple Automator and Applescript support. 10. Better rich Table and Text Formatting support. 11. Custom Templates for Text, images and tables. 12. Destination or tags when you mail into evernote. 13. being able to collapse the the Notebook Header - Hello 14. Highlighting text - yellow, blue, etc 15. Custom Note Field option 16. Full Wacom Support 17. iCal Support 18. Rich Todo support 19. Password lock for the selected note and/or notebook 20. And better UI. Get a Mac UI Artist. Thanks. P.S. Keep up the good work.
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