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For Kindle users, free today at the Amazon Store: The Evernote Bible

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An Amazon Deal of the Day: The Evernote Bible - The Guide to Everything Evernote, Including: Tips, Uses, and Evernote Essentials

It's not an official Evernote publication, 5 reviews of 5 stars. Have downloaded, will check it out later on.

It is always nice to have publications on how to use Evernote, and I appreciate the time and effort that must have gone into writing it. However, despite it's relatively high cost, Brett Kelly's book remains a significantly better investment of a user's time.

For example, Evernote aficionados will be dismayed to see that the "cheat sheet" provided by the author (a link to it is here http://techta.co/wp-...Cheat-Sheet.pdf) is wrong. The explanation of the advanced search grammar using "author" would not work, because the operand will not search for two words separated by a space. It's not so much that it is out of date as it is wrong in places, vague in others, and replicates work that has already been done by Brett and others at a higher level.

OK. It is free :) But, I do hope the author will consider rewriting it and improving on it in the future. Obviously, the author (Brandon Collins) has the skill to write well and is familiar with the Windows interface (disappointing that he is unaware of the Vertical List View, though). He also managed to get permission from Evernote to use the Evernote logo on the cover, so it looks like he has the support of the company. I think this is a good first effort, but not enough for five stars, in my opinion.

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Nice this one is free but I won't be downloading it: Books take up space and make clutter so I get them if I want them. Unless someone tells me there are some gems in there I think I can live without it.

Well. It is free, and very small :)

I don't know if there is anything that might be of use to you, but he does discuss CRM and some other less "*****" stuff that people usually don't write about in guides for use.

[EDIT:] Seriously? Is s-e-x-y a bad word? Maybe so, but the New York Times prints it, so I think the cat is out of the bag.

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@May: agreed. Some basic, common-sense starting info in the first couple of chapters (as far as I have gotten).

Noticed a couple of typos, and the puzzling claim that you can share tags (in chapter 3). I don't know how to do this -- did I miss something along the line?

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CRM bit is a bit daft to be honest!

If you have dozens or maybe even 1-200 contacts/customers then it might, at a push be of some use. But if, like me you have many thousands and in my case about 15,000 then it would make Evernote too unwieldy!



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