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(Archived) Way too many updates released?


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No, I'm never tired of new releases, fixing bugs & adding new features. EN is regularly updating the Windows client & users of other clients wish their client got updated more regularly. You don't have to update each time, if you don't want to.

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I used to be on the beta pre-release update cycle and there were updates every week.

For safety reasons, I shifted to the general release mode and it has been updating approximately monthly.

Certainly no big deal, especially if the upgrade is fixing bugs.

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I'm getting really tired of updates/installs, maybe you could do releases twice a year?

This is sort of the double edged sword in the "age of the app store." Rather than working 6-12 months on a single version that would be put on a disc, stuck in a box and shipped to stores, companies can iterate quickly to solve problems that you would have seen dealt with in the past through intermittent patches. From an internal perspective, it's also necessary because not only are we fixing our own bugs and adding features and being responsive to user needs, but we need to keep up with the accelerating iterations of our supported platforms, be they IOS, or a web browser, etc.

You can opt out of updates, and I think Jbenson's advice on opting out of betas is sensible for those of us who don't want to go through the process of updating as often. I wouldn't recommend opting out of updates entirely--I tend to think that changes made gradually over time will be less jarring and more organic for the user, allowing you to grow with us. If you wait say 6 months to update your app, quite a bit will likely be changed, and the experience could be jarring and problematic for your workflow.

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I also prefer the "frequent" updates - especially if they correct bugs. Unfortunately, the last update did seem to introduce a few more bugs than it fixed, so I hope they hurry up with an update! The problem with having only 2 updates a year is that we have to wait 6 months to see if our pet "bug" has been fixed, or our suggested new feature has made it. With good backups each time the program is updated, it should not be a problem to go back a step to the last known "good" version - even if it means exporting all the notes and reimporting them into the other version (obviously if you have a lot of notebooks that are private it may be a bit of a challenge to do the export and reimport...).

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I am seeing three or more updates a week on my Mac.  That is not innovation.  That is poor product release planning and execution.  At the least I would expect many of these to be doable behind the scenes without user involvement.    I find it very annoying in an otherwise much loved product.

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Version 5.1.1 (05/21/2013) build 401255

Bug fixes Version 5.3.0 (09/18/2013) build 401872

Bug fixes Version 5.4.0 (10/03/2013) build 401989

Version 5.4.1 (10/09/2013) build 402013

Version 5.4.3 (11/15/2013) build 402231


Hardly 3 or more updates a week - 5 since May according to the release notes.

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I wonder if sjatkins is referring to the Evernote beta program, and not the general releases.


I did a search of my Evernote updates over a similar half-year period in 2011.
The 24 releases averaged 6 updates/month

For safety reasons, I backed out of the beta program. I am also skipping / delaying some of the current updates.
I'm glad to see Evernote Quality Control spending more time internally before releasing new versions.

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