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  1. Editorial is probably better, I'm not using it because I haven't tried it yet
  2. I streamlined the process of copying local note link even more. I don't even need to switch to Drafts, I can convert external note link to local note link right from Evernote app. This requires a jailbreak though. Here's an example: Pretty cool, huh?
  3. Automated the process more details in the video description or here http://discussion.evernote.com/topic/39792-cant-create-note-links-in-en-ios-clients/#entry222701
  4. I automated the process of converting external note link to internal note link with Drafts and Pythonista Here's an example of how it works: All I have to do is: Copy Note link in Evernote Paste it in Drafts and select my custom action The note link is automatically converted and copied to clipboard Here's how to set it up You will need Drafts and Pythonista apps. In Drafts you will need to create this custom URL Action: In Pythonista you will need to create this script and name it as “internal evernote note link”: Check how your own evernote note links look and tweak the script accordinglyYo
  5. I'm interested in this too...
  6. I've made a quick tutorial on how to do it on iPad: It's not hard once you know how to do it.
  7. there is (sort of) http://discussion.evernote.com/topic/40001-ios-54-note-links-feature-completion-request/?view=getnewpost
  8. Cool, it works Would be better of course if there was simply an option to copy an internal link... One issue though - when you follow an internal link to a note - this note doesn't appear in recent notes. It's like it was never opened. Edit: seems to be fixed now.
  9. You can generate and use links to Notebooks, Tags, Searches and pretty much anything on iOS in Clever though.
  10. @danielegold, great points. I really like this advice. The system should be designed based in your particular needs instead of just around some specific app. Basically you're kind of suggesting to apply the Natural Planning model to design the system, i.e. "what's the successful outcome?", "what do I need from my system?", etc. This makes perfect sense and applies to designing anything actually, not just GTD. I also think that the real issue in this case is managing GTD completely on a tablet/mobile(not desktop) in the quickest and most efficient way possible with as little taps and as little
  11. i attached the script here http://dl.dropbox.com/u/11708186/export%20tags.vbs you need to "save as" this file somewhere. or just copy/paste it to a text editor and save it as .vbs file (not .txt) the easiest way to use it would be to export all your notes as a single .html file named as "evernote.html" (make sure "tags" are enabled in export options) to "C:\" and then run the script. You will get all your tags in a "tags.txt" which would also be created in "C:\" (root of drive C). if you want to load/save files to a different location then edit the first 2 lines of the script with any text edi
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