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  1. Hi All, Oh dear! I don't normally update until a version has been around a while. Unfortunately I made a bad decision when away on business and updated! I have over 32,000 Notes and probably half of those contain emails. The upgrade has stripped a lot of the headers from the emails and placed them at the top of the Note. Sad thing is, no amount of updates will get this one sorted. Feeling very miffed at this one. Regards Chris
  2. FIRST !!  Set your preferences to manual sync to make sure it will not do any further syncs with Evernote Cloud
    Method 1: 
    Try signing out and quitting Evernote on your device and view your Notes using the EN Web client at Evernote.com (must be on a PC or Mac). 
    Check your Notes there, including the EN Trash.
    • Merging Notes does put the original Notes in the EN trash but does NOT permanently delete them.
    • To permanently delete the Notes in the trash requires user action (unless there is a bug).
    Method 2 : Time Machine if you have a Mac
    The key for restoring notes from a Time Machine or from another computer is to disconnect the computer from the internet. If you haven't open Evernote on your PC since you merge the notes, there is a chance you can restore them.
    • Disconnect your PC from the internet
    • Open Evernote on your PC
    • Locate the note and export them How to here
    • Once the notes are exported, connect your computer to the internet
    • Import the notes to your account
    Best of luck! 
    1. C6REW



      Not sure why you have sent this to me, I am an Evernote supporter and help folks in business and privately.



  3. Hi bobebo67, Thanks for coming back. I have just checked on my MacBookPro and like you I cannot see the title when I go to pdf preview. There is obviously something different with my iMac. I am away from home for the week, so cannot check why this is. However, it may be because I have a pdf writer on the iMac, or the fact that the MBP is an older one with an older OS. Hopefully Evernote will solve the problem soon. Regards Chris
  4. Hi bobebo67, Thanks for trying it. Can you explain what is exactly happening? The creation of a pdf seems to show the title and when you print from the pdf, it will obviously print what is on display. Are you seeing the title when click on pdf? Regards Chris
  5. Hi all, For those still suffering and until it gets sorted here is a workaround. When you go to print, select pdf at the bottom of the window. Print from here and your title will be there. Hope this helps. Regards Chris
  6. Finding this a very useful product to have. Advising me what has changed in both my Business and Personal Evernote. A recommended product. Chris
  7. Just spotted it sends an email at 08:00 every day. I take it that will be a single email with a list of all the changes that have taken place with the shared Note and hopefully Notebooks? Regards Chris
  8. This looks a good idea and like Gaz, but a bit later, I have only just spotted it. Just signed up but taking a while to send me a notification. Does it also notify when a new Note it put in a shared Notebook? Regards Chris
  9. I am also sad that Food has been removed, it was indeed a great app. Simply to remember those great locations and meals we had as we travelled. Some of you techie folks out there, must be able to create an add in for Evernote? Better that, than having yet another app on my phone, and computers. I wonder if the problem here is that Evernote, didn't ask it's customers if they wanted Food? If they did, I for one would love to see the results of that survey. If the percentages where low, then I guess there is nothing which can be done. At the end of the day it is all about numbers. Regards Chris
  10. Hi Alan, I have just dropped the latest version of Maximizer having been a user since it was a dos package. To be honest, it was getting so unwieldy and power hungry I gave up trying. Every time I bought a new Windows computer with the latest OS I had to change to a new version. I assessed the cloud version, but it was to honest totally useless and very costly. The solution I found was Microsoft's Business Contact Manager - BCM - which is a part of Outlook. I imported all my contacts and have been amazed at just how good this is. I tend to not bother keeping many notes in it, but continue to use Evernote for all my Note and customer contact information. Best regards Chris
  11. I don't want to defend Microsoft, but on the few occasions I had problems, I have phoned their support and had the problem dealt with immediately! I am not sure how I could want for any more from a company or support team? Regards Chris
  12. That is so good it needs to be the mantra of everyone who moans about a software package that changes and subsequently annoys them! Regards Chris
  13. Had a very quick look at fileone, but a few things bother me. I think it looks very amateurish and new. It appears to me that Regatzo works for the company or maybe is the company. I believe he/she should have stated that in the post. For me, I need to use Outlook as it is my main means of contact. Be good to see if it continues to get developed. Best regards Chris
  14. Definitely prefer bottom up. Running my business with some 20,000 Notes, I find it works simply and intuitively . So Evernote, keep it as it is please. Best regards Chris
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