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  1. How about expanding on this idea and have a mode where my notes could be entered in Markdown and use github style code fences...
  2. Wow, this conversation has degenerated. Let's keep focused on communicating our use cases, not debating which use case is better. I know for myself, I am comfortable with the EN4 interface, in fact, the web interface still groups notebooks like EN4. I have not checked the tag operation. My suggestion is this. By default, leave the notebooks mixed up, however add the icon next to the notebook to show what type it is. The "Jump to notebook" does this so it already represents a solution for the problem seen by a developer at some point. Bravo! Then, allow me to set a parameter to revert to grouping notebooks by type. ie. Personal, Business, Shared, etc. As for the tags... Just go back to the way it was. What ever notebook is active, those are the tags that are displayed and have the total number of notes. If Evernote people really want mixed tags, then at the very least, when I uncheck "Show Unassigned Tags", don't display the tag if it is not used in the current notebook. That would give users options. Heather, thank you for the link to that post. That does seem to at least mitigate some of the notebook issues. Now onto the tags! Cheers!
  3. I am voicing my concern as well for having personal and business notebooks intermingled. The notebooks could be taken care of by us renaming them so they could group together. My larger concern is for the tags being mixed. I have a certain taxonomy that works for me however it is crowded with noise from business and shared notebooks. I cannot expect everyone to have the same rigor with tagging and what notebook information is placed into. As this point I have advised our 30 business users to not upgrade to version 5 of the windows client.
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