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  1. Definitely a good move by Evernote, thank you very much from this Business user. Regards Chris
  2. Hi Kyle, I have not had the time to go through your notes, but I can assure you there is no correlation as far as I am aware between Business and Personal Tags. I have been a Business user since the product was first launched with some 22K+ plus Notes between my Personal and Business accounts and three full time Business users. It would be crazy for a Personal Tag to be shown in the Business section and vice versa. However, whilst I have Evernote installed on Windows, iMac, Macbook, iPad and Android, it is fair to say I use it mostly in Windows. Should Tags move between Personal and Business then I believe this should be reported as a bug. After all if I put a Personal Tag that says 'Illicit Meetings' and anyone else in the company see it in the Business Tags, I will be in trouble! Bearing in mind my Wife, one of my Sons and one of my Daughters works in the company!! Best regards Chris
  3. Hi again Kyle, Personal 'tags' do not move over to the 'Business' side of your Evernote account. They remain totally separate. This is a good thing as you don't want to see 'Personal tags' from other users on your 'Business' account. Regards Chris
  4. Hi Kyle, Not had a chance to read your post, but can confirm that the lack of 'Nested Tags' in the Business version is one of big problems we 'business' users have been harping on about. Will now try and read your elaborate post! Best regards Chris
  5. Stop upsetting me Gaz!!
  6. Nested tags! That would be good if they ever get it sorted in the Business version. I could do so much with this feature. Chris
  7. Evernote Business is still there andreb. Regards Chris
  8. Hi Brandon, Not that I am aware of. I have uploaded nearly 15,000 contacts to Zoho and no charge beyond $20 per month per person. Best regards Chris
  9. Just read an article on it Brandon and it appears that the cost goes through the roof when you start to add a larger number of contacts! Does that seem right? http://www.thesaleslion.com/massive-review-hubspot-crm-pricing-videos-training-tutorials/ Regards Chris
  10. Good morning all, I felt it only correct to let you know the following regarding my experience with insightly. An important part of our process is to use Microsoft Word, where we not only have templates but use auto-text also known as building blocks. This makes even long quotations quick and easy to create. Unfortunately I could not find any way of getting insightly to do this and more importantly, I emailed them and they told me to go on their forum, which is supposedly manned 24/7. I did so and even though I replied to my own post asking for help urgently before my 14 day trial period ended, I received no response. The same with their facebook group, no one responded. Further investigation and I found that Zoho CRM is similar in it's operation and does have MS Outlook, Word and Office 365 integration. I have therefore moved my trial over to this software. So far it appears to offer all we need and the cost is similar, starting at free, $12 and their is a $20 per user, per month that we will need. Hope that helps anyone looking at this post in the future. Regards Chris
  11. As mentioned previously, I have been using CRM packages for a very long time, back to when we used them in DOS. I cannot see that Evernote would be any good unless you only had a handful of customers. If this is the case then it would be fairly straightforward. I would have one Notebook per customer and keep all Notes including quotations within that Notebook. You could give yourself alarms for important events or tracking events. For us with close to 15,000 customers, that is not possible. Salesforce is not only too elaborate but extortionately expensive when you have more than a few people who are going to use it. This is so with most of the 'big' names, who are pricing themselves out of the small business market. I still get emails almost daily from Maximizer, but got so fed up with them telling me I had to pay for a site visit to get it up and running. The cost for that was far too high and it needed doing every time a computer was changed or there was a major upgrade to OS software. Do have a look at insightly, I am so far very impressed. If you are new to CRM's you will find some neat ways to make it work for you. I am still trying to work out how it can link to my MS Word quotations, but I will find an answer soon enough. They have a free version which won't work for us, but you can do a 14 day trial on the pro version. I think for most people the $12 per person per month would work very well. You can import Notes from Evernote if you want to as well. Best regards Chris PS Please see my post below regarding insightly not being as useful as I originally expected.
  12. Based on Phil reminding me that we only have about 10-11 months left with BCM before MS pull the plug on Outlook not updating, I have been doing some research again! Every now and then I take a look at reviews and then investigate CRM's. With a cloud version also high on my 'want' list, but everything I found up to now is too complicated or very expensive. This last week I found and have been testing 'insightly' which appears to be a great product and from free if you are a small business. I would be looking at $12 per person, per month which would be suitable for us. Just trying to get my head around how I can use it to link to MS Word when creating quotations. At the moment it appears to be too long winded. I have sent them a query. Will report on my further tests, but so far I am very impressed. Oh and it links to Evernote! Regards Chris PS Please see my post below regarding insightly not being as useful as I originally expected.
  13. Yes, no problem at all. The restriction comes with the user. You can install or run on any number of computers. Regards Chris
  14. Hi Phil, Yes and I should have stated that when I posted. I have a block on the update and a load of us are already onto MS to get that decision cancelled. Whether it happens again - they tried to do it a couple of years ago - remains to be seen. Again we are looking at the paid for but over the top version that MS has as well. Best regards Chris
  15. Hi, I have been a long time user of Maximizer as a CRM, from it's DOS days and used to teach companies how to use it. As the years went on, Maximizer became more and more complicated and they stated that you had to get a representative to install it at an exorbitant cost. The more I tried to get it sorted the worst it got! I researched other packages but they all seemed to have the same problems. I have been using OneNote then Evernote for some years and found myself relying on Evernote to give me my day to day information. Below is information on how I have set up my company. I published it originally in 2014 and it works exceptionally well for us. In my set up of Evernote I have a 'Diary 2014' Notebook and a 'Diary 2014 Completed' Notebook. Any emails or enquiries get sent to my 'Diary 2014' Notebook. I do this by clicking on the 'Evernote' icon in Microsoft Outlook, I then add a date code to the start of the title followed by the name of the company and name of the individual, leaving their title. By way of example lets say I get an email with the following title: Quotation Required - Reference Stonehenge Water Treatment Works This will be forwarded and the new title will be: 140525 - South West Water - Joe Bloggs - Reference Stonehenge Water Treatment Works With this and other tasks now in various Notes I begin to work on them. Any communication from a customer is highlighted in Green Any communication from a supplier is highlighted in Purple Any communication from me is highlighted in Red This allows easy viewing of notes within a Note. All emails to and from customers and suppliers are copied into the Note, with the newest information shown at the top. The original opening part of the Note includes any relevant details such as pricing information and always stays at the top along with a Tick Box at the bottom of that section and a line. Once the task is completed the 'Tick Box' will be ticked meaning the Note has been completed. The Note is then moved to the 'Diary - 2014 - Completed' Notebook. It becomes an easy way of dealing with tasks as I go through my day and I can easily see how many 'tasks' I have to complete by the quantity of 'Notes' in the Diary 'Notebook. What this method does for me is keep all of my tasks in one location and by keeping the date code (thanks again for the suggestion GrumpyMonkey) the Notes are in date order. My Notes go back to 2007 and if a customer calls about something I have done in that time a quick search can bring all the relevant information to hand. Here is a link to a typical and simple Diary Note https://www.evernote.com/shard/s124/sh/a23c2b03-f582-477c-afe0-df6151a7919b/1c46df5877d8c4d46377076ea7c18d35 Finally and more recently I did away with Maximizer when I found that the full version of Microsoft Office has a hidden gem in Outlook called Business Contact Manager - BCM. This allowed me to import 15,000+ customers into the database and it automatically linked every email. So when I create a quotation for a customer in Word, it is saved and goes into a folder on my computer. It is automatically saved to a Notebook in Evernote. When an order comes into the office, they will search by the quote number. This will bring up two Notes. One is the diary Note which gives all information on how the quote was created, details including buy and sell prices from suppliers. It will also bring up the Note with the quotation. They then write in the Note with the quotation the date the order comes in, the customer order number and our order number. What this means is that I can easily search when I am out and about to see if a specific order has come in. Forgive me if the above is a bit difficult to read, I have written and added to it on a few occasions. Perhaps I should write a new description and put it in the Business section. If you have any queries, just let me know. If you live near Wiltshire in the UK, I am happy to attempt a meet up to explain if that helps. Best regards Chris