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(Archived) Happy Birthday Geoff

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Lol I have I love them, had them last night and looking forward to them again at Thanksgiving

Surely you are an alien. Oh, wait. You are from the UK. Brits have never really been known for their cuisine, IIRC. Strawberries & cream = very, very good. Pretty much everything else...not so much. :P

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I generally have nothing to do with Brussels sprouts (though they, like Tater TotsTM, have fine aerodynamic properties), but recently my wife had some that were prepared with bacon. And of course, we know that the American Food Mantra is "Everything's Better With Bacon" (though I believe that this is not true for Lima beans). They were officially not bad.

Anyways, wishing Geoff a happy birthday! I'd send you a lobster, but the stamps keep falling off...

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