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  1. As others have, I too by now have moved on to Joplin for a few months. Not perfect, but much better to use than this new Evernote client on Electron that eternally hangs.
  2. That reminds me of another reason why I am still using the EN Legacy app: When I create new notes, EN 10.x sometimes hangs and the new note does not become "available" (stays a white sheet, with no title and text field). As I typically am in a hurry when using Evernote to take notes "in realtime", having EN hang on new notes is a total deal-breaker. Last tested and encountered on EN 10.5.7.
  3. I tried Joplin, too - but stopped when I realized it has no trash bin. While rarely used, that feature is critical to me when deleting notes accidentally. But other than that, Joplin seems the best replacement option so far.
  4. Still not working in 10.5.7 - we still need to keep using Legacy.
  5. Bump +1 Just wanted to relabel a bunch of notes I had searched for and could not. My 10 minutes of trying 10.4.x are over, back to legacy again and waiting for a working, fully featured EN 10.x... :(
  6. I am also unhappy with the 10.x release so far (and was one of the first to complain here, see top). To me, there only is one realistic alternative, OneNote that can offer all of Evernote's most important functionality (vs. Apple Notes, Nimbus, Notion, Bear, etc. that all fall short): MUST HAVE: working and effective search across both headlines and content (weird how many apps fall short here!) quick note taking for meetings with action items and reminders web clipping and editing clipped content scanning & OCR of documents with my phone camera into my collection
  7. Update: today, I had to fallback to the 7.x legacy version because 10.x did not sync. I agree, EN 10.x is a beta product at best right now.
  8. Thanks; Spent a 1/2 h trying to figure out how... Looking forward to this, as it will make templates finally useful to me. I typically need to create notes in a huge hurry, so picking templates from the "template" button in an empty note has never been very useful to me. But having the ability to create a tailored todo list, meeting note, or annotated code snippet on the fly would be great.
  9. How can you edit the list of templates in the New Note drop-down? In particular, I would like to remove all templates (except Blank Note) shown there and instead have 2-3 of my own templates show up, instead.
  10. If of any help, lag has been getting a bit better for me, since I posted. It is now good enough to not fall back to the legacy version (7.x), but I hope improvements can be made in the future. Please keep those updates coming!
  11. Doh, sorry, wrong channel, this is iOS, I am complaining about the Mac version (but getting worried that this will happen to my iOS app soon, too, if they update...)
  12. Dear Evernote Team, thank you for continuing to evolve my potentially most cherished piece of software. However, the new v10 I just installed is annoyingly hard to use, because all interactions are so slow: Clicking on anything is no longer snappy like in typical desktop apps, but rather a slow and laggy experience, and I see the dreaded spinning wheel everywhere, e.g., just by switching between notes. Luckily we can roll back to the v7 client for now, but I hope this can be solved and the UI made fluid and usable, as this version of Evernote is, I am sorry to say, 100% unusable to me. Looking
  13. I find the wasted space in the header of the desktop UI even more aggravating. But yes, overall, the wasted space all over in the latest Evernote UI (since 2018 or so and "growing'?) is a big nuisance to me, too.
  14. It actually gets worse when you search for anything. This indeed has been annoying me for years, too. I am pushing the list view viewport up and down the whole time because the header wastes so much space. I would love to see at the very least a "compact header" option, or in fact, just fixing this waste.
  15. @escapist - thanks for the hint; but on my Evernote-clipper imported web snippets, that trick doesn't work :-( So overall: No way to fix line spacing issues in Evernote on OSX - now five years later...
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