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  1. I had the same issue this morning, but it has now rectified itself. What I did was I navigated to a new note with a PDF in it, then I clicked on markup with Skitch which then allowed me the option to do it. I then navigated back to the original note which kept in this endless loop and was able to annotate that note too (which was a image note). What version of Evernote are you using the App Store build or direct download.
  2. To add additional information to this, the Devs, Ops and CS worked together on this, we first went line by line in the IOS code, tried to reproduce internally on multiple devices and could not isolate where this was occurring, we then looked at software updates across our platform and then worked on looking at the software updates from third parties and this is where we came across the load balancer issue. We even wrote a java app that simulated submitting images that did not hit the IOS client to fully understand where the issue was and we could reproduce the bug which ruled out the IOS client, long story short we have identified the issue and are working to implement a fix on our production service after we have tested the software fix from the third party software company on our staging environment.
  3. An update on this is that we have a bug in our load balancer, our load balancer software vendor is aware of this and is making available a patch that will fix the HTTP Request Timeout issues that you are running in to when submitting images/files to your client. I will update this post once we have a confirmed fix with the new software. So sorry for the inconvenience but we have identified the issue and are addressing it as quickly as we can.
  4. Thanks for your posts. As a possible workaround can you please toggle Airplane mode on then off and resync. This should allow you to sync again. We have been getting reports that customers are unable to sync after adding an image or audio file, and this workaround should resolve this.
  5. Thanks for the comments. You will need to restart the app in order to hide the Premium Tab.
  6. Thanks all for your feedback. I was of the same opinion when I first started using Evernote 5, but after using the new UI for several weeks now I like it. I have more flexibility on what I want to see and not see in the UI. I can have all of my notes, tags display in the left hand nav and with one click navigate to the particular note I need. All of your save searches can be added to the shortcuts section on the left hand nav. I particular like the recent notes feature that I now use very frequently to quickly go to the most common and frequent notes that I use. It does take some time getting use to it, but you will be amazed at how it is after a few weeks of using it. I am sorry that you feel you need to downgrade after just one day of using it. We are going to be adding some additional features in future releases and we are looking at adding note count and back button too, no promises but we are evaluating every day.
  7. Thanks for your feedback so far on this. @Mr ZU I sent you a PM to try and help get to the bottom of the issues you are seeing in the latest Skitch for Ipad. Please respond back so we can better assist you.
  8. I have taken a peek at your account and your Premium subscription was cancelled. Last payment we saw was via iTunes on April 30. Could you have a second account you applied the Premium subscription too. If you have a receipt for payment can you please go ahead and submit a ticket with this information and the support team will take care of you. You can submit a support ticket by clicking on the link in the signature below.
  9. I am reminding the team on a regular basis, no guarantee that we will do this, but I am flying the flag for you all.
  10. I have reviewed your ticket and I have assigned it to our level 2 team for further investigation. Due to getting no response from you since Apr 24 the ticket was automatically closed, I have since reopened it and escalated the case for you.
  11. Ok here are the steps to create a new notebook on your iPhone 1. Open up Evernote on your iPhone 2. Click on "All Notes" 3. Click on the big blue plus button located bottom center of the screen 4. Within the new note you should see the "i" button located top of the screen right of the paperclip icon 5. Click the "i" icon 6. Click the notebook icon, located far left of the icons you see 7. In the search at top type in the name of the notebook 8. In the search results you should see the name you had typed, click the "+" sign to the right of this to create your new notebook Yes I fully agree that this is not very intuitive we are working on making this an easier flow rather than following the 8 steps I outlined above
  12. In the latest Android client we have added the ability to turn off auto note titling. You can access this feature - settings, other options, Enable/Disable Auto-title in notes. This feature is defaulted to on.
  13. You get no arguments from me. It is confusing and not very intuitive I will chat with the team to see what can be done. No promises mind you
  14. We are working on a couple of solutions for this that we wil be testing out in the next beta release. We have noted that not everyone likes this feature but some do especially users who have Evernote Hello and Evernote Food installed, so we are looking at a solution that will please everyone
  15. @Anubha, I just responded to your ticket. The reason why you were not getting our replies was due to a typo in the email address that you entered when submitting your support request, you forgot to add the "m" for com. I have amended your email address and resent the original response to your ticket.
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