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  1. I have taken a peek at your account and your Premium subscription was cancelled. Last payment we saw was via iTunes on April 30. Could you have a second account you applied the Premium subscription too. If you have a receipt for payment can you please go ahead and submit a ticket with this information and the support team will take care of you. You can submit a support ticket by clicking on the link in the signature below.
  2. I am reminding the team on a regular basis, no guarantee that we will do this, but I am flying the flag for you all.
  3. I have reviewed your ticket and I have assigned it to our level 2 team for further investigation. Due to getting no response from you since Apr 24 the ticket was automatically closed, I have since reopened it and escalated the case for you.
  4. @Anubha, I just responded to your ticket. The reason why you were not getting our replies was due to a typo in the email address that you entered when submitting your support request, you forgot to add the "m" for com. I have amended your email address and resent the original response to your ticket.
  5. Ticket came in yesterday at 3:59pm PST and we responded at 5:17am PST this morning with a resolution.
  6. One cool feature I constantly using on the new Skitch for iPad is the screen capture feature where I can take a quick picture of what I am viewing on say a website then instantly mark it up and save and share via Evernote.
  7. I have tested out submitting a ticket at http://www.evernote.com/about/contact/support and the site is working fine. As BurgensNFries stated you do not need to login to submit a ticket, you just need to provide your username and email address for routing purposes. For Premium customers we do offer the ability to change your username. Please submit a ticket via the link above requesting a username change and we will start the process for you. Cheers Phil
  8. I did a search in the ticket system via the email used to create this forum account and I had success in tracking down the tickets. The first ticket was submitted to us on 8/27/11 (ticket id 16051-11217) regarding loss of notes. We responded to this request on 8/29 which was a Monday and the ticket was submitted on a Saturday and we do not currently offer support on the weekend. We asked for you to send in an activity log with instructions on how to do this but we did not receive a reply from you so we closed the ticket after 7 days of no response. We received the next ticket on 9/7 (ticket id 16051-14944) asking for an update. We responded with additional instructions and saying we are closing this case as a duplicate of the original case. We also received a new ticket on 9/15 (ticket id 16051-17505) that we replied to but have yet to receive a response, this was responded to within 3 hours of the ticket being opened We also have an active ticket open (ticket id 16051-16586) that you responded to on 9/15 that is awaiting a response from us.
  9. We have contacted ATT directly and are working with them to allow mail from our servers be successfully delivered to the customers email box. From time to time ISPs do block legitimate emails and we have to contact them to allow emails from being blocked.
  10. I have forwarded the two tickets that you submitted to the additional email addresses that you provided. Please let us know if you received them.
  11. @annvwuelfing I have checked our ticketing system and I can confirm that we have received several case from you over the last couple of weeks. We have responded to all the cases that were submitted and we are still awaiting a response to the resolution that we provided. All of the tickets that we responded to were responded to within 1 business day. For your reference the ticket numbers that we responded to are as follows: 248022 - opened 5/27/11 responded on 5/27 248650 - opened 5/28/11 responded on 5/28 We sent all of the responses to the email address we have on file that is associated to your Evernote Account, please check your spam folder as we never got a bounce back from your ISP as undelivered. We would be happy to resend you our responses, if you have another email address please PM me with it and I will ensure we forward our original responses to a different email address. Sorry for the inconvenience
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