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  1. Evernote is the only thing worth paying for ...
  2. Editorial is probably better, I'm not using it because I haven't tried it yet
  3. Sure, but that's not an issue in my case. Increasing monthly limit shouldn't slow Evernote down. I already upload tonnes of photos and (just started) videos per month and have over 20,000 notes and there's no problem. I use Evernote 99% of the time on iPad though and the search works differently than on desktop. Heck, I don't even store most of the attachments (photos and videos) locally in offline Notebooks just to save local storage space on iPad. If you have performance issues on a desktop that's a totally different problem in my view. I agree... Photos need to be indexed via Evernote servers but videos are just unindexed attachments. If anything I'd imagine storing lots of long pdfs and ebooks should slow Evernote search a lot more. Small size but lots of text. I think they even limit up to which point pdf and epub files are indexed. With videos or some other file attachments there's no such problem because search doesn't need to crawl through them.
  4. I streamlined the process of copying local note link even more. I don't even need to switch to Drafts, I can convert external note link to local note link right from Evernote app. This requires a jailbreak though. Here's an example: Pretty cool, huh?
  5. Which would take only 766 years to reach at a rate of 1gb per month Doubt I'll live that long but who knows... Overall space limit is not the issue, the relevant issue is monthly limit and having to pay $5 per each 1gb.
  6. Also Yahoo has redesigned its Flickr photo-sharing service, offering users up to 1TB of storage without a fee. http://www.bbc.co.uk/news/technology-22608122 That's pretty impressive. I think as technology improves it's not unreasonable to expect more space so I'm just wondering if it's going to happen any time soon in Evernote. I know there's no real answer, I'm just throwing it out there. If they do increase space limits that'd be pretty cool, if they don't I'll just have to pay more for it :/ (a good thing for Evernote though lol ... Or is it?)
  7. I consider video and photos to be very important things to store as memories. So why not? The main appeal of Evernote is that everything is there.Also when google glass come out and people start sending videos to Evernote and start running into space limits, more space would be pretty usefull. Yeah, you could store photos and videos elsewhere, that's what I used to do until I figured out a very cool workflow that alows me to store and organize them in Evernote conveniently. Now that I store videos and photos in Evernote (along with everything else) it made it easier to access them from any device and also made Evernote a hell of a lot more valuable to me overall.
  8. Since I started adding my personal videos to Evernote I would really like to have a bit more space. Even though I compress those videos quite a lot, e.g. from around 800mb I manage to compress it to 30mb and it's so convenient to store them in Evernote. I have most of my life now documented in Evernote. I know you can buy 1gb more but I really would like to have at least 3gb per month and paying 15$ every month is kind of expensive. It's not like I occasionally need more space, I really need at least 3gb each month consistently. Of course the more the better because then I could save reasonably high quality videos (720p instead of 360p). I'm just wondering if there's any chance we will get more space in near future. What do you think? Do you guys ever run into space issues? (1gb used to be enough for me until I started adding videos)
  9. Automated the process more details in the video description or here http://discussion.evernote.com/topic/39792-cant-create-note-links-in-en-ios-clients/#entry222701
  10. I automated the process of converting external note link to internal note link with Drafts and Pythonista Here's an example of how it works: All I have to do is: Copy Note link in Evernote Paste it in Drafts and select my custom action The note link is automatically converted and copied to clipboard Here's how to set it up You will need Drafts and Pythonista apps. In Drafts you will need to create this custom URL Action: In Pythonista you will need to create this script and name it as “internal evernote note link”: Check how your own evernote note links look and tweak the script accordinglyYou will need to replace “shard/s45/sh" with whatever is in your own external link that evernote generates, “s45” might be different for you. And in “evernote:///view/4444444/s45/” Replace “4444444/s45/” with whatever is in your own internal note link (create one on the desktop and check if needed)
  11. I'm interested in this too...
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