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  1. @escapist - thanks for the hint; but on my Evernote-clipper imported web snippets, that trick doesn't work :-( So overall: No way to fix line spacing issues in Evernote on OSX - now five years later...
  2. So this is one month later, I'm using Evernote Web Clipper 6.10.2, updated today. Yet, both the problems reported on day one of this thread, over a month ago now, are still there: Evernote Web Clipper does not log in automatically and I have to look up the password manually (!) in my Password Manager each time I restart Firefox Evernote Web Clipper opens a new tab each time I restart Firefox with a "Quick start" guide and video Both problems started with this new clipper, got released without proper "real-life testing" - and apparently no support (one month, c'mon guys?). In the mean time, I have been trying Microsoft's OneNote and can recommend a switch as the only viable solution I've found.
  3. @Software Marcus While I still prefer to disagree about the "right" way here, I guess that is common across the OSX application landscape (for example, I realized here that only "my" Firefox scales fonts but not images with CMD-[+/-], while Chrome and Safari do not...), so I can understand your argument. Plus, if your A/B testing team has determined it is the greater portion of your paying pro users that is "happier" with this change, there is little to be argued here, anyway. For now, I guess I'll just need to see how this change plays out for me on the long term. Changes to Evernote are very important to me, as it is a vital part of my digital life - and I certainly am looking forward to the long-awaited code-block feature! However, I certainly appreciate the time you took to explain Evernote's viewpoint here. And all the best on your new endeavors!
  4. Just because one program that isn't native to the Mac platform does not follow the Apple standard ("Oh, look, Microsoft doesn't follow Apple's UI design guidelines - how odd...") does not seem like a good reason to follow their lead. Even if it is MS Word. I at least don't even have any Office products because I think Pages and Keynote certainly produce more professional results at each of those use-cases (and Spreadsheets suck most of the time, anyway; as a matter of fact), they come for free with the OS, while MS licenses are chillingly expensive. As to Google Docs, that is not an app, just a webpage, so I also don't care about that. And I don't care if Photoshop/Safari/... zooms with CMD-Plus or whatever. May I gently remind you that the use case of Evernote is (was?) taking notes, at least for me? So instead of discussing apps and things that do not have text editing functionality, take a look at cases that matter: apps with text editing functionality, where CMD-plus/minus does changes actual font sizes; Most of them follow this functionality (in alphabetic order, highlighting native apps in red): Adium, Mail, Keynote, Numbers, Messages, Notes, Pages, TextEdit, Stickies. And here are the ones that do not: Evernote, MS Word. Second, OSX has zoom built in (Sys Preferences -> Accessibility -> Zoom), so its not even a "new" feature for Mac users. Overall, the conclusion is therefore that you are only duplicating behavior that is there already while you are disabling behavior that is native to the platform.
  5. @Adjusting that is not quite correct. All apps that have WYSIWYG text editor functionality not only zoom, but also change the actual size of the text. Which I believe is extremely intuitive if compared to the Windoze way and even if you guys apparently think it isn't, most OSX users will have grown accustomed to that fact. So this change is non-sensical and poorly thought through, to me in any case.
  6. @ziru - so according to your post you are saying, Evernote decided to violate the OSX convention because "it feels better"? No comment...
  7. Some more apps that use the [CMD]-[+/-] key-combo to change the font size on OSX: Adium Firefox Chrome Pages Numbers MacVim Terminal Slack Keynote Messages Notes Stickies PyCharm IntelliJ RStudio Xcode ... I.e., this "one new feature" in 6.5 is really strange, to say the least.
  8. Apple's OSX UI/UX use the key-combo [CMD]-[-] and [CMD]-[+] everywhere and universally to change font size. I use this key-combo a lot, several times a day, in Evernote, Mail, and other apps. Can you explain to me why changing this combo and swimming against the entire ecosystem of Mac Apps is a good idea?
  9. Yes, I've seen and found that much. But the problem is, the chat "feature" forces me to place an email address there and send some peculiar message I am not interested in. All I wanted to do is copy the public URL of the notebook to my clipboard, but doing that one simple thing does not seem possible with this "chat" interface. Instead, I had to go to the web interface to get a copy of the URL.
  10. FYI: I can still get to the notebook URL on the web interface, but having to go there just to get it is still not very user-friendly. I do hope Evernote will back off from this idea - I am a paying power-user and not having public URLs for my notebooks and notes would be a major game-changer. And, getting to the public Notebook URL from within Evernote should be made possible (or at least be made more obvious, like on the web interface).
  11. Is this still the case? I at least cannot share my notebook from my client (OSX) with a public URL! This is very anoying indeed!
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