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  1. Hi bobebo67, Thanks for coming back. I have just checked on my MacBookPro and like you I cannot see the title when I go to pdf preview. There is obviously something different with my iMac. I am away from home for the week, so cannot check why this is. However, it may be because I have a pdf writer on the iMac, or the fact that the MBP is an older one with an older OS. Hopefully Evernote will solve the problem soon. Regards Chris
  2. Hi bobebo67, Thanks for trying it. Can you explain what is exactly happening? The creation of a pdf seems to show the title and when you print from the pdf, it will obviously print what is on display. Are you seeing the title when click on pdf? Regards Chris
  3. Hi all, For those still suffering and until it gets sorted here is a workaround. When you go to print, select pdf at the bottom of the window. Print from here and your title will be there. Hope this helps. Regards Chris
  4. That's the one! Got to be pleased with how quickly they sorted that out. Chris
  5. Hi All, Good news if you experience this problem. Tech support have given me an update that has sorted this bug out. I guess it will be in the normal version at next update. Well done Evernote for sorting it fairly quickly. Regards Chris
  6. Ticket number 1816360 Chris
  7. Hi, Just to make things even weirder, I have logged into my Evernote on the iMac and I have full access! Still no access on the Windows desktop app. Regards Chris
  8. Hi again, This is turning into a nightmare! Now one of the Notebooks I started has locked me out. I cannot edit it. I have been on line and I am down as the originator of the Notebook and it says I have full rights to edit. But on the desktop I cannot add anything! Still nothing back from the ticket I raised and still no ticket number! Supposed to get priority with being a Business! Come on Evernote. Regards Chris
  9. Hi All, I have the answer! It doesn't make sense, but at least you will know what to do if it happens to you! The answer was to create a new Note inside the troublesome Notebook, so it now has two Notes. The 'lock' which was shown in the top right cleared the moment I created the new Note. Best regards Chris
  10. Hi All, Well the problem with the new Note not accepting attachments maybe solved! I created a new Note, rather than sending from an email directly and then put the attachments in it. Will have to see if emails cause the same problem or if it was with this specific one. Regards Chris
  11. Hi All, Just in case anyone else is having the same issue, I have sent a report to Evernote about the following: We have three Business Users and a one specific Notebook and single Note which has full edit ability for everyone in the business locks for one user. I have re-created the Notebook and Note from each user and the same happens on the one users computer. Strangely they have full access and edit ability on the web! I have also just experienced another problem which is when I create a new Note either by sending an email with attachment or create a Note and try to put an attachment in, the attachment won't go into the Note. For the record and for those who don't know me, we were one of the first Evernote Business users and have a lot of experience. So, I have deleted the one users Evernote completely and re-installed it and it still would not work. If anyone gets the answer before me, please let all of us know. I will do the same when I find out. Best regards Chris
  12. Hi Krunoslav, The way I look at software is probably different from most folks. It is based around how I used to sell quality control software to the automotive industry. Typically two floppy discs - yes it was that long ago - would cost £25,0000 or about $33,000. Customers would ask for a feature that was not there and I would explain they could have it, but the change would cost about $250,000! Of course they would be shocked and I explained how doing one change for them could become expensive. The alternative is to work within the limitations of the software. This is something I have continued throughout my life. With regards to your problem, I also found myself preferring to sort by the 'change' date, but saw, as you did, that this caused me a problem. Hence I changed to the 'create' date. Sometimes I change it to title. For example we are scanning in over 20 years worth of order files in my company. But it is easier to scan them as the folders get dug out of the archives, rather than finding the older ones. This means that my normal method of sorting by date created will mean they are not in the order file date order. So when I need, for whatever reason to look at them in the date the order actually came in I change the sort to 'title'. We title each Note into the original date code and our own 'order' number as the title. I find it is about looking how you can make the software work for you rather than 'needing' a specific feature. It works for us anyway! Best regards Chris
  13. Yes you can do that if you choose. As mentioned I use this date code which works well. With over 25,000 Notes spanning 8 years of information and an additional 20 years of information slowly being inputted to Evernote, I need to be able to access any Note easily, using a simple date code helps. Regards Chris
  14. Hi Krunoslav, You probably have it set to 'Sort Notes by Updated'. Change it to 'Sort Notes by Created'. Once you have done this, go File, Exit and it will save the settings, so when you switch on Evernote next time, it will have remembered them. Best regards Chris
  15. Hi Samantha, I know you have asked this one on Directly as well. As mentioned on Directly, i'm afraid there is no way of doing this at this moment in time. Best regards Chris