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  1. Just reporting same thing. EN would start and then immediately crash. So I uninstalled.
  2. I created a public note today and tested the URL, and a popup/overlay appeared right over my note (see attachment). Is there a way to disable this? I just want to share my note with the world, not invite people to sign up for Evernote.
  3. +1 for a code button/keyboard shortcut of some kind; syntax highlighting would be nice if possible
  4. +1 I'm starting to save code snippets more and more these days, and already use EN for many other things (as the post author)
  5. +1 to making Helvetica Neue Light available as a font
  6. Hi, feature request of a size option to allow for smaller inline attachment icons. To save vertical space I often like to have them in the same line as the text; it would be nice to be able to maintain the same line height throughout the note to avoid a disjointed note. Attached a crude example of what this might look like scaled down from the current look.
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