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  1. +1 For this feature. I am able to change the background color of every other single program I am using, except evernote. I have 3 monitors, and it's nice to have all 3 of them dark at night so I don't blind myself., and of all programs, evernote is the one which refuses to darken down a bit to be easier on the eyes. Update: I realize now that what I want, more specifically, is the ability to change the theme color of evernote, not individual note background colors. That might be a cool whistle to add later on, but it's the theme I am talking about. Much like IDEs allow you to change color theme. See this thread: https://discussion.evernote.com/topic/45681-please-dark-theme/
  2. Evernote is a great product, but I think better suited for implementing GTD would be Gqueues. I have been using gqueues for 2 years and have been utilizing GTD methodology as well with it. It took me less than an hour to implement GTD in gqueues after seeing the below video. Gqueues also allows for subtasks, which is important for composite tasks and complex projects. Check out this video and see if you can't implement GTD in gqueues as quickly as I did https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=2Y3Ybh60-2Y
  3. Appreciate the post; it just seems that Evernote's efforts on its flagship product are being diluted with their efforts on all of their other products: http://evernote.com/products/
  4. I replied on this post some time ago. Time has passed and, unfortunately, I must bid farewell to Evernote. Please understand: People who use evernote have a motivating REASON behind why they sought out a dedicated platform for organizing their notes. These needs are complex. If evernote tries to cater to "everyone" to increase their market share, they will gain a plethora of random, inconsistent users. Or, they can cater to the customer base that was their inspiration in the first place. These people will never leave them if provided a note-taking application that is truly comprehensive. I was going to pay for evernote premium, but now I can no longer wait on a company who has complete disregard for the needs of an avid taker of notes. Now instead, I use Sublime Text 2 for taking my notes. All of my notes are in text format. Sublime Text has excellent search functionality and is NOT subscription-based. With sublime text I get all the syntax highlighting I want including a way to view markdown in a browser. Sorry evernote, you've lost a customer. I am not just one. There are many out there like me who cannot use your service because you're making the same mistake Microsoft did. You're trying to be everything for everyone, thus diluting the power of your original platform. You're model is ever shifting from lean to bloated. Your strategic planning needs to incorporate the understanding that a market base can support your business if you understand that market and cater to it. But you, like Microsoft and Windows 8, have completely disregarded the signs of the market and needs of your users. Some individual might say that evernote is doing their best with the features of the Trunk. You know what the evernote Trunk is? It's an assortment of appendages to a weak base. Sure, have fun with the add-on products, but NOT before you really have a flagship core that is rock solid DYNAMITE for the avid note-taker! Only then can you comfortably branch out and cater to business individuals seeking a conferencing service... people who want an easy way to send their invoices to evernote... and people who want to obsessively record where they are each second of every day, etc... These are excellent apps and functions, but without the core, they fall over IMHO.
  5. +1 For syntax highlighting! It wasn't until I had to deal with organizing code snippets that I even considered Evernote... syntax highlighting coupled with markdown support would be a SLAM-DUNK on Evernote's track record.
  6. Somewhere in the same vicinity as the support for LaTex and for an Esperanto version, I'd guess. I would hope that Markdown was a little higher on the priority list than LaTex. Seems to me that Markdown has a broader user base due to it's simplicity and spectrum of application. +1 for markdown integration in evernote!!
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