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  1. Persistence definitely pays off. And you have the right idea…just do a few each day and you'll be done before you know it (well, you'll know when you're done, but you get the idea). If you do hit the monthly limit, you can still put new notes into Local notebooks…then you can move them when the new month comes around. They won't be OCRd until they are in Synchronized notebooks, but at least the conversion is done. Alternatively, you could switch to a Premium account for a month or two ($5/month), so that you get this whole project done faster. I would say wait until you see how many you do each day and if you do hit the limit before going Premium though. May as well be sure you need it first. Just a thought!
  2. The best method I found online (free or paid, really) is to use Preview and iPhoto… The method will be a bit time consuming, since there isn't really an easy way to do it, but with a bit of patience you will manage. If you put in let's say, 1 hour each day, you will probably hit the free account upload limit (40MB I believe) before the month. So that will probably be the bottleneck (that's just a guess though). Basically, the method (try it first once or twice to make sure it does exactly what you want (so you get proper quality and everything): 1. Open the PDF in Preview. 2. File>Print>PDF>Save PDF to iPhoto. --- this saves JPG versions of each page to a new album called "Album" 3. Drag those pictures to your Evernote note. Delete the original PDF (unless you have a reason to keep it). 4. Delete pictures from iPhoto (so you don't get confused). It will be a hassle, no doubt, but there isn't a really easy way to do this, especially when you consider keeping notes in-tact (title, tags, notebook, etc.). You may be able to write an Applescript or Automator script for part of this, but it may be easier (and more comforting) to do it yourself. After all, with that many PDFs, you will probably not be able to do them all in 1 month anyway.
  3. I am betting the PDFs are actually being OCRd…Evernote's PDF OCR tech just isn't as good (no offense Evernote). When Evernote OCRs an image, they create multiple possibilities for each word. So if you write "Lap", you may be able to search for "lap" or "lop" or "lup" or dozens of other possibilities, and they will all show up. (just an example, not necessarily true). However, PDFs are OCRd differently. They are limited to a single word, so that you can export the PDF as a "searchable" PDF - one that has been converted to text. Obviously they can't include 20 possibilities for each word in that PDF, it would just jumbled garbage. Therefore, PDF OCR is a lot harder with handwriting. To check that your notes have indeed been OCRd, right-click them and choose "Save Searchable PDF" - assuming the option is there, you might find it is jumbled nothingness…I know I have had such an experience more than once. It's less than ideal, but at least we know the issue is out there and can hopefully work around it.
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