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  1. Can't find process to merge my notes? I'm sure it is a simple combination of key strokes but not able to make it work . . . any suggestions?
  2. Sorry about the bold, since my eyes are getting dim I must feel that everyone else has the same problem. Many thanks for your suggestion . . . uninstalled and reinstalled Evernote Web Clipper 5.9.1 then rebooted PC and Firefox but nothing has changed. Since it is clipping the material and is showing up in Evernote it is not a major concern and I shall just enjoy all of the other benefits of the Evernote. Thanks again for your help. Just Plain Bill
  3. When I clip a page viewed on my PC in Windows>Firefox the drop down menu that usually allows me to edit, tag, etc is empty and the message: "There are no notes to show" comes up even though the item has actually been clipped and is visable when I sync inside of the application. Really miss this handy feature . . . anyone else have this experience and have a fix? Just Plain Bill
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