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  1. Hi All- I have EN installed on Windows 8.1 and Mac Yosemite. Windows EN is showing all my tags and correct setup. The Web EN version and Mac EN version are not showing all the tags from EN Windows. (They are showing the same tags between Mac and Web) Has anyone else encountered this? I have signed out of EN for Windows, Mac and Web and re-signed back in. This did not correct the problem. I have verified that each instance of EN is syncing, according to the "successfully complete" sync message. I have two concerns: 1) I don't want to lose my tag setup on my windows machine. It's the correct format I wish to use. 2) Why is EN for Web and my Mac not capturing all the tags from EN Windows? There are two images attached. The image that shows "2015 Completed" tag is EN Windows. The image that is missing "2015 Completed" is EN for Mac. Thank you for your help.
  2. Here is a quick update after two days of use with the Adonit Jot script Evernote edition. There was a small learning curve to work out my writing style. Once I figured this out I was off to the races. I've taken over 30pages of notes so far and enjoy it very much. I expect to be fully paperless in about a month. My biggest issue is remembering to charge my ipad each day. I've had no issues with scratching of my screen. I do use a Ipad screen protector but nothing fancy. I've read the above posts and the issues they have had. So far, my experience is quite the opposite. To clarify, I am using the Adonit Jot Script Evenote Edition. The Evernote edition pen is endorsed, that is a good indicator it will work as advertised and so far it has. Thanks All.
  3. Can any adonit jot script be used with evernote/penultimate or is the EN branded version required?
  4. Very, Very, Very cool idea CaptainTime. I'm also a musician and never considered this until now. Wow, I'm looking forward to deleting all the text files I have and moving them to EN. Thank you for sharing.
  5. Hi there: Do you have sync Shortcuts selected? This would still cause a sync of shortcut data "I think." Are you sure it is syncing and not just auto checking for updates? Those questions may be redundant but you never know.
  6. Digex- What platform are you using? Here is how I currently use syncing on multiple platforms. 1) When I update and sync notes on either my Mac or Windows Evernote: I open the Evernote Application on my Iphone 5, my notes are synced immediately. 2) When I update notes from my Windows Client or Iphone 5. I open up Evernote on my Mac and they are automatically syncd. 3) When I update notes on my Mac client or Iphone5: I open my Windows Evernote Client and it DOES NOT automatically Sync. Here is my workaround. I leave Evernote Open on my Desktop (or at least running while my system is locked) and have Evernote automatically sync every 15min.On the windows Evernote client you can go to Tools --> Options. There is a tab called Sync. It has some nifty options there.I realize that solution number 3 does not directly solve your problem; however, it does offer a reliable solution if you want your computer application syncd every 15min. You can always click the "Sync" button on any of the Evernote applications listed above and have them sync immediately (you need to have an active data connection).
  7. MarkBooks- You can BCC: your Evernote email address and your email will be added to your default notebook. Doing this ensures that other email recipients don't see your Evernote email address. The title of the note will be the email subject and the body of your note will be your email body.
  8. In outlook when you "reply to" a message or "reply all" to a message, it captures who the email was from and who the email was to, including CC fields. If you add new emails in the cc: or message field, it would not capture the added recipients information. I'm not familiar with Zimbra email. You may want to inquire on their website or support number regarding capturing email headers in a reply. I actually did a lot of searching this weekend to find any sort of workaround, for any client, and had no luck. Headers where hidden to remove exactly the type of information you want to capture, among other reasons. It's a bit of a catch 22. You can always copy and paste your clients emails at the bottom of your response. You could update your signature to look like this so it's not as obvious. After "email recipients" you can then copy and paste each persons email. It's not perfect. It should only add 10 seconds or so to each email and you now have a system that meets your needs. Hopefully Zimbra can help you further.
  9. I've thought about this quite a lot this weekend. Maybe we are over complicating the solution. What email client do you use? All you really want to do is capture email addresses and the content of the message, correct?
  10. I found these videos very helpful and I use most of these methods now. http://www.afterthebook.com/how-to-use-evernote-for-gtd-videos/
  11. That's a neat App. Thank you for the suggestion ebusinesstutor.
  12. Here is a nifty help page to get you updated on syncing EN on your Mac. http://evernote.com/evernote/guide/mac/#4 You can also verify that the sync worked by checking your smart phone app before leaving your home or office. It took me about a week before I became comfortable about syncing notes and really started trusting the system. That's not a knock on EN. I'm just that way about new applications I use.
  13. Great share gazumped! I just installed it on my iPad and unlocked the Pro version for life! If anyone else is interested, make sure you install the free version. It will then have a link to get Pro activated. If you don't install the free version, it will charge you. This APP costs $4.95 per month or $50.00 per year, per their website. Take advantage of the free lifetime promotion if you have any use for this type of application. Following them on twitter and liking them on Facebook is a wonderful trade off for getting Free lifetime access. Thanks again for sharing gazumped!
  14. Bravo for the IOS App. It's a great crossover from my work PC to my home Mac. It really is a great APP for Iphone and the IPad. Does anyone else find it cumbersome that the voice recorder button is right next to the note info button when viewing a note on the Iphone?I review note info quite often on notes and I can't tell you the amount of times I've hit the recorder button by accident. It would be nice if it was in a differnt area on the note menu or a bit more space added between the icons.
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