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Syntax Highlighting?



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With XCode, copying puts a formatted representation on the clipboard which Evernote uses when pasting.


Most IDEs either natively do this or have extensions you can download such as "Copy as HTML".


Copying out of Evernote should put both the formatted and plain text versions into the clipboard.


Running Apple's sample Clipboard Viewer shows that when copied from Evernote, formatted text has about TWENTY clipboard representations including:

  • 'TEXT'
  • public.rtf
  • Apple HTML
  • compl.apple.flat-rtfd
  • com.evernote.webarchive.xhtml

 So it would be up to a receiver as to which format it deems most suitable to paste - my bet is that pasting back into an IDE will pick plain text.


I know this is not full code colouring - it doesn't react to changes you make within Evernote. But, it's not a bad starting point for code snippets.

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We are a web agency and we would like to collect all of our (code)ideas in evernote. Do you plan to integrate syntax highlighting in evernote business? That would be awesome!


@soma - This is not an elegant solution - but you can copy + paste from eclipse with all syntax highlighting copying over with relative ease. Additionally, copying back into eclipse works fine as well (read indents are kept). And I'm going to spare you over-explaining the benefits of perspectives in eclipse. ;)


Happy to discuss your specific use case to see if I can tailor my response/suggestion. 




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 +4 PLEASE add this feature, my 4 person team and I would benefit greatly by some syntax highlighting or even a box to put the code in that is formatted differently. As web programmers, we use evernote to share code examples etc.



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+1 For syntax highlighting! 


It wasn't until I had to deal with organizing code snippets that I even considered Evernote... syntax highlighting coupled with markdown support would be a SLAM-DUNK on Evernote's track  record.

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I would like to support this request. For me, code highlighting is the most missed feature in evernote. I use evernote constantly to collect codesnippets... but it is very frustrating to manually select a mono-typeface in order to have at least some kind of acceptable code-look...

Why not indroducing a kind of "insert Code"-Button like most wysiwyg-editors feature? One could then paste the code, select the programming-language, press OK and have it displayed in a special block.

I'm thinking about something like these:



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