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  1. What version of Evernote are you using? Is it from the App Store or downloaded from the Evernote site?
  2. The Chrome clipper (Chrome Dev Channel, 14.0.x), is clipping the wrong content. When I am clipping a certain set of pages, I want to copy the page title (since Evernote doesn't capture it based on the page layout), then select the text to clip. Then I wan to click the clipper, and paste in the title. Simple enough. However, when I copy the title, then select the appropriate text, Evernote only clips the copied title, instead of the currently selected text. Does anyone have a workaround other than typing out the title?
  3. Also, most multi-page articles have a printer-friendly view, where most other elements are stripped from the page and all of the content is together. If not, use the other suggestions too.
  4. Prove someone wrong - 1 Easy to misuse - 1 So 50% Evernote users think stats are just to prove someone wrong, and 50% of users think stats are easy to misuse.
  5. I don't mean to be rude, but it looks like you went there first. Let's try to keep this civil. 1. Not everyone who doesn't like the changes will post in the forums (not everyone is that tech savvy, or perhaps just doesn't care enough). Therefore, the problem is larger than just the people posting in the forums. So it should not be ignored. 2. Have you considered what will happen once Evernote 3 leaves the beta track? It's not like everyone will suddenly fall in love with the interface. In fact, there could be more complaints on the forums than there are now, once it hits the majority of users (like you said, it's a small percentage that are on the beta track). 3. Consider the population in these forums. Mostly (relatively) tech-savvy users, or power-users (or both). Those are probably pretty good people to get advice from, given their understanding of UI design, functionality, and features. If anything Evernote should be counting these forums more, as these are the people willing to voice their opinion, help others, or promote the product at their own expense. 4. You're correct, people are more likely to mention a problem here than voice praise. Does that mean that there isn't a problem? No, it means that the problem gets more attention than the problems Evernote has already fixed. And that makes sense to me. 5. How did you get to your "infinitesimal" (spelling corrected from the original) number? I think it's 100% speculation and you pulled it out of nowhere, but I'd love to see your data. Clearly your title of "Evernote Evangelist" is accurate.
  6. @mymoon Wow, you're taking this very well for a Premium user (I am Premium too, and I'm pretty pissed haha). Does anybody at Evernote have an update on the Safari 5.1/Lion situation? Or have you guys stopped reading this thread (we haven't heard anything in a while)?
  7. Agreed. Evernote has done 2 things wrong with this issue: 1. Not warning users that they wouldn't be ready with an extension. This would give users appropriate time to switch to a different browser (Chrome) or at least know that they would be without the extension for a while. 2. Not being ready with an extension. Last year, Apple said that Safari would stop supporting plug-ins, and Evernote apparently tried to call their bluff or ignore the developer notes all-together. Additionally, according to Apple, Safari extensions are quite similar to Chrome extensions, and only require minor coding changes. Additionally, Evernote made the rookie PR mistake of blaming Apple for their mistakes. That doesn't own up to the fact that they've known about this issue for months and failed to do anything about it. That makes it seem as though Evernote doesn't care. At all. They have done this a few times, and I think Evernote should have a PR training class with their employees active in the forums.
  8. I can't seem to get the Favorites bar up...how do I enable it?
  9. @kpedgecomb We've already discussed that possibility, and while it technically works, it's far from a good solution. The formatting isn't right, the file size is big, viewing on iPhones/mobile is difficult, among other issues.
  10. Yes the same thing happens for me. Using Version 2.2.3 (158341).
  11. This is probably because Evernote hasn't been updated for Lion. Check out some other threads for details on other bugs/issues.
  12. I'm betting it's because Evernote doesn't like to start working on unreleased OSs until they are "Gold Master" - the Lion GM was released just 2/3 weeks ago. Evernote claims this is a resource hog and a waste of time given the lack of stability on OSs before that stage (that's up for debate). I don't have a good workaround other than to say use Chrome and the Evernote extension. It seems to be working alright. The Safari plugin is no-more (Safari 5.1 doesn't support plugins, only extensions, which Evernote should have known about for many months). I have also heard of problems with the Firefox add-on. Hopefully they'll get back on their game soon.
  13. @bencox76 I'm really glad someone pointed all of that out. I was thinking it but I didn't want to post without details. I love Evernote (I'm sure you do too), but they definitely screwed up on this one. It probably has something to do with their attitudes toward future (but unreleased) OS's. They don't start working on it until the Gold version is released (which, IMO, is a bad practice, since new OS's add a lot of features and to just begin working on it a few weeks before the release doesn't give enough time to add functionality). http://forum.evernote.com/phpbb/viewtopic.php?f=38&t=23031#p99303 That would also explain why they don't have fullscreen support enabled, why the Release Notes window changes font when looking up a work in the dictionary (double-tap three fingers), etc. I'm not a developer, but I would say that Evernote should definitely consider working on pre-release OS's before the "Gold" version (especially Mac, given that it's just a few weeks before the public release. That way, Evernote gets to have a great blog post while everyone is still Lion-crazy, and they make it look like they are using your money wisely (I am a Premium member, and I'm unimpressed that Evernote isn't fully supporting Lion yet). Sorry for getting off-subject from the Safari plugin, but I had to voice my opinion somewhere.
  14. @colinbrown Unfortunately, that is only true if you use Evernote downloaded from the website. If you have the version from the Mac App Store, Apple has banned that functionality.
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